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PSST! New PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled are out there – and will be into 2015, at least

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The UNTOLD SUCCESS of Microsoft: Yes, it's Windows 7


Re: What the hell did they expect?

I didn't say that programs didn't work, I said it made it more difficult to use them and that a shell replacement was needed to restore arbitrarily removed functionality.


Re: What the hell did they expect?

Well... the problem is STILL that Microsoft makes it difficult to use "legacy software" (read, software that isn't dumbed down for the tiled, "Metro" environment and the Microsoft store). That "start menu" is still dysfunctional.

Fuck that... it needs a shell replacement (e.g. ClassicShell) at the very least.

In Linux distributions, at least you have choices on the desktop environments you can use, window managers and GUI behaviour.

Friends don't do tech support for friends running Windows XP


Re: "13 years. 13 years. 13 years is far too long to expect support."

... and crap like that (and things like no downgrade rights for consumer editions of Windows), is why I employ "licensing tools" with no remorse.

I'm still going to help people with Windows XP computers. They don't have to change their lives to suit Microsoft's agendas. Most people who are used to XP don't want a silly new version of Windows


Re: I've been helping friends (and businesses) upgrade from XP to ...

Bah... go ride the baloney pony off into the sunset. Modern Slackware has decent versions of everything, has a fully functional environment out of the box, for compiling things they don't provide and it's simple to administer for anyone clueful. Once that's done, it can be be used by Grandma and it won't change.

Just as we said it would: HP clamps down on server fixers


Re: Just say

Yep, not only small businesses but I'd bet that a lot of web hosting companies will avoid HP server hardware. Dell Poweredge or machines built in house.

Microsoft-backed lobby group demands market test of Google's proposed 'search fix'


I run a computer service business where I do things like go to homes and offices to solve computer problems, remove malware, I get and set up new hardware for people etc. and generally do things for them that they don't know how to do themselves.

I remove Bing anything on sight. Bing toolbars, Bing Desktop, Bing Search Provider (I actually delete it, not just make something else the default heheh) and if MSN is the homepage, I change it. I haven't yet met anyone that wanted Bing back.

To be fair, I'll also say that I remove all other toolbars and/or things like "Google Desktop" as well (I can't stand pollution) though I make people's home pages plain old Google (www.google.ca in my case) unless they specifically want something else. It's a very useful, fast loading page without a pile of crap on it and seldom stalls the first opening of the browser like some of those other asshole portals.

I do that primarily because Google finds the things people want instantly, even before they finish typing it. I know that choice is a good thing, but I don't see the point of using anything other than Google to search. I personally try others, but I have yet to find one I like better than Google. However, I'm not above saying that it's partly vindictive, because I detest Microsoft and distrust their search results.

You'd be surprised at all the people that can't, or won't learn how to change their home page when it gets hijacked, by the way.

Behold the world's first full-colour 3D printer


When they come out with a 3D printer, that can print a 3D printer I'll be interested. Until then, it's a scam and I'll not be dazzled by pretty colours :-)

Developer's rare $50,000 Twitter account @N stolen in web shakedown


Man, that sucks. Not only for the victim of the extortion, for losing such a username that he obviously liked, but for everyone, because with such ruses being widely employed, it's going to make it more difficult for legitimate people to recover accounts from online services. It's already damned difficult enough for most folks to follow through the steps. There's always something they don't have or don't get.

His life was basically in that creep's hands. It's a good thing the thief wasn't unnecessarily cruel.

Yes, HP will still sue you if you make cartridges for its inkjet printers


Very well, HP... I will boycott your products on behalf of everyone I influence. I can't stand a bully... after market ink cartridges are perfectly valid and if it wasn't for that asshole American patent system and them trying to cooerce the whole world into adopting it (If you want to trade with the U.S., you have to abide by their whims) commodities wouldn't be as expensive as they are.

