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EmDrive? More like BS drive: Physics-defying space engine flunks out


Re: The device is very light.

>>...the power supply is similar to that required to run a single family house hold...

thought experiment -- edison accidentally discovers a form of led light but it takes the energy needed to power new york city to light a closet. pronounced as useless and unscientific rubbish on the spot.

point is that nobody knows what's going on or how it works. not claiming that the final design will run on a phone battery but IF IT WORKS AT ALL then the understanding of it would result in vast improvement in efficiency.

First SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket lobs comms sat into orbit


>> I'd love to know exactly what legacy of the olden days makes 12ft the right diameter<<

Transport of stages, I think. Some will claim this is all due to pork-barrel politics and creation of jobs in various parts of the country; e.g. if you want congresscritter Smith to vote to allocate 'n' billion $ to NASA this vote will cost having facility 'x' in his/her district source the making of [insert subassembly.] On the other hand if a manufacturer already has expertise in [insert subassembly technology] and has a trained workforce already in place in say Utah then this is where the [subassembly] will need to be made unless you're willing to guarantee very very long term contracts. i.e. expedience, not necessarily pork barrels.

Newly spotted distant dwarf planet orbits the Sun every 700 years


Re: A name

it's a dwarf planet, so... Tyrion?


it's a dwarf planet, so... Tyrion.

We're doing SETI the wrong and long way around, say boffins


this is actually reasonable news. about time they started figuring out how to do the search stuff systematically. now that we are aware of how we can detect, apply that to the smaller count of stars we reckon can detect us with that level of tech. as the level of detection tech advances, widen/change the search accordingly. this resembles a rational plan. [apologies for not saying something funny/pithy.]

Bouncy bouncy: Comet probot Philae landed twice


Re: What is the pull of gravity of that rock?

nice ref to Lucifer's Hammer.

well done

Chips in spaaaaace: old tech is in


Re: Interestingly Space report lists *several* bits of kit that had anomolies with them.

But are yoyu *sure* about that?

Error found in climate modelling: Too many droughts predicted


Re: positive-feedbackitis

"In any-case the biggest problem is that cosmic rays show no trend in the past 50 years so they CANT possibly explain the warming in the late 20th century."


Cosmic ray rates in and of themselves do not have to show a trend. Whatever can locally modulate them will do, or periodic changes in what they actually affect physically may change.

Fire a bowling ball at the pins every 30 seconds; never change this. Periodically alter the ball trajectory via obstacle placement, or periodically don't replace all of the pins. I guarantee that the pin knockdown count will be related to everything *but* the non-changing rate of firing the ball.

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