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DAB: A very British failure

John Daniel
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Downloadable codecs

DAB was technologically obsolete even before public transmissions started.

Why the hell don't people think ahead and realise that there are ever more efficient ways of transmitting audio and video data. A downloadable codec system could have solved this. Instead we are trapped in the past with dismal quality and hapless features.

Exactly the same applies to our "wonderful" digital TV....

BBC iPlayer finally hits the streets

John Daniel


"It's either DRM or nothing at all."

The statement makes no sense! No other BBC broadcasts use DRM. My home recordings don't "self destruct". I can record any programmes at broadcast stream quality onto my DVD recorder and, if I wanted to, duplicate and sell these worldwide. I don't; and I'm sure if it was widespread, we would have heard about it.

The iplayer stream quality is poor by comparison. No one will want to use it as a pirated source. Be realistic, it's about control.

As for what player to use: The BBC have been years "developing" iplayer.... what have they actually been doing, saving up our pennies to give to M$?

In the time that's been available, there has been time to produce a multi-platform player from scratch.


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