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There is life after the death of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Start button



So the new start menu is not so bad because......

a) Users don't use the old start menu anyway....

Well my 500 odd users do.....not sure what your users do but mine have been trained on the advantages of using the start menu to find files, change settings and open programs.

b) the new start menu allows us to group items together.....

what like folders do??

c) you can easily install a 3rd party app to put the start menu back......

Hang about, I thought you said the new one was fine? If the new menu works why would anyone need the old one back?

d) you finally note that having things open in full screen metro Apps is annoying and a Tech can fart around with the file associations to correct this....

What you have said is Windows 8 start menu is not suitable for business desktop users. FAIL!!!



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