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WTF is... NFC

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There's a plan to enable NFC in Tallinn public transport. Instead of waving a card at the reader on the bus you wave your phone. Which I'd like, it remains to be seen whether they'll manage to implement it. I don't want another RFID card in my wallet interfering with the other cards.

It be great if I could register my NFC phone for all the places where I have a card instead of a physical key to open doors. Home, home garage, work, work2, etc. I know the frequencies don't match though.

Getting rid of the physical wallet altogether sounds good to me too.

As for security, that's a technical problem. Let's hope it can be done with NFC. A confirmation on the phone for transactions would do it.

And isn't NFC enabled on most smart phones these days, not just the S3, except for iphones? gsmarena found 133 phones with NFC: http://www.gsmarena.com/search.php3 Choose NFC required and hit search.

Swedish cops contain fermented herring menace

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not for my tastes

I just tried the fish a month ago with several folks. Somebody had brought the contraband from Sweden.

Some couldn't stand the smell at all and had to stand away when the can was finally opened. You can't open it with a normal opener, they use thicker metal. Otherwise it would blow up on its own.

I did try eating it, but could not get myself to push it down the throat. As soon as I tried moving it down my tongue there was a gag reflex. Couldn't say it tasted any good either. Some tried several pieces, no fans though.

Remarkably vodka tasted like water afterwards. Good idea to disinfect your mouth.

Maybe they meant it smelt like gas in the sense of passing gas?

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