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Evil computers sense you’re in a hurry and mess with your head


Re: Computers are afraid of me...

On wednesday 12 May 1937 the BBC had three cameras and one mobile video unit connected by 8 miles of balanced cable ready to broadcast the coronation of King George VI.

The Marconi-EMI equipment had all just been delivered and set-up the day before, with the television vans only just completed in time for the event. On the day of the coronation it nearly all worked perfectly first time with no problems reported from any of the three camera positions or the engineers being relayed the pictures back at Alexandra Palace. The problem that did arise nearly cost the entire transmission however. Just as the royal procession was nearing the first camera position a dryjoint in the vision relay circuitry in the control truck shorted out and the picture transmission stopped. Bernard Greenhead, who had been responsible for much of the equipment (including its installation and operation on the great day), took a guess at which panel would be the cause of the problem. Giving the offending relay rack a sharp kick with his shoe, the circuit was re-established and with barely three minutes to spare, picture transmission commenced.

From: R.C. Alexander, The Life and Works of Alan Dower Blumlein.

GOOGLE GMAIL ATE MY LINUX: Gobbled email enrages Torvalds


Re: Perhaps Hillary Clinton could offer some useful advice?

You know, that's probably exactly what gmail runs on (:


Did speeding American manhole cover beat Sputnik into space? Top boffin speaks to El Reg


Very interesting story,

but the thing that scared the Americans about Sputnik-1 was that it was bleeping.

Behold: Pluto's huge ICE MOUNTAINS ... and signs of cryovolcanoes?

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Now the hard work starts,

naming all those surface features. Luckily the chance the number of people in the New Horizons team is odd is 50%.

The Great Barrier Relief – Inside London's heavy metal and concrete defence act


Re: great series. when are you getting around to the rest of the planet?

Delta Works and Maeslantkering for a detour?

Apple's chip, firmware security demands behind HomeKit delays


What could possibly go wrong with Apple's super-secure Homekit?

"Siri! turn on, kettle"

.... .... sssssssssssss Bang!

"Siri! turn off, kettle"

"Siri! put water in kettle"

Nooo, not in the smart-socket.

Yes officer, the frontdoor opens if you touch 12345 on your iPhone.

Welkom in Nederland: Laid-back, chilled, and MONITORING everything


Re: change the photo

If you visit the Beemster you will see that "klompen" are the only practical footware in the "polder".

Nice photo BTW.



Re: protruding red chin

Hitachi EX5500-6 mining excavators (Bucket capacity: 29 m³ Power: 2*1044 kW Operating Weight: 522,000 kg) and its little brethren have red chins.

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Uitsmijter


Re: Heavenly...

Old Amsterdam is artificially ripened. If you want to taste Oude Kaas, try

Stompetoren Grand Cru.

Bloke called Rod struck by lightning for second time


Re: What I want to know is...

Knocked down by a bus? The chance to get a fatal road accident on the way to buy a lottery ticket can be 16 times higher than the chance to win the jackpot.

This case was described in Scientific American. People from New York had to buy the lottery tickets in New Jersey.

Microsoft's new mission statement: It's all about doing MAGICAL THINGS


On verbiage

Satya's mail contains 9 times the word more. Never was this comparative used in a comparation. This is IMHO one of the hallmarks of fascistoid verbiage.

BTW Jehovah's Witnesses have to talk on average 5000 hours to win one soul. A.N. Walker converted me to the UNIX environment in a fraction of that time. And Microsoft ™? ... Still trying.

This whopping 16-bit computer processor is being built by hand, transistor by transistor



No, no, no. A real vintage computer uses (hand-wired) relays like the ARRA I

'Stolen' art found on nearby shelf. Police keep looking anyway

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Re: file books etc. by size

The Artis Zoo library in Amsterdam does exactly that. It is the most efficient use of shelf space.

Hackers steal files on 4 million US govt workers


Half a billion for BLOODY BIG telescope in Chile


Re: Schmidt?

That is Brian Schmidt for you not Bernhard Woldemar Schmidt the one-armed opticial genius.

Chinese bloke escapes execution for Forbidden City nude photo shoot


Re: Disgusting!

You didn't obscure 16 (sixteen!) phallic symbols!

It's FREE WINDOWS 10 time: 29 July is D-Day, yells Microsoft


Re: Loving the free upgrade

There is no free lunch. You will at least have to surrender a valid e-mail address to reserve your Microsoft® Windows 10.