I have a lot of customers that buy after market ink cartridges, and when I tell them what HP is doing they'll avoid those creeps like Jack the Ripper. They are probably the most prominently marketed brand of a lot of devices here, but not the only.

I can't stand the layers of bloated shitware consumers have to pollute their computers with to interface with HP products anyway. It's particularly distasteful when someone with an older computer buys an HP printer as a replacement. It shouldn't take all of a computer's resources just to operate a printer.

Prince sues 22 music file-sharers for ONE MEEELLION dollars each


Prince sickens me and you couldn't pay me to listen to that little prick's drivel. I hate it.

If someone pays me a million dollars, I suppose I could promise not to piss on his grave though.

Go ahead and sue me for "saying mean things on the internet".

Valve showers Debian Linux devs with FREE Steam games


Re: Try game streaming now

Installing SteamOS on a general purpose computer is pretty pointless anyway. Install a full distribution with the Steam client on the hardware you speak of.

As for the low latency kernel patches they use, that doesn't amount to a hill of beans in terms of game performance. Besides, the Linux kernel can be configured for low latency decently enough anyway with the various pre-emption settings and timer configurations.


Re: probably be a low take up

Well... even Stallman concedes that games are entertainment and that there are going to be non free games.

I've still got games that I bought a decade ago that I can still make run. Unreal tournament 2004, Doom 3 and friends, Quake 4. At worst, you might have to drop some compatible libraries in the program directories. (Their wrapper scripts do LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables, if such paths aren't baked right in)

About the only thing I am aware of that would prevent the Loki installer from running on a modern distro is the lack of GTK+ 1.x. It's idiotic not to include that, for all the 2 megabytes of space it takes up. It still compiles, even on x86_64, with patches. (most of the problem is just the older GNU autoconf scripts and macros). Games on Linux tend to just run out of their own directories. Use the Loki installer if you have to on one distro, then just copy the game directory to other systems (stuff prompts for license keys on first run, if applicable). Mine have been moved many times.

Spanish cops tweet handy dope-smuggling advice


Some cops have a change of heart, too. Marijuana use shouldn't be persecuted like it is.

I'm not sure if I should post a link to it here, but if you look up Barry Cooper or Never Get Busted Again, you'll find a star drug interdiction agent from Texas who changed his tune, after reluctantly smoking marijuana given to him by his girl friend and finding great relief from the stresses and depression and alcohol abuse he was experiencing. He realized that what he was doing was wrong.

He made videos of how to get away with concealing small amounts of marijuana and gives you tips on how these drug interdiction squads operate and what they look for on the highways. Innocent things like patriotic veteran bumper stickers because "Veterans often use marijuana". He said something to the effect of "They put their lives on the line for this country, and I had no problem putting them in jail. I was wrong"

He's also been a bit of a crusader.

Because of this, he's had death threats from cops, threats that his wife is going to be raped while he's in prison etc. He's a "traitor" according to those meat heads.

Mystery 'doughnut' materializes in front of Mars rover: 'OH MY GOD! It wasn't there before!'

Thumb Up

Re: It is quite obvious

Thumbs up, not because I believe the lunar conspiracies, but because it was funny :-)

MPAA spots a Google Glass guy in cinema, calls HOMELAND SECURITY


Don't so much as hum "Happy Birthday to You" from memory, in public, or you'll be infringing.


Americans try and paint everything as a threat to national security. Copyright infringement is a threat to national security because imaginary property is about the only thing the USA has left.

Pathetic bullies whose influences are waning.

Google stabs Wikipedia in the front


Not a day goes by that I don't search for something and have a Wikipedia link in the top most list of search results. I almost always click it, because Wikipedia usually provides just the right amount of abridged information that I'm looking for.

If in doubt I'll append wikipedia to my search keyword(s) to ensure it.

I use Google to find Wikipedia articles every day. Even when Wikipedia is begging for money (and I have donated a few times because it's very useful to me). Google brings me there. I love reading Wikipedia articles.

