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Blighty goes retro with 12-sided pound coin


12 or 1

To absolutely prevent any coin value confusion, a 12 sided coin should be £12. For the amount used for the project develop the conversion, a 1 sided (ala unidimensional) £1 coin can easily be implemented based on the mere budget overage of the 12 sided re-tooling costs.

As in the United States, the $1 coin is one dimensional, thus providing a simple accounting solution for money that is not there.

Tube be or not tube be: Apple’s CYLINDRICAL Mac Pro is out tomorrow



Yes, the design is innovative for a computer. But, to add the "proper" keyboard, mouse + needed adapters will a another £200. to £350 to the price. Nice profit margin Apple.

Massive! Yahoo! Mail! outage! going! on! FOURTH! straight! day!


Primary Inbox?

So, "... for many of those who use Yahoo! Mail as their primary inbox...", that is so cute.

Goodbye Blighty: The alternative reality of Quatermass II

Thumb Up

You can find: Quatermass Experiment (2 episodes), Quatermass II (6 episodes), Quatermass and The Pit (6 episodes) at, archive.org They are considered Public Domain.

Samsung's appeal gaffe keeps Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in US



I have a 10.1 that I bought in the States quite recently. It is still supported via updates from Samsung U.S. Perhaps, the ban is in words only? The litigiousness of our capitalism seems to prevent decisions from being implemented.

AntiSec leaks 'Feds' credit cards' after Barrett Brown cuffed


Dubious Video

The video appears to be a setup of some kind. Either the girlfriend was in on the whole scenario or the "FBI agents" heard in the video were not real. What the agents say does not follow normal protocol after entering, identifying and detaining someone they have an arrest warrant for. Yes, agents yell, but the language used in the video is not controlled in the manner in which agents are trained.

If he did threaten an agent, he needs to have a day in court which as much evidence available. This video does not look like it could be used as evidence of any kind in a legal context.

Ding dong, the Ping is dead! Apple brings in Facebook for iTunes

Black Helicopters

Closed ecosystem

Apple functions as a closed ecosystem, not surprisingly the evolution of this ecosystem involves closing off any openings that pose a threat to the core mechanism. When looking at OSX Mountain Lion you will notice a lack of off switches. With the addition of Facebook integration Apple is now Apple to filter feed from Facebook whereby gaining a large customer base who will not be able to leave their ecosystem without losing access to content. It must be stated again that, when you pay for content from iTunes you do not own the music, video or content; you are paying for access to that content. Unless you convert all of your music to MP3 and burn them to CD's you will have nothing if you are not tethered to the Apple ecosystem. When you think the collection of music and video you have paid for stored on your drives is yours, you are incorrect, you must use iTunes to access and make use of that content. The Apple DRM model is strong and only allows a few generations of backup copies to be made before the files are made inaccessible.

If you wish to move away from this model. You can purchase DRM free music and video from: amazon, bleep.com and many others. When you pay for non-DRM content you actually own the files and can do what you wish with them, store them in any way you see fit. If you feel you need to use Spotify do not allow it connect with any outside site; tracking in Spotify is always active and has no off switch.

As for Facebook, it is either on or off.


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