The rare metals debate: Only trace elements of sanity found


Re: Future mineral reserve creation

LED lamps contain scarce metals, but only in tiny amounts (fraction of a milligram). Recycling LED lamps for those metals is currently not cost effective.

The paper of Euro notes contain thulium, the second least abundant of the rare earth metals. It is visible as fluorescent fibers under ultraviolet light. I do not know how the notes are recycled, but I do not think they will end up in landfill sites.

'I thought we were pals!' Belgium, Netherlands demand answers from Germany in spy bust-up


WOODEN computer chips reveal humanity's cyber elf future


Re: re re ANFO

Ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) decomposes exothermally at 210 °C in H2O (steam) and N2O (laughing gas). N2O is a better oxidizer than pure oxygen.

So a mixture of ammonium nitrate and organic matter is a powerful explosive. It is however known to explode spontaneously.

N2O in itself is stable. In 1914 Robert H. Goddard patented a rocket apparatus powered by N2O and gasoline.

Google patents DEVIL TOY which will BRAINWASH KIDS


G-Teddy will come with

1) replacable Duracell batteries, lasting 18 hours.

2) non-replacable non-rechargable Li-batteries, lasting 1 year.

3) rechargable batteries, keeps Teddy at 37 °C for 3 hours.

4) exploding lithium-ion battery ⁕.

5) plutonium-238 †.

⁕ only option for G-Dragon.

† only option for G-Alien.

Ex 'Tech City' chief Shields appointed junior Fun minister for internet safety


Re: Ministry of Fun

The Swiss call theirs Eidgenössisches Departement für Verteidigung, Bevölkerungsschutz und Sport or "Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport".

You're going to have stop calling people 'cold fish': THIS one is HOT-BLOODED



"warm-blooded" organisms such as mammals or humans ...

"warm-blooded" organisms such as humans and other mammals ...

Facebook tips India and Pakistan into NUCLEAR WAR of words


$19 billion made from dumped e-waste every year, says UN


Re: Employ people to dig big holes in the ground and bury the metals in layers in the rock.

That is for radioactive waste. We can leave the mining to the political prisoners of future dictators.



Re: How big are these reflective spots? And do we have an El-Reg unit of reflectivity?

The largest has a diameter of just over 10 km or an area of 69000 Olympic swimming pools.

Ceres' visible albedo is 0.090±0.0033, that is pitchblack. Use your favorite graphics editor to compare R/G/B=0/0/0 with R/G/B=23/23/23 to convince yourself. I do not know how white the "white" spots are.

Beer because Ceres was the goddess of grain crops.

Tesla Powerwall: Not much cheaper and also a bit wimpier than existing batteries


Re: Oh...

The irony given the name of the company is that Nikola Tesla was the inventor of polyphase AC and his archrival, Thomas Alva Edison, saw a future with direct current.

Visual Studio running on OS X and Linux for free? SO close

Big Brother

Re: Terms of Use

If you don't want to send your crash dumps to Microsoft, don't install this tool.

So ... apparently Visual Studio Code can not be used while your machine is airgapped.

Welcome, stranger: Inside Microsoft's command line shell


Re: Repetitive, mind-numbing menial tasks are IMPORTANT

It's what stops uppity 2nd-line people from developing ideas above their station.

Bare Windows® gives me the feeling I have a teaspoon to hammer a nail in a wall. UnxUtils is a lifeline, Cygwin a must and WinBatch fun.

BTW after 10000+ day as UNIX-superuser I do not trust anybody with that power, including myself. Cmd.exe is more benign.

Drones to bring DEBT FROM ABOVE in Switzerland


This will fit nicely

with garbage collection by helicopter as I have seen (and heard) in Wallis.

'Hackers racked up $$$$s via the Android Play Store, and Google won't pay me back'


Sue first, ask questions later

Evidently plaintiff Susan Harvey used her Bank of America debet card without checking her account and/or changing her PIN when she found an unauthorized withdrawal.

See https://www.bankofamerica.com/deposits/manage/faq-debit-card.go:

"How is a debit card different from a credit card? You can use a debit card just like a credit card wherever Visa or MasterCard cards are accepted. However, when you use a debit card, the purchase amount is deducted from your Bank of America checking account."

"Where can I use my debit card to inquire about account balances, transfer funds or withdraw cash from my account? You can get these services at any Bank of America ATM across the country and at many ATM networks worldwide. Some services may not be available at non-Bank of America ATMs. Fees may apply for the available services at non-Bank of America ATMs."

Ukraine conflict spilling over into cyber-crime, warns former spy boss


No surprise

Russian intelligence has begun sharing advanced malware developed for cyber-espionage with cyber-criminals.

