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Microsoft discontinues Media Center with Windows 10


XBMC (now called Kodi) is great

I use Kodi and find it brilliant (as well as free!). It copes effortlessly with just about every format of media file I have tried. I spent a bit of time selecting a skin (!Transparency) as I found the default one a bit fiddly to use, and cutting out menu options that I never used. With those changes it is a really effortless UI - all of my family use it with no problems without having to ask how to do stuff.

I run it on a Gigabyte Brix, using a wireless keyboard, because I like playing with gadgets, but if you already have a suitable PC, there is no need to spend any money.

I use it just for movies and tv show, but it has good support for photos and music as well.

I have about 600 movies and 50 TV shows on a USB drive - should do for a while!

I also use Media Companion for cataloguing items because it does a better job than Kodi's built-in capabilities.

Go ahead and un-install .Net, but you'll CRIPPLE Windows Server 2012


This non-story falls well below The Register's usual standards

Is the author ignorant of the nature of .Net or just pretending to be to scrape up a story.

“It is not recommended to uninstall .NET Framework. In some given circumstances, there may be a requirement to remove/re-install .Net Framework on Windows Server 2012/2012 R2.” is hardly "weird advice".

I enjoy most Register stories, but please try harder.

I QUIT: Mozilla's anti-gay-marriage Brendan Eich leaps out of door


Being against gay marriage does not equate to being anti-gay

Most of the posters who were trying to push him out made this assumption, but it is rubbish.

I am not anti-gay, but I object to the butchering of the language in the name of "equality". I support the rights of gay people to fair treatment in terms of employment, tax, etc, and I would like to see civil partnership have full parity with marriage in its consequences.

I do not support the right of gay people to call themselves married, any more than I support their right to call themselves heterosexual.

It is possible that Mr Eich is a bigot, but his support for this organisation is not enough to prove it.

Boycott Firefox, gay devs urge as Mozilla appoints JavaScript daddy as CEO


Re: David Cantrell

>> Why is it not a valid comparison?

You are missing the point completely.

No dictionary has ever defined marriage as a union between two white people.


.. applying for a GRC ?

TheFreeDictionary - What does GRC stand for?

GRC Governance, Risk and Compliance

GRC Glenn Research Center (NASA)

GRC Greece (ISO Country code)

GRC Gendarmerie Royale du Canada (RCMP - Canada)

GRC Geoenvironmental Research Centre

GRC Gestion de la Relation Client (Customer Relationship Management)

GRC Gordon Research Conferences (biological, chemical & physical sciences)

GRC Gibson Research Corporation

GRC Gulf Research Center (Dubai, UAE)

GRC John H. Glenn Research Center (NASA; formerly Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio)

GRC Glass Reinforced Concrete

GRC Granular Computing (International Computing)

GRC Geothermal Resources Council

GRC Graphic Communication (various organizations)

GRC Gerontology Research Center

GRC Government Relations Committee

GRC General Revenue Corporation

GRC German Red Cross

GRC General Research Corporation

GRC Gerontology Research Centre (Canada)

GRC Genetic Resources Center

GRC Gulf Region Central (District, USACE)

GRC Geographic Resources Center

GRC Galvanized Rigid Conduit

GRC Grants Review Committee

GRC Generic Reference Configuration

GRC Government of the Republic of China

GRC General Rifling Characteristics (ballistics)

GRC Green Ribbon Committee (Nashville, TN)

GRC Grid Research Centre (cloud computing; University of Calgary; Canada)

GRC Global Regulatory Cooperation Project (US Chamber of Commerce)

GRC Gatekeeper Routed Call

GRC Gas Reactor Column

GRC Glasgow Rowing Club (Scotland, UK)

GRC Greenland Cod

GRC Ground Radio Communications

GRC Gender Research Center (various organizations)

GRC Guest Registration Card (hotel industry)

GRC Graduate Resource Centre (University of Western Ontario; Canada)

GRC Geriatric Research Center

GRC Group Rooms Coordinator

GRC Grain Research Committee of Western Australia

GRC Generation Review Committee

GRC Gaussian Relay Channel

GRC Government Regulations Coordinator

GRC Ground Radio Transceiver ("C" is for transceiver since "T" is in use for Ground Radio Transmitter GRT)

GRC Golden Run Comparison

GRC Gross Rating Cost

GRC German Racing Club

GRC Green Racing Club (Italy)

GRC Government Reform Committee (various locations)

GRC General Reference Center (various locations)

GRC Group Representation Constituency (Singapore)

GRC Grupo Radio Centro (Spanish: Radio Center Group; Mexico)

Good luck - hope you get your German Red Cross

Chrome, Firefox blab your passwords in a just few clicks: Shrug, wary or kill?


Silly feature, and silly comment by Justin Schuh

He says that once someone has physical access to your computer it is game over, so it is a waste of time to put further obstacles in the way.

This is true if the person is a skilled hacker, but not if they are an ordinary joe. What percentage of the population can crack encrypted passwords?

The point is that, as things stand now, anyone with average computer skills can open this up in moments, jot down a few useful-looking passwords, and mess up your life. If they were never displayed in plain text, then you are only vulnerable to highly skilled intruders - people who may not even need you to leave the machine unguarded in the first place.

The "false sense of security" excuse is just nonsense. Up until now we have had a false sense of security because we assumed that people like Justin were doing their job responsibly.

New British tax-cuts-for-patents scheme criticised


The opposite of what is needed

Anyone with real-world experience of the patent system will know that it is badly sick and has almost nothing to do with real innovation. The percentage of patents that protect genuine new bright ideas is tiny.

Those who say that it will favour big companies, and that will encourage the patent system to get even more clogged with stupid patents are spot on.

Big surprise that the consultants are in favour - they will be the big winners from this awful idea.

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