I'm betting that Google is not really harming Wikipedia, it's probably like the whinging news sites that don't like the summaries because it lets people decide if they are going to waste their time clicking or not.

By the way, I've noticed that people can't resist spreading FUD about the accuracy of the information on Wikipedia. Usually academic types, that think it's too easy. They earned their degrees by poring over dusty tomes in snobbish libraries. Who reviews those books? Can peers flag and edit them? I'll bet it takes a lot longer to get information corrected. Never, in existing copies. Did anyone check the thesis of Dr. Cleverbritches who claimed that it takes 6 PSI to blow air up a particular species of South American tree frog's arse?



Re: Oh for f**k's sake....

Protesters who obstruct or disrupt transportation or communications SHOULD be forcefully disbanded. I have absolutely no tolerance for that. Go to the government buildings and protest (as is your democratic right), but don't get in my fucking way.

Around here, the "gentrification" is two fold. The elite buses ferry high paid employees to a nuclear plant in the area. The lowest of employees (e.g. janitorial) make ridiculously high wages there and the area's economy (and rent) is geared towards it. Worse than that, are all the rich city fuckers coming up here and paying (in some cases) millions of dollars for real estate, which inflates property values. (Most of those people are snobs that I truly despise, too) That's just the way it is, complaining about it won't help.

I generally don't like activism. It seldom changes anything, because activists always seek to go after people who have nothing to do with their problems. The politicians just sit there in their ivory towers, unhindered.

Linksys's über-hackable WRT wireless router REBORN with 802.11ac


First of all, it is the WRT54GL (Linux based) not the 54G that is most useful. I still use those (all over town!) and can still get them. I use DD-WRT on them and they are rock solid. They cost about $79 CAD here in Bumfuck Ontario Canada.

Furthermore, this new router is going to be too expensive. Almost 3 times? They can make those fit, sideways.

Finally, I have always hated Belkin routers. No new ones for me, now that Linksys is Belkin. I'll use one of the many others capable of running Linux firmware when I can no longer get the old ones.

Intel ditches McAfee brand: 'THANK GOD' shouts McAfee the man


Re: Um, me too

Yep, it's light weight, unobtrusive, looks after itself with updates and is free for both personal and business use (on up to 10 computers). There's a lot to like about Microsoft Security Essentials.

The only thing it isn't, unfortunately, is very effective. In my experiences, it's not even as effective as AVG, which isn't saying much.

Queue up all the people who say that they've been using it for X amount of time and never had a problem. I can personally say the same for using no antivirus software. See this shit in the field, with the very users that need protection the most, where it fails to stop and/or fails to remove something it's already let get hooked.

It's an easy mistake to make, to be impressed with security software if all you do is watch their gyrations on a clean computer and let them nag you with ominous sounding messages about trivial objects or actions they block, or worse... pop up messages that a file or web site is deemed to be safe. (Fuck off, Norton)

I have stopped installing Microsoft Security Essentials on customer computers, and I remove it on sight these days and install something stronger (Avast, Avira, even AVG for grandmas that have gotten along well with it in the past. Sometimes something they already know is the best choice.) If someone wants to buy something, I like Eset Nod32.

NEVER those asshole Internet Security suites though. (Cure worse than disease)

Drug dealer demands jail to escape 'unbearable' missus after NYE row


Sounds reasonable

It sounds funny when presented like this (yes, it is funny!), but it's about his only smart course of action. He's ordered to remain at that residence, and if he can't stay there for whatever reason, he pretty much has to go in to the police if he doesn't want to be charged with violating his conditions. We don't know his wife, but it's possible that there could be trouble if he stays.

He might have been able to work out an alternate arrangement in court to serve the house arrest, or barring that... go back to jail. I'm not familiar with Italy's court system, but I'm guessing that he'd get a shorter sentence, when the judge amends it to jail instead of house arrest.

