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Brit Parliament online orifice overwhelmed by Brexit bashers


Re: Scotland/Wales want increased powers locally

Ah, yes. The poor little greeks… Strange how the never learn to fix there economy?

Ransomware drops the Lillehammer on Norsk Hydro: Aluminium giant forced into manual mode after systems scrambled


Has no one heard of applocker?

European Commission orders mass recall of creepy, leaky child-tracking smartwatch


Re: Tip of the Iceberg

Nice going there. Too bad that UK was one of the countrys with greatest influence in EU...

Ca-caw-caw: Pigeon poops on tot's face as tempers fray at siege of Lincoln flats


Ketchup is extra?

Stop, collaborate, and listen: Microsoft Teams gets an Atlassian glisten


To bad that the MS Teams app is crap. There are still no good way to deploy it for businesses that is running Applocker.

Office 365 enjoys good old-fashioned Thursday wobble as email teeters over in Europe


Strange, no problems with our Office 365 in Sweden. Can't recall when we had a problem with Office 365 services.

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'


Re: Let him rot.

Yes, please fuck off...


Re: Perspective

Ah, yes. The mindless drones that don't believe in Deep state or the other drivel trumpettmorons spout… Go back in your hole.

Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges


You really are a special snowflake arn't you? Look upp the statistics. If my memory is correct it was one month one year… But hey, you at least have some guns to coddle...

Swedes grumbling about Apple Store in their park are lucky – in Toronto, Google eats all your data


It is not "only" a shop. It is an ugly monstrosity of a shop that we don't want. We the hell would we need a apple glasshouse taking up that much space? The resturant is not pretty no but replace it then with something useful...

Developer goes rogue, shoots four colleagues at ERP code maker


Re: A gun is involved in every single mass shooting.

Interresting. WHY do they need to defend themself? Strange that US is probably the only country in the west with this problem...

Apple in XS new sensation: Latest iPhone carries XS-sive price tag


Re: redefining what a watch can do for you

Even better when you look att Suuntos new Watch. Up to 120 hours gps tracking.

Ex-UK comms minister's constituents plagued by wonky broadband over ... wireless radio link?


Re: @AndrueC

Ah, the american way...

Space, the final Trump-tier: America to beam up $8bn for Space Force


Re: Spaaaaaace Foooooorce!


My personal favorite is in Get smart when all the over the speaker voices in NASA is in german. :)

It's a phone with a peel, but you'll have to wait a bit more for retro Nokia


Perfect for the Banana Hammock

Dear alt-right morons and other miscreants: Disrupt DEF CON, and the goons will 'ave you



I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit


Re: eh?

Ah, an american. How nice. No go and stay on your side och the Atlantic. We have enough with orange monkey tweeting.

If only 3D desktop printers could 3D print sales! Units crash in Q1


Same here. The Mk3 is a great printer. Can't wait for the MMU add on. :)

Script kiddie goes from 'Bitcoin Baron' to 'Lockup Lodger' after DDoSing 911 systems


Re: She should have had the foresight to get married and have a kid

Ah, no. It is only under the moron trump that this has happened. Get your fucking facts right...

But then again. trump supporters aren't the most stable or intelligent beings on the planet.

User spent 20 minutes trying to move mouse cursor, without success


Re: eeeww - gross

AKA breakfast

PETA calls for fish friendly Swedish street signage


Well, as a Swede I think that PETA can could and fisk themself!

German IKEA trip fracas assembles over trolley right of way


Re: And spending an eternity in Hel would be a bad thing because?

Ah, no. The Scandinavian Hel is Cold, ice Cold. :)

Zombie Cambridge Analytica told 'death' can't save it from the law


Re: Wow!

And no saddle...

Sir Clive Sinclair dragged into ZX Spectrum reboot battle


Re: Answer me this

...and Hookers!

British clockwork radio boffin Trevor Baylis terminally winds down


Re: Optional

The problem is the US patent office. Lazy arsholes that has destroyed the patent idé.

South China waters are red, Brit warships are blue, HMS Sutherland's sailing there


Drive casually...

How much will Britain's next F-35s cost? Not telling, says MoD


It cannot land on carrier yet. Maybe if SAAB had a customer that required that function. Let's se if Brazil buys som planes. :)

Ohio man cuffed again for shagging inflatable pool raft


Re: Reminds of something I read in the newspaper years ago

Sweden doesn't have a law against it. It falls under cruelty against animals.

Rejoice, Russians! The annexation of Crimea is complete and legitimate – Google Maps proves it


Hello, Sweden here. Can we get a google map that show our true borders from 1658. No need to tell rest of Europe...

Xbox SmartGlass comes to iOS


Re: Windows Phone 7 ?

WP7 already has this app.

Apple Maps too good for Taiwanese military


Re: Burred satellite pix pointless ...

Do they have a high res picture of the island of Navarone?

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