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US nuke arsenal runs on 1970s IBM 'puter waving 8-inch floppies


Re: Programming skills .NE. programming languages

I went to uni about 20 years ago, did Computer Science and that was 70 or 80% maths still. However, even at that time I saw other universities doing that subject as more of a software development course. Basically, what we had to learn as a by-the-by to show a means to an end, they were taught as the entire subject.

I thought that was so very dull. I hoped that wasn't the way things were going, but I have been very disappointed by people who were scared of new languages ("Oooh, I can't program in C#, I've only done Java!) and knew none of the theory behind anything.

I started replying to you with the intent of defending the people new to the subject, but after thinking through things, I realised your experiences are in accord with mine. Bollocks.

Ten top tech toys to interface with a techie’s Christmas stocking


Re: Pebble

That's what I thought about the looks too... But I got one anyway because, well, I'm this site's target audience.

It looks better in person, feels quite solid and I do actually find it useful. I always miss messages and phone calls because I can't feel my phone buzz in a coat pocket so that's one problem gone. I use my phone for music and leave it in an inside pocket, can use the watch to skip the tracks that I thought were a good idea to stick on the playlist at the time. I rarely use it to tell the time :D

Plus, it makes a decent bike speedo and the SDK is gradually getting more useful, so geeky funs!

O3b's satellites on launch pad, ready to bring cats+porn to billions


Rocket went up after a delay, satellites were kicked out, commentator had a minor brainfart and said the rocket was moving at a couple of km/h instead of km/s, lots of cloud.

Given where they're selling the service to, I'd say it'd take a lot of cost for a ground station to be more expensive, even over the long run, than layout cable/fibre plus its upkeep and chance-of-being-stolen-or-destroyededness (technical term there).

YES, Xbox One DOES need internet, DOES restrict game trading


You've said exactly what was in my brain there. I suspect I'll be carrying on with my PC rather than a new console any time soon.

FLABBER-JASTED: It's 'jif', NOT '.gif', says man who should know


However, due to pronunciation problems...

They're changing the extension to .cif soon.

Mine's the raincoat.

How IT bosses turned the tables on our cushy consultancy gigs


Re: Job requirements

I finished university in 2002 and this is what I got launched into. I seem to remember that Sun asked politely for all their contractors to leave at the time... I recall the job requirements to be completely insane, but can't remember exactly what :( It was along the same lines though, 5 years experience in xx that had been out for a couple of years at the most. I went for an interview for a council for a low level developer job for a pathetic-but-better-than-nothing-crap-I'll-have-to-live-at-my-parents' wage. I didn't get it. They did give feedback at the end and they were expecting answers worth two or three times the wage they were giving. Only-just-graduate (well, school leaver!) wage, but they were expecting about 6 years of medium-ish scale corporate experience.

Dutch unleash intelligent robot bins: No ID, no rubbish


Aaaah, the bins

I used to spend about half my time in Groningen and didn't realise these bins were new... Anyhoo, thye worked quite well except for the recycling bit. I never found where the recycling bin actually was... Ended up with enough paper in a pile I could have made myself a decent fort.

There's already a deposit on bottles here - well, beer bottles and anything over a litre it seems.

We were in the centre of the city (well, near enough) and there was a bit of a problem with fly tipping. Not as much as I'd expect in the UK (I'm British - I left civilisation a while ago to teach the natives the joy of baked beans and proper bacon.) but it's stil there. There are stickers saying that putting bin next to the bin will end up with you being hunted down by The Bin Squad or something. It was about 5 steps out the front door to the underground bin maw though - about the same distance I has to walk to my wheelie bin.

Charges aren't quite organised like in the UK too. There's no one unified council tax that you whinge about, pay and things happen. Everything seems to be in its own little bill here. Keeping the envelope manufacturers in business and confusing anyone who wasn't born with the knowledge. I've found that, while I've rented places, the rent covers the bill for this so I don't actually know how much it was...

My first post. Lots of words, little useful information. I think I've got the idea right?

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