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Windows Phone 8 must be Microsoft's priority one, two AND three

What do you mean "What Backup?"

Re: fix Windows 8 by making the Metro interface optional

But your missing the point. It helps mitigate the problem but doesn't solve the metro headache.

Its all well and nice to say put this on your computer and it will fix the problem.

My main point is you shouldn't have too. There should be no need to bung an add-on into windows to make windows function more like windows. Plus regardless of how good they make it... its not a replacement for the proper start button.

Rightclick doesn't work on some of them - drag and drop doesn't - pinning items doesn't - it may look similar but you end up with less functionality than should be there by rights from microsoft for their software.

Seeing as I need to know it for what I do - I shoveled an unaltered win8 on my desktop at home. No start button for me... but when I sit my wife down and say here... I want to try something... go ahead and do what you normally do on your computer on here... and she got stuck after being able to get on facebook and that's about it... doesn't bode to well for non savvy consumers who expect an extension of functionality... not a completely reflowed interface.

I'm guessing at some point MS will offer some sort of control to change it... but it should have been in there in the first place. Upon first fireup by a consumer - DO YOU WISH TO USE THE STANDARD INTERFACE OR THE NEW TOUCH INTERFACE Y/N (At any point you can go into the control panel and select personalize and choose to switch at any point in time by selecting Setup for touch - or Setup for standard)

Then maybe toss in hybrid mode for those that want the Windows 8 Experiance?


Apple wins second round of Samsung patent slugfest

What do you mean "What Backup?"

Car Analogies?

Car analogies don't work unless your talking about two cars that look similar from different manufacturers "and" the insides are the same (seats, position and shape of all the buttons, location of badging...)

I have a 97 saab 9000 aero (best car I ever had... helps it has 4 doors and a trunk so I could squeeze it by the wifes very strict set of rules about our family car)

It is a shared platform car with Fiat... (ala wiki - Saab designed the 9000 as part of the Type Four platform in conjunction with the Italian automaker Fiat Automobiles. Fiat retailed similar derivative versions as the more basic Fiat Croma, the luxury-themed Lancia Thema, and the sports-oriented Alfa Romeo 164)

If I were to hop into a Lancia and the seats were the same... buttons were the same... engine was the same... suspension was the same... feel was the same... location of everything was as identical that they could get... I would assume SAAB would have taken exception to the partnership with Fiat.

Its the reverse of what everyone argues...

How a phone looks matters sure... but its the experiance and workability of android vs ios that is the main issue... not the rectangle with rounded corners crap that people seem to pick as the lowest common denominator...

Car manufacturers share parts and platforms to reduce cost but put alot of effort into making it unique on the inside and under the hood where it matters... where this whole phone thing is more about co*ck blocking each other WITH WHATEVER PATENTS THEY CAN to prevent other companies from aping each other to the point that the experiance is so similar as to eliminate that differentiation.

Sure cars may look the same... but none of them "Feel" the same... if that was the case I'm sure things in the auto industry would be different.

As for android vs iOS - I've had and am on my forth android phone... (G1 - Wouldn't stay connected to the data network - HTC Magic+ -Small and underpowered... even after bothering to root it and put a cut down rom on... but serviceable till it got run over by a car - Acer Liquid MT - great little phone with a nice screen but the only rom I liked with it was MIUI (which incidentally while being one of the most popular mods... is a complete iOS clone and sadly due to the fragmentation of internals.. never did get DATA to work so went back to a stripped acer factory rom) and now on a Samsung Galaxy Note... Nice phone... I'm sick of rooting and rom-ing though... and luckily even though its quirky as hell... it still seems a fairly decent piece of kit if a bit on the too large size) prior to those I had a Samsung Blackjack 2 (nice phone... too bad it was a piece of junk due to audio issues) and a little Win6.1 phone I can't remeber the name of but worked a treat till the battery died)

The battle is about user experiance... (this is why companies force their touchwiz, HTC Sense and crap down peoples throats... without that... it's just an android phone with someone elses' badge on it. *shrug*

I'm sure I'm missing lots of things but eh... I'm working on a sunday... and frankly can't be bothered to think to hard.


Ten 15in notebooks for under 400 quid

What do you mean "What Backup?"

Re: Wait for Windows 8

Sorry about the spelling mistakes in my previous post... hungover on a long weekend sunday doesn't lead to very good typing skills.

What do you mean "What Backup?"

Re: Wait for Windows 8

None can run windows 8? Guess all the people running windows 8 RC et al on current hardware now are being fooled by microsoft's humorus integration of their blatent rip off of a bad copy of windowsblinds.

As for the rest... sounds more like a personal list of what you would like in a cheapie laptop rather than looking at the reality that school starts soon/has started and promising your son or daughter you can have a laptop for school when DDR4 and faster graphics come in it doesn't help them get their LOLCATS pics uploaded... I mean... homework and assignments done.

You need to balance estimated workload vs budget vs needs with currently available stock/quality old stock instead of waiting for "The Next Big Thing"

To put it in perspective... would DDR4 fire up word that much faster from the cheapest sourced 5400rpm drive found in most of these laptops in this range... would 10% faster grapfics render a PDF of your course outline enough to benifit waiting.

Does your kid going off for a course in nursing require the latest and greatest ram type and graphics available?... Would a student going into CAD/CAM engineering look at one of these machines (doubt it) How about a chef's course... will Ivy Bridge help prep a steak better than an older Core 2 (probably not... the Core 2 has a bit more selection for weighty laptops to help ternderize the meat quicker and better heat for quicker searing time.)

You pick the machine for the task - and pick one that interfaces with you well... doesn't matter how awesome the machine is if the input feels like crap, your productivity and comfort will suffer... someone mentioned WPM/Comfort typing/Keyboard Flex and Feel... often a seriously overlooked item when dealing with laptops.

Make sure it has enough oomph for the job at hand and for the forseeable future (remember most courses are 2-5 years and a 350 dollar laptop every couple of years costs more than spending 500 on something decent that will last 3 or 4 years)

And if your more interested in what you want... go buy what you want and pass down what you currently use. I doubt most kids care about i3 vs i5 vs AMD... it doesn't make the beer taste any better and regardless what intel says... i5 will not get you laid any quicker than having an i3. (Tested with my wife and my mistress plus random polling at the pub by asking some of the known overly friendly ladies)

* as a side note... looks/money/free drinks all ranked much higher than processor type and SSD vs HDD was dropped as a question all together after the most common answer was "its alright luv... I've been tested and I'm clean but its kinda rude to ask."

What do you mean "What Backup?"
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Higher Quality Kit For Cheap

I also agree about the second hand laptop for kidlets going off to school. Given the condition of the machines that come through the door of our shop for emergency repair work through the school year on the weekend.

Better yet - make the kids pay for the machine and repairs out of their own money cause chances are your going to slop down the better part of tuition and boarding for them anyways.

Pick up something like an old stock or refurbished Acer TimelineX or Thinkpad X200 series on the cheap - toss in the cheapest SSD you can get your hands on, pick up a handflul of the back to school thumbdrives that float around for next to nothing and you'll have a fairly strong runner that you (or they) won't have to worry too much about.

Plus with a slighly older laptop you have a good idea of relability over time - tons of reviews - known bugs/design flaws - compaitibility with certain things.

If going to school is anything like back when I went - its all about the drinking and the ladies anyways then bashing out homework at a coffee shop on the morning it is due through the haze of a hangover or best case while still drunk.



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