Lyrics upstart Rap Genius blacklisted by Google for Justin Bieber SEO scam


Re: I hate to break it to you

You're part of the problem then, you Internet polluting whore. This just means that honest operators who "optimize" by choosing their keywords carefully for the content on their sites and have legitimate reciprocal links, are buried in the crap that people like you promote.

Google will do their best to mitigate this behaviour, whether YOU like it or not.

Snowden: 'I am still working for the NSA ... to improve it'


Re: Eddy Is A Crackpot

I don't think that... I just think that Snowden is now trying to rationalize this after the fact. He certainly did commit the crime that he's accused of. (yep, it's true by definition)

Indirectly, he's doing his country a favour. Bad for overreaching security agencies (they'll be kept on somewhat shorter leashes now) but good for humanity, including Americans in the long run.

I KNOW how to SAVE Microsoft. Give Windows 8 away for FREE – analyst


It's not the cost of Windows 8.x that's the problem, it's how shitty it is. I wouldn't use it if you paid me $100/month. My time is more valuable to me than that.

It's time for these predators to go away. They bet the farm on trying to force a change in the computing industry, to one with dumbed down devices that protect themselves from YOU, with more lock-in and control for Microsoft, with parasitic profits made from developers selling software in the Microsoft Store. That's what that shit is all designed for.

How's that working out for you Microsoft? People are still sticking with their PCs, not buying into your model of correctness and you're having to constantly back pedal to pretend to be listening to your customers while trying to figure out how to get away with this.

Let them fail. They are already starting to lose.

Microsoft: Here, we'll make it easy for you Gmail lot. Meet our Outlook.com movers



Oh for crying out loud. Microsoft's mail services are terrible.

I refuse to communicate with anyone on a hotmail account. I just ignore all emails from hotmail or outlook.com email addresses. I don't waste my time trying to do business through that rubbish, because I never know if the people are going to get the reply in a timely manner, or at all. Unreliable as well as overzealous with the spam blocking. They don't even give users control anymore, IP address blocks are denied without any recourse, before it even gets to a user's "safe senders list" or whatever they call it these days.

Gmail is a very good webmail service. I mean the service, not necessarily the lame user interface.

Desperate MS flaunts UNDEAD SPLAT TALLY to pep Xbox One fans


It's Microsoft's greedy, audacious anti-consumer attitude that is the problem. I'm sure you'll have fun with the device itself.

I have more integrity than that. I would go back to tic tac toe on a piece of paper before I would buy an Xbox One, or any other Microsoft product or service. (I've already got Windows 7 which will keep my current games running for the foreseeable future... there will be no more Windows purchases for me. I honestly thought they were turning over a new leaf, with the quality and friendliness of Windows 7 but they completely switched gears)

Microsoft. Dying one (self inflicted) paper cut at a time.

Julie Larson-Green: Yes, MICROSOFT is going to KILL WINDOWS


Re: Which one ? Windows 8 with luck

I don't have any "trouble" at all with any functional computer operating system. Knowing the concepts is most of it and I can usually figure out what I have to do fairly quickly given a list of commands and their synopses OR... a graphical user environment. They are supposed to be discoverable ("intuitive" though I do hate that particular buzzword) and I must say that Windows 8 is poor in that regard.

Note that I already know how to mitigate the undesirable aspects of Windows 8, but that isn't the point. I very much dislike working with the Windows 8.x user interface though and THAT is the point. It isn't that people can't, it's a disconnect. A regression.

Windows with no controls. Deliberate hindrance of multitasking. Direction to spammy tiles and Microsoft's products, services, software store, and their "partners" who pay for the privilege. It's designed for lock in. Everything tries to direct you to using a Microsoft account.