This will come as no surprise if you have read Bill Browder's book Red Notice or seen http://russian-untouchables.com/eng/.

Strange radio telescope signals came from microwave ovens


@Christian Berger

Almost all radiation leaks away if the microwave oven is turned on while it is empty. This can be shown with a 6 cm ø wireloop, a Ge-diode and an mA-meter.

UN negotiations menaced by topless women. Or not


Re: Or maybe, just maybe...

A Roman emperor once held a banquet with 300 creamcovered virgins to lick off for dessert.

Silence is golden: Charlie Chaplin's The Tramp is 100 today


How it was done.

Chaplin was an obsessive perfectionist. Sometimes it took over a hundred retakes before he was satisfied with the result.

Charlie Chaplin demanded 'City Lights' co-star to do 342 retakes of one scene.

Chaplin Directing City Lights (1931)

Popular crypto app uses single-byte XOR and nowt else, hacker says


Re: Everything after the first 128 bytes remains untouched.

May be it is wiser to leave the first ten bytes untouched and encrypt the remainer. In that way it is possible to hide a needle in a heap of needles.

Are you sure there are servers in this cold, dark basement?


Re: The funniest I've seen...

@Robert Helpmann??

The bid to lay the cable ducts for the broadband fiber network in Belgium was initially awarded to to the lowest bidder. The snag was they thought to speed things up by not fitting watertight sockets between the sections of the cable ducts.

Boffins: Large Hadron Collider NOW movin', we're getting down and crush groovin'


Re: Are we all doomed?

@X 7

On april 30 1937 Westinghouse celebrated the completion of the huge structure of the 200" Hale telescope. At the occasion Albert Einstein asked Rein Kroon, the chief egineer, What happens if somebody makes a mistake in manufacturing?. Kroon answered We build it over again. Whereupon Einstein said My work is much simpler. When I make a mistake I just tear up the paper I wrote on.

Dino-boffins discover ancient, TOOTHY-CLAWED, four-eyed MONSTER LOBSTER


Pictures or it did not happen

Boffins at work


The artist impression of Yawunik kootenayi


Easy come, easy go: Euro astroboffins blast brace of Galileo sats INTO SPAAACE


Re: how much Galileo will cost

@John Tserkezis

The budget for the period 2014-2020 is 7071 million Euros in current prices. That is less than 2 Euros p.p. p.a.

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits

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Re: Obligatory Dilbert

Regular application of dental floss at the intended body parts by all exhibitors will do even more to attract me to a trade show than high-heeled ladies.

By the way, extravagant shoes are not banned by RSA security conference new dress code.

Dutch companies try warming homes with cloud servers


Re: next up - hosted AirCons

The Dutch heating season starts around September 1 and ends at May 1. In mild winters as we have had here for the last few years only limited home heating in the evening is required. Summer heatwaves occur, but are the exception. So a server/heater at home running 7/24 is no option.

However I enjoy unlimited tapwater at 60 °C heated by Eneco's district heating. HPC with hot water cooling can be one of the sources.

Boffins bothered by EU prez's proposed science funding cut


Re: Where do I vote?

The appointment of all Commissioners, including the President (Jean-Claude Juncker 2014-2019), is subject to the approval of the European Parliament. In office, they remain accountable to European Parliament, which has sole power to dismiss the Commission.

Directly elected by EU voters every 5 years, members of the European Parliament represent the people.


On a positive note

"Given that the EU does not recognise the illegal annexation of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol, under the terms of the Horizon 2020 Association Agreement with Ukraine, legal persons established in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea or the city of Sevastopol are not eligible to participate. Should the illegal annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol end, the Agreement will be revised accordingly."


Amazon issued with licence for delivery drone madness

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Re: VLOS only

There are enough situations where delivery by drone with visual line-of-sight will be economically viable. Think the farm at the end of a dirt track, a mountain hut, a ship or an island or just any disaster zone.

Pi(e) Day of the Century is upon us! Time to celebrate 3/14/15 in style, surely?


The proper value of pi

From Notes by an Oxford Chiel by Lewis Carroll, The new method of evaluation as applied to π.

In the early treatizes on this subject, the mean value assigned to π will be found to be 40.000000. Later writers suspected that the decimal point had been accidentally shifted, and that the proper value was 400.00000.

Forget viruses: Evil USB drive 'fries laptops with a power surge'


Re: -110V?

A Tesla-coil? 7kV AC out, for a starter.


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