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4K vs OLED: and the winner is...


My Geeky Side

Anyone else read that headline and think they where referring to a CounterStrike match ... 4K vs OLED. God its been a long day.

Guild Wars 2 game review


Re: Not loving it

That was my point, if you going to make some thing incidental then what's the point in making it an option in the first place

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Not loving it

Recently played Guild Wars 2 and there are lots of thing I like about the game, but there are also lots of things I dont..

My main gripe has to be the healing, as someone who has traditionally played a healing base toon in other mmo's, in GW2 its just feels god awful.

I understand what they where trying too do in moving the focus away from the holy trinity but for me it didn't work.(The monk is guild war was great) Healing in this game feels pointless and you have to question if they where going to so heavy handicap it why they didn't just remove it.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Re: This game is so broken ...

didn't see that coming, using chrome ... had no idea


This game is so broken ...

Played this game in my youth, but until I watch the gents at http://speedrunslive.com/ racing this against each other, I never quite knew how badly this game can be broken (completable in just 25mins with major glitches).

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