An email program that doesn't do what most people need, POP3 email. No, instead you're supposed to abandon the old ways that they don't want to support and move to their systems. It's smack dab in the middle of the spammy tiles, one of the first things people see, yet useless to most people that use ISP email accounts. You can also still get that crummy Windows Live Mail client of course which is what most people need because of lock in (data migrated from Outlook Express from XP, into Windows Mail in Vista, into Windows Live Mail on Windows 7 and they just kept on that train). I can't believe I'm actually recommending Microsoft Outlook, as the only decent, functional mail client that I can still get their data into.

These assholes are already calling most of the programs people use "legacy software" in favour of "TIFKAM" apps, too.

Regressing to keyboard shortcuts for GUI functionality. There is nothing wrong with HAVING keyboard shortcuts, when you display them along side a menu entry, as a choice for people to use but expecting people to know them to efficiently navigate the GUI without a touchscreen is a serious mistake. I am thankful for ClassicShell, which saved me from having to upgrade my customers' Windows 8 computers to Windows 7 or Linux. Linux is easy to get set up, at least for me. Windows 7 is trickier because you have to track down drivers from the actual component manufacturers rather than being spoon fed by a PC vendor. Also, you have to employ "licensing tools" as Microsoft does not honour downgrade rights for consumer editions of Windows.

It regresses to command line utilities with ugly syntax for simple things like managing wireless networks, as well.

You shouldn't bandy the word idiot around like that, because your usage and workflow isn't everyone's. I wish I had a dime for everyone who has told me "It just takes time to learn it". It probably took me all of 10 minutes.

Microsoft bans XXXXBOX gamers for CURSING in online combat


I just realized I made a mistake in my post. While it was only mentioned incidentally, what if someone wastes their time trying that and doesn't realize it's not working only because it's wrong. All I can do now is reply to it with the correct info.

The sequence of button presses was supposed to be LB, RB, X, LB, RB, X to revert a System Update on Xbox 360.

That's go to System Settings, and in Storage highlight your XBox 360 hard disk and press LB, RB, X twice (Left bumper, Right bumper, X button, Left bumper Right bumper X button)


Fuck off, Microsoft. People are dropping their Xbox Live Gold memberships in droves.

Since installing hostile updates that force an account confirmation, with account lockouts if you don't comply (or succeed) and email confirmation codes that DON'T WORK, many people are simply reverting the last system update (with hard disk selected under Storage in System Settings, press this sequence of buttons twice: LB, LB, X) disconnecting their Xbox 360 units from the Internet (so they can still play their games and access their local saves) and cursing and vowing that they will NEVER buy an Xbox One and when the time comes, will be purchasing a Sony Playstation 4. Does Microsoft really think that their meddling, consumer hostile policies are going to convince people that it will be less hassle to just go and buy a new console? Yes, that's right, they hate Microsoft even more right now than they hate Sony.

They've pissed off the majority of the PC user base, hardware vendors and now gamers.

So, brilliant move, Microsoft. Trying to tell gamers that they can't use swear words? I don't think I have ever been on any kind of game server where people haven't sworn. Take your arrogant, authoritarian, anti-consumer policies and go smoke a turd in Hell.

Those Xbox One first-day glitches: GREEN screens of DEATH, disc crunching


Re: Old

First off, your post is just the one that happened to motivate me to reply. Not all of this is directed at you. I also like ClassicShell and I install it for a lot of people. In fact I insist. The evil side of me first likes to watch their pain for a few minutes when they get their first Windows 8 computer though... then I spring ClassicShell on them and give them back what they were used to.

There's just more to it than that, though.

ClassicShell is very good, and solves the problem but Windows h8te is still a dumbed down, shit OS. It's a regression and people have every right to be complaining about it.

ClassicShell is also a third party shell "replacement" (actually it's implemented as a shell extension that just adds functionality to the already existing Explorer tile and makes it the default simply by automatically bringing it in the foreground... that other fecal matter is still running in the background for the unwary who click the wrong thing). Most people aren't going to go and get ClassicShell, they'll just get the shaft.

