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What's that PARASITE wriggling inside my browser?


No, it is not a PARASITE

Caenorhabditis elegans, including the Australian strains, are free-living non-parasitic roundworms.

Boffins build billion-synapse, three-watt 'brain'


@Kwabena Boahen: "you have to know how the brain works to program one of these"

The whole point of neural networks is that you do not have to program them.

You just train them to give the right response.


KILLER SPONGES menacing California coastline


Re: A nasty way to go

Not if the sponges start with eating the little brains. They are the tasty bits.

IBM Hursley Park: Where Big Blue buries the past, polishes family jewels


Re: IBM's skeletons in the basement

May be the museum should show a realistic waxwork of an engineer oiling

the IBM machinery at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

IBM's German branch, the Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen Gesellshaft, was deeply involved in the running of the Nazi bureaucracy consuming 1500 million punch cards a year.

Read "IBM and the holocaust" by Edwin Black.

We dig into the GTech GDrive Mobile ... and watch WORST tear-down vid OF ALL TIME

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Re: Worst take-apart video on the web.

Every demolisher knows there is always a hidden screw under the label, because the warranty is void if you remove or damage the label.

BTW I always use a blunt Stanley knife to open the box. It is safer and more effective than a screwdriver.

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiyGVvA6KfU if you want to see blood.

Tornado-chasing stealth Batmobile set to invade killer vortices


Dorothy has no spoilers, so she will feel the full upward Bernouilli force of the tornado.

5 Eyes in the Sky: The TRUTH about Flight MH370 and SPOOKSATS


One picture is no picture

Looking at mh370_satellite_image.jpg and especially a version generated with 3 iterations of cvErode(), the feature seems to be a freak wave. Only by comparing the image with scores of sumultaneous images of the surrounding ocean is a conclusion possible.

Don't be shy, we know you've got .NET code. Why not run it on our Linux cloud – Red Hat



It is a widespread misconception that C# and .NET is a Microsoft® thing.

These are ECMA-International standards (ECMA-334 C# Language Specification and ECMA-335 Common Language Infrastructure).

Due to this we have mono-project.com and xamarin.com (love it).

Ms is, as you might imagine, one of the currently twelve voting members of ECMA-International.

Ethernet boffins get ready to kick off 400G development


What use?

Short distance 400G bps Ethernet may be useful for CERN, the Square Kilometer Array or have a roll as the backbone of a supercomputer. 'Normal' hardware cannot feed a connection like this.

In broadcast facilities underground tunnels with hundreds of parallel optical fibers are used. There is nothing wrong with that.

Dropbox erects sueball shield with new T&C and privacy legalese

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Paid alternative

@ James 51

One.com's Cloud Drive is fine for me.

Curiosity now going BACKWARDS


Re: Was it made in France?

I remember there was a French car (Citroën Traction Avante?) where the custom was to drive up a steep hill in reverse because the transmission of the reverse drive was lower than the first gear.

French youth faces court for illegal drone flight

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Excellent advertisement by Nans Thomas, co-founder of GOLOX in Nancy, France.

You can hire their drones from http://www.golox.fr/beta/drone/, but you have to fly them yourself.

Help! Apple has snaffled the WHOLE WORLD'S supply of sapphire glass



There is a historical precedent when Peter Dollond bought all the flint glass of optical quality that was available in the late 1700s.

Facebook adds 50+ gender options: Stalking your 'Friends' just got more LGBT-friendly


@ Semaj

Let us not forget FB will USE the gender info. That is why there is no textbox.

NYPD dons Google tech specs: Part man. Part machine. All Glasshole


Re: Coming soon, privacy masks

Makeup to fool face recognition is effective, at least against the native OpenCV cvHaarDetectObjects().

Examples: http://www.geekosystem.com/anti-facial-recognition/, http://cvdazzle.com/.

James Dyson plans ROBOT ARMY to take over the world


Re: Ironing?

One of the little pleasures in life is to put on a DIY ironed shirt while it still hot, out of sight of CCTV of course.

Mass domain hijack leaves Reg reader angry with 123-Reg


Re: What do you expect

LOL. From http://www.webfusion.co.uk/web-hosting/: Telephone support Mon - Fri, 9am - 7pm.

Forget ski-jumping – Russians setting records in Sochi visitor hacking



Jeffrey Carr's "Inside Cyber Warfare" may be a little outdated. His Fig 13.1 gives Kaspersky figures on malware distribution by OS (2009?).

FreeBSD Total: 43 Trojans: 0

OSX Total: 48 Trojans: 11

Linux Total: 1898 Trojans: 88

Windows Total: 2247659 Trojans: 1232798

Unmanned, autonomous ROBOT TRUCK CONVOY 'drives though town'


I would be impressed if the autonomous convoy drove through downtown Peshawar and passed the Khyber Pass.

