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World's richest hobo (Apple) has worked 'tax-free' in Ireland since '80s

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Re: Richest Hobo - Who remembers The Littlest Hobo?

Woof woof

NASA signs off on sampling mission to Earth-threatening asteroid

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Re: Mission naming

So a Team put together for a Reconnaissance mission to an Asteroid, sometime in the Future could be...

Future Asteroid Reconnaissance Team?

Steve Jobs' 'spaceship' threatened by massive cost overruns

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Re: Looks like a spaceship

Could it be a Stargate or some sort of time portal ? May be they have earmarked the rest of the cash pile for the research. Then they can keep going back in time and get Steve Jobs' opinion on the latest designs/get his input.

They could also go forward in time, get the cure of cancer, go back, cure Steve Jobs' cancer, rewrite history.

Red-faced, sweating and still in your chair: Welcome to eSports

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Watch what happens when I press the red button


How Nokia managed to drive its in-house Linux train off the rails

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"The rest of us quietly make our choice based on taste, personal preference and enjoy life."

Not sure about the "enjoy life" part - at the moment it's an existence - Last December, I got a N9, and it cheered me up no end!

This was after the burning platform speech and was an informed decision, knowing full well that N9/Meego was going to be the first and last of it's kind. I'd had various "low tech" Nokia handsets and a 6310i had served me well for years. Then I got an Android handset (HTC Hero) for email and web browsing. It was somewhat underpowered so I was looking to get a newer handset when the N9 was announced.

For me, it is just a phone and web/email client . Nice easy option to switch to developer mode and tinker - handy to be able to block ads and banish the social media apps which come with it. When enabled, Skype client integration to phone is seamless.

Got the added bonus of built-in offline navigation which comes in handy - and it works!


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