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How NSA spooks spaffed my DAD'S DATA ALL OVER THE WEB

Phil 71

Are you sure they violated your T&Cs?

The only one they seem violate is point 1.

The screen grab shows they've used your logo, but have you considered they may link to you (ie. in their use the logo is a clickable link to your site), and or they provide acknowldgement somewhere in their app/site, that just doesn't quite happen to appear on the screen grab.

This is clearly giving them the benefit of the doubt, and if so make Edward Snowdon the man you want to go after, but a) good luck, and b) I'm sure he's a few other things to worry about first.

WTF is... NFC

Phil 71


"It's common to see NFC credit card receivers in sandwich shop chains, for example - the put them in to speed the throughput of hungry punters - by it's much less common to see them in use."

So as a bank card holding NFC convert, my view as to why they aren't used, are a bit different to yours:

a) Payment terminals don't look obviously different nor indicate "NFC here", you've often got to look around for a promo poster etc. etc.

b) It's far to easy to do what you've done thousands of times before, insert card type pin. Its now so ingrained, that combined with a) it's too easy to use pin as normal.

c) Loads of people don't seem to know they can, or how to.

In short, it needs a machine that looks different, shouts "Hay, just tap your card on my screen", and maybe people will try using it.

Otherwise people will just keep doing what they've always done, because it's what they've always done.

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