BTW no need for IEDs, a scarecrow or a bunch of strategically placed cardbord schoolchildren will stop the convoy. And a large mirror can confuse the ladar.

Rosetta comet chaser due to wake up for final rendezvous on Monday


Re: Poor little comet

Björn J.R. Davidssona and Pedro J. Gutiérrez find that the semi-major axis of the nucleus Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is close to 2.5 km, the nucleus axis ratio is approximately 1.4. An upper limit on the nucleus bulk density of 600 kg m³ is suggested.

Pervy TOILET CAMERA disguised as 'flash drive' sparks BOMB SCARE on Boeing 767



'they were bussed to the airport's terminal C where they were fed'

The obvious motive was to avoid the stuff that is served on board.

Time travellers outsmart the NSA


A timehonoured interpretation

'They focussed on mentions of Comet ISON, and Pope Francis'

There is no need for time travellers. Just interpret the prophecies of Michel Nostradamus (1503-1566) in the "correct" way.

El Reg's contraptions confessional no.5: The Sinclair Sovereign


Re: Came after the HP-25, so?

I bought my HP-25 in august 1975, the year it was launched (pun not intended).

The HP-25 was the first affordable programable calculator with floating point and scientific display, trigoniometric functions in degrees, radians and grads, statistical functions and much more.

Never returned the Service Card. Still going strong with new Ni-Cd cells.

Click here to beat David Cameron's web porn ban


Re: Doesn't bypass BT Parental Controls

http://goawaycameron.co.uk/ should be Open Source and have the option to download a tar-ball with the source code. Do not trust this if it communicates with a unknown site or any site for that matter.

ITU signs off network spec for personal medical devices


@ AC 2013-12-23 01:16 GMT

... costs are lower OR ... is cheaper

Parents can hide abortion, contraception advice from kids, thanks to BT's SEX-ED web block


And I want

a filter that blocks all sites stating that pi equals 4, except http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2xYjiL8yyE

and all sites asserting that Stalin was a bankrobber and all sites asserting that Stalin has never been a bankrobber.

Cryptolocker copycat ransomware emerges – but an antidote is possible


Re: Money. Can someone tell me why it's transferred? ...And where's the NSA when actually needed?

@:obHib 'The big card companies, M/C, Visa etc. had absolutely no trouble screwing WikiLeaks by not allowing them to be paid.'

At the height of this so called screwing of WikiLeaks my state owned Dutch bank had no problem whatsoever handling my humble contibution to WikiLeaks.

Recommendations for private cloud software...



The simple business model of One.com allows you to create a virtually unlimited number of CloudDrives with single or double encryption at the drop of a hat for an extremely low flat fee.

The only negative comment I can make about One.com is that the Earth spins clockwise in their promo-video.

KILO-MACH SONIC BOOM probed in fireball embers of 1572AD SUPERNOVA


not so fast

The cited Mach number refers to the shock velocity over the velocity of sound in a shirt-sleeve atmosphere and has nothing to do with the sound- or Alfven- velocity in the hot collisionless magnetoplasma of Tycho's SNR

How the W3C met its Waterloo at the Do Not Track vote showdown


Re: Any server / browser?

http://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_uri finds errors and flags warnings in a large fraction of webpages. Browsers have now 'learned' to handle almost all of them gracefully. Most errors have nothing to do with targeting specific browsers, but are the result of sloppy programming.

Even many homepages of HTML code generators like quackit.com contain errors (in this case 197 Errors, 89 warnings).

Mine is the one with valid-html40.png in the pocket.

Ricoh Theta 360˚ camera: Point and click immersive imaging


Re: 3584 x 1792 pixels

The full-res picture of the Ricoh Theta is 3584 pixels wide. 20/20 human vision has a acuity of 1 arcminute, 21600 "pixel" pairs in 360°.

BTW a poor man's way to take a 360° picture is photographing a Xmas ball. It works quite well in fact.

Classic telly FX tech: How the Tardis flew before the CGI era


Re: one-inch C Format tape

The main advantage of the C-machines over the BCN-recorders which we used before - and after - that was that the C-Format allowed single frame recording.

Your kids' chances of becoming programmers? ZERO


Re: Mmmh, punch cards

Therefore I used to draw diagonal lines with a marker pen over the deck of cards. In fact I still do this with unbound piles of paper.

Turn the sheets upside down, make all edges visible by repeated bending, put waste paper underneat, draw two oblique lines with a pencil.


Re: Mmmh, punch cards

Therefore I used to draw diagonal lines with a marker pen over the deck of cards. In fact I still do this with unbound piles of paper.

Turn the sheets upside down, make all edges visible by repeated bending, put waste paper underneat, draw two oblique lines with a pencil.