The whole thing exists to direct you to spammy tiles with Microsoft partners and services, as well as the Microsoft Store that they desperately want to force developers and end users into.

I see people saying how it's got a lighter footprint. That's not significantly true for the OS but yes Microsoft gutted the GUI, of course it's more light weight. It's not only visual bloat that's been removed... wait until you actually have to do something that they've removed, or dumbed down to the point of being dysfunctional like a lot of the network management. You'll just love the syntax of the command line utility that you will have to use to operate on the list of stored wireless networks, for example.

I could fix you up a light weight OS that runs from a 1.44 Mb floppy disk if you would like. Oh wait, it wouldn't have all the desired functionality.

Firefox reveals new look: rounded rectangles


Re: Something to remember

Yes, it is often distributed like foistware (I do not approve of that tactic, for any software, good or bad), but a lot of people like it. Under the hood, it's very good software. Fast, reliable and relatively self contained.

It's not only foisted on people through bundling, but every time people go to Google they see "Browse the Internet with a faster browser - Google Chrome" (or something to that effect) and they download it and are not sorry.

(I also don't approve of every stinking browser pushing people to make it their default. Many people don't understand the implications of that... that it's the one that's going to come up automatically when web content is launched)

I get people who ask for Google Chrome when I'm setting up their software on a new PC or new Windows installation. I'm only too happy to comply because they'll live happily ever after.

But no, it's not so much because of the user interface. I think most people would agree that it's lame but it also does what most people really need it to do.

I use Chromium myself (Linux)

Coroner suggests cars should block mobile phones


Re: Perhaps

I don't CARE if it makes the road safer, it's not a justifiable action to take. There are many good reasons why someone might need to use a cell phone in a vehicle that have nothing to do with operating a cell phone while driving. There could be 4 other passengers in that car, and any of them may use their phone.

You and your ilk simply do not have the right to judge the reasons why a cell phone call might be necessary. It could be an emergency, or to report an accident, crime or other catastrophe or for other reasons that are important to someone. It may not be safe to stop the car, for whatever reason.

Fortunately those who make decisions will consider the consequences of such a jamming device. You can only legislate safety so far, because the world does need to function.

Netflix, YouTube video killed the BitTorrent star? Duo gobble web traffic


It's because those things WASTE bandwidth. Streaming movies is literally just throwing bits away. I don't allow anyone to do that on my network. (I don't mean youtube, that's mostly just a trickle and the clips are rather finite)

Those "Roku" set top boxes for the TV (that do Netflix and other streaming services) are especially stupid. People don't realize what a waste that is. It's no wonder that most ISPs meter data transfer now. (It used to be practically unheard of here)

Brit spymasters: Cheers, Snowden. Terrorists are overhauling their comms


Re: No dude, it is all YOUR fault.

You pulled the words right out of my arse. Now I don't have to comment. Oh wait... I just did :-)

Another DEVASTATING Chelyabinsk METEOR STRIKE: '7x as likely' as thought


Nowadays, it doesn't matter what it is, experts have concluded that it's umpteen percent more frightening than they thought.

A fearful population is more easily controlled and placated. Yes, yes, the infrastructure is degrading, taxes are going up, your job is gone because some capitalist gave it to someone in India but look on the bright side. You didn't get hit by a meteorite today, even though you were 7 times more likely to.

Indestructible, badass rootkit BadBIOS: Is this tech world's Loch Ness Monster? VOTE NOW


Re: I voted entirely plausible

Well... it's far more feasible to write one or more bytes of data to corrupt the bootstrap routine of a BIOS (CIH/Chernobyl style) than what you are arguing is plausible. (especially not on a diverse scale)

Yes, I too have run into tenacious rootkit backed malware that has given me a run for my money. There's nothing supernatural about that either.

