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Alliance for Wireless Power to pursue new 50W standard

Mr Spigot

Re: 50? What? Dell?

My Dell laptop brick says 65W and my HP brick is 90W, so I'd agree, 50W seems on the low side.

Yes, Google can afford to lose $9bn in Motorola sale. But did it really?

Mr Spigot

Re: Losses are losses

Absolutely. The article seems to ignore the fact that in order to reclaim losses, you have to incur them in the first place! At best you end up neutral.

If the idea is that Google are reclaiming losses incurred by Moto before they bought the company, then how come it's ok for Google to offset the loss after selling to Lenovo, but Moto couldn't offset it elsewhere in their biz after selling to Google.

The whole article is speculation.

Hello Moto: Lenovo grabs Motorola biz for $3bn. But Google's KEEPING the patents

Mr Spigot

I thought Moto-G was the start of something good

Real shame, I've owned a few Moto smartphones and they're decent quality, but historically let down by their appalling approach to updates and the motoblur UI. It looked like Google were transforming them into plain GUI, current OS, affordable handsets.

I can't say I've ever looked twice at Lenovo gear...

Yes, HP will still sue you if you make cartridges for its inkjet printers

Mr Spigot

Re: Few things

I've owned a Canon MG5350 all-in-one for over a year with good results and no issues.

Compatible cartridges are cheap and easy to find.


Meet the BlackBerry wizardry that created its 'better Android than Android'

Mr Spigot

Well done guys, plenty of overtime coming up

I won't pretend to understand what they've achieved in any depth, but often the problem with hacks like this is that they are built on platform idiosyncrasies and have no resilience to future change. So at best they have a maintenance headache and at worst the house of cards comes tumbling down.

Why invest in the BB ecosystem on the hope it'll run android apps for the foreseeable future - just buy android!.

iPhone 5S: Apple, you're BORING us to DEATH (And you too, Samsung)

Mr Spigot

Re: Meh.

XP was the nail in the coffin - I'm still looking for a reason to change and lack of updates next year will probably be it.

'The Apprentice' is a load of old codswallop, says biz prof

Mr Spigot

Do we need Brian Cox...

...to tell us the Tardis won't fly?

Brits' phone tracking, web history touted to cops: The TRUTH

Mr Spigot

Re: Simple solution

But you can't access a specific phone from the data being sold, that's the point.

It's still pretty anonymous, since the data is aggregated. You might be able to find out how many phones at the Google office go to Southgate at night, but not the address to which each individual phone went. As the article says the data is in blocks of 50, you could presumably work out that at least 50 Google employees live in Southgate. It's a bit of a leap from that to suggest they aren't paying income tax, but I think it's assumed. And why live in Southgate? You'd need a good reason.

BlackBerry bets fans are willing to upgrade skills

Mr Spigot

Re: Ahem

"If BB10 doesn't allow their message hub to be blocked then this would make accessing emails a lot more convenient"

... and make games needing left swipe a lot less convenient, if access to the message hub is a left swipe as suggested.

Google files patent for eyewear that SHOOTS LASERS

Mr Spigot

Re: The last sentence of the article worries me...

Agreed - this may work but only with a lot of development and attention to detail. So if Google fail then my start up gets it working I have to pay them? I don't think so. A half baked idea shouldn't be patentable.

Patents aside, Google should stop wasting time with glasses. My experience is that you don't want to be wearing glasses unless you really have to. I'd much rather carry a smartphone than wear glasses.

John McAfee blogs for help, offers $25K reward for neighbour's killer

Mr Spigot

"...at one stage he disguised himself as a burrito salesman and on another occasion as a drunk German tourist"

He was staggering around rural Belize in lederhosen, brandishing a stein of weissbier and blending in like a seasoned marine. If they haven't got him by now he's home free.

UK chancellor dishes extra £60m to European Space Agency

Mr Spigot

It's a start

Clearly the Sky TV thing is daft and misleading, but even so, I can think of worse things to spend money on than investing in space tech. Choose sectors we can be good at, and stuff them with money. Then we might just be able to compete.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7in Android tablet review

Mr Spigot

For a tech writer you must have no clue if you were thrilled and excited about receiving this gizmo which clearly isn't and was never going to be an open tablet. Yes, it's tied to Amazon because they sell these things stupidly cheap to promote their online sales. Apple are similar, without the cheap bit.

Tremble, operators: UK gets ACCURATE mobile coverage guide

Mr Spigot

Hey Dragon

We've got a great idea for a coverage checker - we'll be launching in Hull this year.

I'm out.

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