Can't stand the heat? Harden up if you want COLD, DELICIOUS BEER


Explanation of the Mpemba effect

There is an alternative explanation for the Mpemba effect.

The thermal conductivity of water ice is two orders of magnitude smaller than that of a typical metal. So if the hot sample is capable of melting a frost layer on the cooling surface of even a few hundred microns (which is almost always there) and the cold sample remains isolated by a frost layer, the result may be the Mpemba effect.

Switzerland to set up 'Swiss cloud' free of NSA, GCHQ snooping (it hopes)


Re: land of cuckoo clocks and fine chocolate

Switzerland is accommodating 924 million tourists a year (2008, estimated) and the earnings from the export of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is over 3½ times that of watches.

Have you reinstalled Windows yet? No, I just want to PRINT THIS DAMN PAGE

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Re: obOfficeSpace


Fishery administration officers use axes and hammers to destroy confiscated electric fishing equipment on the banks of Hanjiang River in Wuhan, Hubei province, China April 1, 2013 by lack of printers. ©REUTERS/Stringer

Cisco: We'll open-source our H.264 video code AND foot licensing bill



In the mean time the hot issue in the broadcast world is HEVC a.k.a. ITU-T H.265

or MPEG-H Part 2 (ISO/IEC 23008-2). See: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/04/11/feature_wtf_is_h265_hevc/

and/or google "H.265-HEVC-Overview.pdf".

This codec will supersede H.264 in a few years time, just like H.264 superseded MPEG-2.

Toshiba brings out terabyte laptop drive (yes), miracle enterprise-grade TLC



Toshiba(*) specifies "MTTF of 600,000 Hours" for their MQ01ABD100 (1000G in 69.85x100.0x9.5 mm) and "Reliability: Load/Unload 600,000 times" for their new MQ02ABF100 (1000G in 69.85x100.0x7.0 mm).

Spot the difference.

(*) pronounced with the stress on the second syllable.

A steam punk VDU ?


Re: Machina Cryptologica

For an illustation of the device go to



Machina Cryptologica

Ah, a steampunk VDU. That is the Machina Cryptologica of Athanasius Kircher S.J., described in his book Magnes, sive arte magnetica (The Magnet or the Magnetic Art), Cologne 1643.

See "Athanasius Kircher, The Last Man Who Knew Everything" by Paula Findlen (ed.), Figure 11.1.

Can you trust 'NSA-proof' TrueCrypt? Cough up some dough and find out

Black Helicopters


Building TrueCrypt from the tarball TrueCrypt_7.1a_Source.tar.gz comes with several requirements inter alia:

RSA Security Inc. PKCS #11 Cryptographic Token Interface (Cryptoki) 2.20 header files (available at ftp://ftp.rsasecurity.com/pub/pkcs/pkcs-11/v2-20).

An audit should take this into account. BTW FTP is blocked by my firewall by default.

Google: Now your mom will try to sell you toilet paper


Re: you might see an ad for a nearby restaurant along with your friend's favorable review

If one or more of my friends-in-the-Google-sense has had a meeting with Staphylococcus aureus in that nice restaurant around the corner, this new "service" of Google would only give me the +1s ....

New Terminator-style 'bots can self-assemble, leap, climb and SWARM


Robots vs. Humans

The talking heads in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aZbJS6LZbs (1108797 views) are not lipsync.

The M-Block robots in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOqjFa4RskA (76731 views) are, well, just cubes.

So the (fascinating) image and sound are OK.

TWELFTH-CENTURY TARDIS turns up in Ethiopia


RE: 106 BBC programmes have been unearthed

The BCC apparently has 106 40+ year old videotapes labeled "Dr Who".

If they can find equipment to run the tapes - The Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe may be a good start -, the tapes may well turn out to be unplayable and/or disintegrate at the first attempt to digitise them.

Conservation of magnetic tape is a serious problem. According to Sarah Everts

(New Scientist, 24 Aug 2013) some 200 million hours of culturally valuable audiovisual content is in danger of disappearing entirely.

May be we should equate digitising analog videotapes with baking Babylonian clay

tablets by accidental fire which conserved them for millennia.

Dutch oven overcooked in World Solar Challenge


@Richard Wharram RE: "vapor-driven vessel of low-countries origin"

Something like



Down with Unicode! Why 16 bits per character is a right pain in the ASCII


Re: The historical accident of little-endian

Arabic text is written right-to-left, but numbers are written left-to-right

in the opposite direction of the script (Teach yourself Arabic by J.R. Smart, page 33).

Leaked docs: NSA 'Follow the money' team slurped BANK records, CREDIT CARD data


Re: More proof

Osama bin Laden was not a goat farmer.

The bin Laden family made $5 billion in the construction industry, of which Osama later inherited around $25-30 million.

Upvoted you anyway.


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