Only a merciful BULLET can really save a RHINO, say Texas hunters


Re: Strange Logic

Americans love their hunting, and in Africa... life of all kinds is cheap, and bartered every day. The bottom line is they want that particular rhino shot anyway. Unless you go there and volunteer, I doubt there's anyone that wants to collect that rhino's sperm :-)

But if expressing your outrage over this makes you feel better that's fine, it's just that those you are admonishing wouldn't be moved by it, even a little.

I mostly agree with what you're saying (and this does seem ludicrous at first thought) but I understand it and it doesn't incense me. I don't personally hunt animals (I have in the past but I choose not to), but in North America it's prevalent and ingrained in people's culture.

On a farm, a serious one that is a business, not a hobby, if you get an animal that's aggressive and doing harm to the others (or it's dangerous to its handlers), you ship it off for slaughter (or just kill it if it has no market value) rather than keep it for breeding.

Scared yet, web devs? Google smears malware warnings over PHP.net


That's why you should just turn silly nannying site ranking/search result checking filters like that off. I don't care if it's that McNorton shit, or AVG, or Google's "phishing and malware protection" in Chromium/Chrome it's the wrong approach. You can't blacklist the whole interent.

That kind of "security" just results in sites that no longer have (or never had) malware serving ads being on the shit list, and sites with malicious content that they don't know about unfiltered. That's most of them. It has always been that way ever since the first "Site Ranker" product. (That McAfee bought)

Checking sites against databases is extra gyration that you don't need, too. I turn stuff like that off wherever it exists.

Deploying Turing to see if we have free will


Re: Stop making me think about sex. It's irrelevant.

... about God: She's black :-)

Microsoft pulls Win 8.1 RT code which upgraded Surface 'slabs into BRICKS


Re: Bricked or somewhat confused.

No, the term "bricked" doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a low level recovery procedure. Some manufacturers anticipate bricking.

In this case though, it's just the embedded OS that's messed up (as is often the case, while low level firmware is still viable) but a user would consider it bricked because they can't recover it by normal means.

For example most "bricked" routers can be recovered with built in routines that allow you a brief opportunity to put a firmware image using tftp. Barring that, they have special communications ports (JTAG) inside that you can solder on to and connect with software and erase buggered firmware and get it to the point where you can upload a new image.

Torrent site isoHunt to close


Re: So...

Yes, that's right. If we can't have search engines that don't meet big media's approval, I want Google, Yahoo and Bing charged with promoting fraudulent goods and services. Moreover, they are directly making money from it, by selling ads and ranking to anyone who will pay.

Microsoft should actually be sued for endorsing fraudulent products, for selling "Microsoft Gold Partner" status to anyone who will pay. It's how those scumbucket registry cleaners and the like are marketed.

Windows 8.1: A bit square, sure, but WAIT! It has a Start button


Re: Just an idea

I think all the Microsoft fanboys that facilitate this crap should just go jump in the river while wearing a straight jacket, so the rest of us can have a better computing environment.

Cannabis can CURE CANCER - cheaply and without getting you high


Re: Good news and bad news

You're either disingenuous, or a victim of believing your own bullshit. You weren't even close to having "emphysema".

I live in a country where a sizable portion of the population uses it routinely. I know people who have smoked it every day for 40+ years and they aren't bedridden and wheezing. In fact I know a lot of people. (and one of them first hand) I am not saying that smoking anything is good for you, but cannabis is not likely to kill you anytime soon.

Cancer is a bit tricky though. If you are susceptible to it, and your immune system doesn't go after cancer cells, you're probably going to get it in some form. You simply cannot say that "stopping smoking" (tobacco or cannabis really) prevented you from getting cancer. You could still have a problem with it in the future, or not. Hopefully not ever.

THC doesn't have to "clear out of your brain cells" either. The THC itself is in fact gone from your body in a few days (most of it in a few hours), what persists in fatty tissues and are excreted slowly are its non pharmacologically active metabolites.

THC binds to receptor sites for chemicals (anandamides) in your brain that have similar molecular structures and properties. Yes, your brain has cannabinoid receptors. It therefore changes your brain chemistry, but regular users' brains simply adapt to it. It doesn't turn people into "nitwits", they already have those traits to begin with.

