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UK spies on MILLIONS of Yahoo! webcams, ogles sex vids - report


"Undesirable nudity"...

Any word on what percentage of intercepts were desirable nudity?


Chips in spaaaaace: old tech is in


It's not just the time it take harden the electronics...

I work in the rail automation industry and even in this field extremely out of date electronics are used. Why? Because the general consensus is after 10+ years all defects in the circuitry are known and can be worked around (look at the errata for the 80386...). When developing systems on which lives are at stake (or at which billions of dollars are at stake as in space flight) you want to limit the unknown as much as possible. Using older tech goes a long way to ensuring this.


LOHAN plugs into some hot LiPo treatment


Disconnecting battery

I would recommend simply using exposed mated pins (ie. DBx pins with no housing). You can keep the wires leading to the pins at different lengths to ensure you don't get any shorting. I'm not sure how a bit of dangling wire off of LOHAN will affect flight characteristics but it is very simple and the pins don't bind tightly allowing them to be pulled apart once you have ignition. The only consideration is if low temperature may cause them to bind but then again the surface area where they connect is very low so any freezing shouldn't have too much of an impact given the force generated by the motor.

Regardless, based on you battery usage testing it appears that you can use a less than ideally conductive interface since there appears to enough battery power remaining to deal with high resistances. I have in past had success using iron filings lacquered to tissue paper (burns up very quickly).



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