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Number of cops abusing Police National Computer access on the rise


Re: 76 officers in London have been investigated

In the same way that no Met Police officer who has published their memoirs has ever admitted to taking a bribe.


Not a single one.

Well you'd have to be extraordinarily stupid to admit to taking bribes in your memoirs.

Or brazen, and particularly well informed about the statute of limitations.

Big Brother

Re: What's the problem?

I like that principle.

I'd like it even more if it were applied to the people who want to foist it on us.

So let's start by disclosing the communications (metadata only, natch) of our MPs and senior civil servants.

And let's get rid of the idea of hiding "commercially sensitive" details of deals with the government. You can't do business with the government and hide the details from the people who are paying the bill.

Bjarne Again: Hallelujah for C++


Re: If God had meant us to use C++

Real programmers can write FORTRAN in any language ;)


Re: Any programming language is a tool

Of course, the chance that anyone who uses Comic Sans for documents would write documents that make sense is negligible.


Re: C++

I haven't read the 3rd edition recently, but I've always found Bjarne an exceptionally good writer. Absolutely loved "Design and Evolution of C++" - IMHO one of the best and clearest programming books ever.

Also: How's your written Danish?


Re: C++

Smalltalk is wonderful. And wonderfully successful.

Java is

a) tedious and verbose to the extreme

b) ugly and less expressive than C++

c) not a systems programming language in the same sense that C++ is.

IMHO. YMMV, etc pp.

How NSA spooks spaffed my DAD'S DATA ALL OVER THE WEB


Re: A right Royal screwiup

You'd have to get the colonies back fisrt


Re: NSA have no sense of humor

Presumably not having a sense of humour is part of the job description for the NSA.

Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac


Re: I like it !

That's why you use creditcards (yes, even with paypal). They're usually happy to do charge backs.


Re: Cops? Ha! I had an entire CAR stolen

If you find *your* car parked somewhere you don't remember parking it, unlock it with your key and drive it off, it's hardly stealing? Or is our justice really so foo-barred that you'd get into trouble for that?


Re: Nope

Also, you can go bankrupt before winning.

Anons torn over naming 'n' shaming of 17yo's gang-rape suspects


If the girl was under 18, surely that makes it child pornography. That should be enough to put the scumbags away for a while, shouldn't it?

Gov report: Actually, evil City traders DIDN'T cause the banking crash


Re: This has worried me for a while

<quote> Securitisation is also a reason banks hate lending to SME's: Those loans are too small to be securitised so the bank must carry them, which they hate.</quote>

Almost all loans, including mortgages, are too small to be securitised on their own. Which is why banks package them up and then securitise them.

What Compsci textbooks don't tell you: Real world code sucks


Re: So where are all the bad ones

void main?

char *s[10]; - should be char s[256];

Brighton marathon munchers banned from all-you-can-eat diner

Thumb Down

Re: if (maxFood !== AllYouCanEat) {throw new LyingBastardException()}

If you had a daily unlimited data contract, your ISP would be perfectly in their rights to stop selling them to you in future if they find you always use 10x as much data as the next customer.


Re: Nope - Psyx was right

Indeed. And "between the 5th and 6th helping" is not "half-way through" your meal ;)

Apple iPhone 5 review


"The thinnest, slickest, fastest iPhone yet."

Whereas manufacturers usually make their next gen phones thicker, clunkier and slower? Next you'll be telling us a new washing powder washes faster than the last one....


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