Yes, it can cause temporary loss of concentration and other cognitive abilities while people are under the influence of it. Less so in chronic users, who will be more likely to be enhanced by relatively small amounts of it than impaired.

Leads to harder drugs? Not in itself. What leads to harder drugs, is having to buy it from illegal sources who also deal in other drugs. It's also a matter of perception. Someone is already using illegal cannabis without serious harm, so it's not much of a stretch to seek out other substances. They are already comfortable defying the establishment and worse... they might think that worse drugs aren't harmful either, since none of the brimstone and fire happened to them.

GTA players get ersatz $0.5m each to make up for delayed hooker-beating fulfilment


Umm, so what? You'll have tens of millions of dollars in no time, just by playing the game and buying investments etc.

You better throw them a bigger bone than that, lest you insult.

Be prepared... to give heathens a badge: UK Scouts open doors to unbelievers


That's like in court, they make us swear on the Bible. (I'm in Canada... I don't know if they do that in the U.K.) It's only symbolic, but to me, that's utterly ridiculous. Do they mean, I'm going to Hell if I lie to the court? Wow, I'm so afraid. A pompous ass wearing a wig not only wields the power to have me clapped in irons, but he just condemned me to eternal damnation. Reminds me of the church. But you just have to accept it, for its neither the time nor place.

If they said something as simple as "you swear on your honour" that would mean more to me than a book, or threats of perjury. (Don't get me wrong... it's not that I would never lie, if I had to, I'd just feel more guilty about it lol. It doesn't feel good to lie, but show me a man who says they'd never do it under any circumstances and I'll either show you a liar or a fool)

But any atheist should know that sometimes you just have to accept some customary speech that's derived from religion. So something like "God" in a pledge can be taken with a grain of salt. The real act of pledging should be on your honour. You'd have to be some kind of an asshole not to celebrate Christmas in some way if you have children growing up in our societies too.

I'm an atheist and I very much dislike religion, but I try not to be one of those people who need to get over themselves and I try to tolerate the customs of others when it does not impose on me.

Web Daddy Berners-Lee DRMs HTML5 into 2016


Re: Over my cold dead browser

Yes it will make a difference. It will mean that we can't compile our own open source web browsers anymore. That may not matter to you, but it certainly does to me.

With the exception of my Windows installation that exists only for commercial games, I refuse to use any software that I can't compile myself, especially not web browsers.

I don't do "DRM" so it doesn't really hurt me in that respect. There's no way I would ever pay for something with such strings attached.

'The NSA set me up,' ex-con Qwest exec claims


Re: the usual "everyone else but me" nonsense from the 1%

So just because a "jury of his peers" (such sanctimonious bullshit) ruled against him, it's the final word according to the lord, your god?

So we can always assume that juries are completely objective and even in that case, that they are not acting on false or misleading evidence? A proper jury will have no choice but to convict, when their decisions are based solely on the evidence presented. The defense cannot even mount a defense.

That's the way the courts work, in that perverted country. It's like a game... even when it's not national security being invoked, if a defense is inadmissible, you're not even allowed to bring it up. So the judge and jury never know about all the circumstances involved. It is like a chicken before egg scenario sometimes. This is illegal, so you can't bring it before the court, therefore you have no defense and are treated like any other criminal and sentenced by the book, with a mandatory minimum penalty even though there really were circumstances to take into account.

WHY didn't Microsoft buy RIM? Us business blokes would have queued for THAT phone


Yes, but Microsoft would be too arrogant to keep and maintain the Blackberry OS. They'd want to open their flaccid sphincter and extrude Windows onto the platform.

Everything that made Blackberries what they are would be gone.

There wouldn't be much point to that acquisition for Microsoft anyway. From their perspective there's no reason to eliminate a failing competitor.


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