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Lunar water-prospecting rover rolls closer towards launch


nuclear-powered rover

I find it rather frustrating that the use of nuclear-powered rovers is so very limited and not far more prolific. I recognize that the material necessary to power these units is limited in supply, but the units themselves should be built and made available to the many companies actually building and placing motorized rovers throughout our solar backyard.

If you're going to actually perform a credible search for large quantities of ice on the moon you need sufficient power to survive the extremely cold temperatures, the utter lack of all solar-energy when exploring the darker eternally shadowed areas, and good consistent power for drilling. Although I support all these various ventures, I feel they are very much handicapped long before they are ever launched. We should give the moon ventures just as much technological support as we do those ventures that go much further out (i.e. the Mars Rover etc...). Just my thoughts.



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