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EE Harrier Mini grounded by errant Wi-Fi calling upgrade


Good luck with getting a courtesy phone

Speaking from personal experience of EEs help with bricked phones, you have little to no chance in getting hold of a replacement unit when you visit a store to get this issue solved.

They are more than happy to sell you a phone as a temporary replacement for the one they broke though. I'm not joking, two stores tried to sell me a replacement phone while mine went away for repair to fix an issue they caused.

Google's teeny UK tax bill 'just not right', thunders senior MP


halfwit politicians - doncha just luv 'em?

Is this the Hodge person who has something like £20million in shares of her family business all in a trust to avoid tax? Rather like how the Milliband's father - who was rather fond of Marxism - ensured his accumulated wealth was very carefully managed after his death to minimise tax. Oh, Chucka Ummuna like to keep quiet about his pad in Ibiza too, although I understand Toynbee has sold her place near Tuscany. For a hefty profit.

Socialism has a noble idea of equality, but sadly it gets represented by some right shitehawk opportunists.......

Daisy, Computacenter turn down purchase of stricken 2e2

Thumb Up

Re: don't you have something better?

Looks like someone's overdone the tin in their nurtle. Ahem.

Do keep up the good work, if nothing else we might get trested to another incoherent rambling from the spoonering masked shell warrior.

Axed staffers hijack HMV Twitter account: 'We're tweeting LIVE from HR'


I was enoying my popcorn...

..watching the fun unfold.

And then the thundertwat Owen Jones joined in.

Oh well.

Review: Infiniti M35h hybrid sports saloon


Re: Why hasn't anyone mentioned the clock?

Ah yes, it does look rather like something my gran had next to her bed!


hmm, no likey cvt but....

Alun, have to prod you a bit about the transmission. You say CVT has no place for a sporty vehicle but you have no objections to a 7-speed 'box, which regularly hunt between ratios to provide the optimum performance/economy/etc - something a half-baked rubber band setup does far better and gives better results.

Minor gripe aside, ta for the review. Ignore the clueless badge snobs, Infiniti are not a bad choice in the upper medium saloon sector. And while it is far from beatiful at least the Infiniti doesn't begin to hit the bottom of the ugly barrel that Audi and BMW regularly scrape. Over the last few years, only one thing more astonishing than the eye wateringly bad styling work from Ingolstadt and Munich years is the number of people who actually fall for the smug marketing bollocks and buy such horrendous stuff.

Beer as you need to have your grog goggles on big style to think they look remotely decent.

Brit boffins build projectile-vomiting robot to kill norovirus


3 metres? Pah!

Back in the 80's my old mate Jonesy could hurl a belly of diced carrots and Greene King clear across a road, so technology has got some work to do if it wants to catch up with his sterling efforts.

Will we still love the data centre seven years from now?


I don't really think the lack of traction with small businesses to adopt the cloud is a real surprise. Making a decision such as going on the cloud is far more critical to a small firm, hence the readiness to cling on to what they have and know - even if it is unreliable/less cost effective/using obsolete apps etc.

Small companies can be conservative in regards to change, mainly as they prefer to see the cost effectiveness of ideas such as the cloud come down to a level where it makes no sense not to use them - and the technology is emphatically proven, reducing risk to their operations. And don't forget, many of them don't have access to decent data connectivity which rather hampers the online storage that is usually packaged with app hosting.

But the comments from 'Lusty' that small companies have empire building IT staff is just bong-eyed rubbish. Behave laddie.

PS - why can't I see the graphs?

Endeavour: donuts and a Toyota ease shuttle's drive through L.A.


Re: Is Toyota now an American company, then?

Anon, FIAT is not owned by the Government. Not exactly sure how on earth you thought it was either.

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