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Chrome extension blocks political speech on Facebook


Who needs the filter when faceplant is already filtering political crap?

I do sometimes post stuff politically-oriented, mostly because it's something that pissed me off.

Lately (last two weeks?), Facebook has been actively blocking those attempts. So who needs the filter when faceplant is doing it for you? I'm waiting for them to eliminate any negative posts about themselves tbh, I'm surprised they haven't been more proactive about it... Unless they're waiting for the elections to get the right bastard in that'll allow them to do heinous things that before they weren't allowed to do. <_< >_>

Google snags patent on price discrimination


Re: This is evil

Well, you kiddies tend to get buttfvkked and not even realize it, so...

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too


Doesn't this all sound familiar??

Shades of SCo? Using extortion to steal money from others?

First Samsung; then htc, Nokia, Fujitsu?

Like the burb said: next they'll try to flex their patents on fire, and the wheel. And I heard they just patented breathing and the production of CO2...

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