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Windows 8.1: Read this BEFORE updating - especially you, IT admins

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Re: So bloody predictable.....

Erm, no I said it MAY be my last visit. I could not be called upon to show my real face and back away from such a challenge. It will be the last forum I visit that contains the usual juvenile anti-MS rants though. I can't be the only person that thinks they're repetitive and unoriginal (and downright boring).

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Re: So bloody predictable.....

It was me, I do have the balls to use my own name. No one made me God, where do I claim that? I'm just giving an honest opinion which I expect will be very unpopular with most readers. This is TERRIBLY boring and so VERY predictable, I'm constantly amazed by anti-MS sentiment when there are plenty of very good alternatives, most of them free. Just use them and stop expending all that energy on moaning about MS, I really don't get it.

Microsoft honcho pleads with media: 'Stop picking on us!'

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Re: Being critical of Microsoft... - comes at a price.

Why should they stop spending on MS? You might not like British Gas as an energy supplier but it's not up to you to tell schools where they get their electricity or who they buy their textbooks from. Having prejudicial ideas about a company does not give you the right to tell public bodies not to engage with them as a supplier.

Have you actually seen the HUGE discounts Microsoft give to educational and non-profit institutions (or compared these discounts to the measly ones offered by many other software companies)? You will no doubt regard this as evidence of their malevolent intentions to indoctrinate our poor helpless children and students but this really is the overwhelming factor in schools making decisions to buy from Microsoft (along with the fact that the the software works very well for them). Most kids are so IT literate these days that what they use at school doesn't really matter. They are perfectly capable of switching to Ubuntu or something similar if they so wish (it took my 9 year old daughter about 20 mins to get familiar with Ubuntu when I installed it on an old laptop for her a couple of weeks ago).

Anyway there will never be any point in trying to convince you of any of this, you already made your mind up on Microsoft many years ago. Belief is the death of intelligence.

Windows 8 has put the world's PC market to sleep - IDC

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Re: Eadon told you so!

Super Hans says only dick heads refer to themselves in the third person. Get over yourself Eadon.

Vietnamese high school kids can pass Google interview

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Re: Nature/nurture: fight!

Actually Feynman’s physics course for undergraduates was the complete opposite of dumbing down. Rather than starting with Newtonian Physics he would first teach freshmen Atomic theory along with statistical mechanics. This would be followed by Quantum theory (including QED). Electromagnetism and Maxwell’s field equations would follow, before (I think) Special / General Relativity were taught. Only then would Feynman cover classical mechanics. This proved too challenging for a large number of Caltech undergraduates - and this was the in 60s & 70s when Caltech was attracting the brightest Physics students in the US. The result was that many undergraduates stopped attending the course only to be replaced by graduate students. Lucky graduate students I say. I would have chopped off my right arm to be taught by the guy – an absolute genius and inspirational teacher. He was also a mean bongo player! The guy was one of the all-time science greats and a pioneer in nanotechnology and Quantum computing.

Beer as I would love to buy Feynman one if he were still around......

Microsoft blasts PC makers: It's YOUR fault Windows 8 crash landed

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Re: Windows 8 FAIL

Eadon I think you need a holiday mate. I can just imagine the steam blowing out you ears every time you see the word Microsoft. You will give yourself a heart attack. I think Windows 8 is crap too but it ain't life and death. Take few deep breaths and chill out......

Drop that can of sweet pop and grab a coffee - for your sanity's sake

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Re: Deadly

Yup it is the specifically the Phosphoric acid in soft drinks that is linked to calcium depletion. The trouble is many studies have also linked caffeine to calcium depletion and Osteoporosis so you can't win really....... Well unless you drink decaf!

The 10 best … Windows Server 2012 features

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Re: Difficult to see

Eadon - as usual your are jumping on anything within a story in an attempt to support your anti-MS, pro Linux stance - even if it doesn't make sense (as evidenced by the VMware comment above).

By all means make arguments but at least be prepared to explain them and back them up with sound reasoning and real information. Otherwise your remarks add nothing useful to the debate.

I use Linux a little but not a lot - I therefore don't think I am qualified to post on most Linux issues, I just don't have the knowledge. I am however well qualified to talk about Windows server. I suspect that the situation is a little different with regard to you - you seem to know very little about Windows server, however you freely comment on how dire it is.

I replied to one of your posts some time ago asking you to explain why Windows Server is not scalable. I'm still waiting for an answer, could you please explain why? Also please back up your remark about frequent reboots, rather than dogma based on what you heard Windows server was like ten years ago. If a sys admin needs to keep rebooting Windows servers it says more about his/her abilities than it does about the OS itself. I know from extensive experience Window Server is rock solid as far as stability and reliability is concerned.

I don't doubt your knowledge of Linux, however I suspect that you make most of your Windows remarks up off the top of your head. You are right about one thing though - Windows 8 really is crap, on that we can agree!

Windows Server 2012: Smarter, stronger, frustrating

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Re: pssssttttttttttt

Eadon - I'm a Windows and VMware Engineer and do not consider myself or any of my colleagues a 'click monkey'. In fact I think I'm pretty knowledgeable and very good at my job as are my Windows colleagues. Using a GUI instead of shell does not mean you are somehow less capable - It amazes me that some Linux enthusiasts still regard themselves as so very superior to us Windows folk. Why do you have to be so condescending and derogatory to your fellow IT pros?

Have you ever actually used Windows Server and been responsible for managing a complex domain environment? Have you seen how well Windows Server can work in an enterprise environment? Granted NT4 was a bit ropey as was 2000 but since then the software has got better with every release. 2008 R2 is fast, secure and extremely reliable. I manage a suite of thousands of Windows servers (mostly VMware VMs) and cannot remember the last time we had a security scare or a BSOD in Windows. The same goes for our Linux Machines actually - very reliable. We actually have more reliability issues with VMware than Windows. Oh, and please tell me why Windows server is not scalable - please do I would love to know.

Difficult to configure? Are you having a laugh? It maybe is difficult if you're incompetent, but not if you know what you're doing. Have you seen the new PowerShell environment in 2012 for example? Do you even know what PowerShell is? FYI - we do write scripts in Windows too you know.

Expensive? Have you seen how much a socket of VMware Enterprise plus costs these days? You can virtualise using 2012 for a fraction of the cost - I accept that the hypervisor functionality is not as good as VMware yet but it is getting better. Any what the f**k is the problem with a business paying for software anyway? Do developers not deserve to earn a wage?

I'm not a MS fan particularly but I have worked with the software for many years and know that it works very, very well. I also like Linux too - the two aren't mutually exclusive you know. Stop slagging off things that you know nothing about and giving your fellow Linux enthusiast a bad name.

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