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Snowden 'ready to return to US', claims lawyer


Re: Dim Paul Moving back to the US is impossible, Edward..

He said Leavenworth. YOU said Fort Leavenworth. These are two different things.

From the Wikipedia page:

"It is often confused with, but separate from the United States Military Barracks, which is a military facility on Fort Leavenworth."


Ellison aims his first Oracle 'mainframe' at Big Blue


Re: who cares about specint for mainframes

FHD - Unable to parse input.

I assume you mean MHD (p7+ 780)

Apple ships 'completely redesigned' iTunes 11


Re: ...hover over info bar

I think it is short sighted to think of a single UI. (Windows 8 is a perfect example of this.) You tend to find mice on content creation systems, you tend to find touch interfaces on content consumption systems. The UI elements (and task at hand) is much more complex on content creation systems. That is why I hope to never lose mouse-over events - my interface is significantly more complex and *needing* those hints at less frequently used functionality (as well as other uses for this option).

Power7+ chips debut in fat IBM midrange systems


The smell of FUD in the morning...

"...HP have a contract tested in court (for what its worth), as far as we know, IBM don't even have that."

The smell of FUD in the morning... it smells like... defeat.

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