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Cortana to form CIRCLE OF LIFE in Windows 10

Rob G.

We should stop getting up in arms when Microsoft copies something new to their OS.

As long as it does not record and send information to Microsoft when you're not expecting it to, I don't see why people would get all up in arms about it. It seems like its laggy now but, it's still in beta and that's to be expected, and what I was expecting when I joined the insider program. I would however like to see Cortana become voice control for my PC, because it would be neat to do quick things via voice while doing more intensive tasks with the keyboard and mouse.

If Microsoft can accomplish this without snooping too much, I say Cortana is a step in the right direction. With touch screens becoming ubiquitous, it seems logical that voice control does too.


Sinofsky OFFSKI: Is Windows 9 now codenamed 'Defenestrate'?

Rob G.

Perhaps we need a "Jobsian" second coming of Gates?

If BillG was still into Microsoft, I would say that we are all ready for a "Jobsian" second coming of Gates to Microsoft since it seems like Ballmer has really screwed up. How could anyone at Microsoft take a look at 8 and say that it was OK and ready to be shipped. What are these people doing over there?


Microsoft fast-tracks Windows 8 Service Pack updates

Rob G.

Re: twenty dolla

Wow you're a real condescending user of an OS that was built for the lowest common denominator (e.g. people like you). The truth is that this OS is not nearly ready for prime time whether you use a tablet or a desktop, since they basically delivered a half finished UI for both sides of the coin. Besides there were users like you who said the first release of Vista was fine but we all knew how wrong that assessment was. If more and more users start talking about Metro or whatever the hell Microsoft calls their Win 8 UI this week, the more likely it is that they will listen to us and give us something that is usable and productive for PC users of all types. However, if Microsoft keeps buying into their own hubris then they really will give up more ground to Linux and Mac OS which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it would be sad in a way since they really seemed to have "Jumped the Shark" so to speak as far as each an every OS that they release.

So here's to you Mr. Windows 8 User, your poor choice of OS is almost as poor as your opinions about the complaints of others pleading for a better OS.


Microsoft installs new Win8 evangelism boss – weeks before launch

Rob G.

Better operating systems through marketing, yeah right. No matter what PR man they use Windows 8 will probably be the biggest stinker of an OS since Vista.

Microsoft please realize that we want tablets AND proper desktops or notebooks, and not some cobbled together freak show of an OS that looks like a tablet crashed into my desktop and fused together some terrible abomination of an OS.

No matter what they call metro or whatever they say about device convergence, its still in my book as a failed experiment even before we see a final version. However the sooner that they realize how bad of a job they did on this UI the better since we might actually see some real innovation, instead of a rehash of a mobile OS that is pretty much one of the more unpopular platforms that is really overshadowed by iOS and Android.

Perhaps the WinMo people at Microsoft were the only ones loud enough in the room when they thought of a new direction to take, but not all ideas are good ones and that sucks if you're a developer but its the cost of admission really. As time has showed in previous releases of Windows, the next iteration will be better and probably be released sooner than we think like windows 7 over vista.

Let's just hope that Microsoft doesn't make the same poor decisions again when they release 9.


Intel: Behold the TABLETS of our partners, proof of Win8's MIGHT

Rob G.

Yay a device made for 8... Not

Well this is a different look for a PC, but is it really what we want? It's probably going to be expensive, loaded with bugs and worst of all its running Windows 8. *Shudder* I for one think that Microsoft should delay 8 by six months and dust off some proper desktop UI code for the rest of us who haven't quite given up on the good old keyboard+mouse interface. Listen up Microsoft, the keyboard and mouse are the way that we have interfaced computers for many years, why just throw that away and alienate the users who actually know how a PC should work?

Just remember folks,

PCs =/= Tablets

<3 Rob.


Microsoft Research man: It all starts with touch

Rob G.
Thumb Down

Booo! Shoehorning touch into desktops and laptops is bad.

Ugh is there anyone else out there that is just fed up with the need to touch and fondle your computer instead of just using a keyboard and mouse like you're supposed to. I don't see the usefulness of a touch driven UI on my primary machines, and its just a misdirected choice in developing an OS based on marketing. This is a damn cop-out as far as OSes are concerned, just give us the choice to decide which UI is best. Touch driven desktops are a fad that is fading quickly, lets just leave the fondle driven UIs to tablets and phones please.



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