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Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing


keep it traditional

I would order one with some nice strips of roast beast and a tantalizing dollop of mushroom gravy baked to perfection.

Tesla vs Media again as Model S craps out on journo - on the highway


how come no one ever mentions the $ to charge these cars

I do love to hear they can drive past the filling stations with a smile but you never seem to hear how much it costs to charge one of these, or any, electric car up. It would be nice to have a comparision similar to L/100km allowing the fool, I mean individual who is thinking of purchasing one. Even the dual fuel gas or Disel / electric only mention L/100km and neglect to mention the cost to recharge the batteries as if electricity was free.


LOHAN rolls out racy rocketry round-up


battery disconnect from heater

Risking a pattent lawsuit from Apple, find an old Apple computer and take the magnetic power coupler out of it along with tail to the wall wart.

This should provide a fairly easy disconnect for the batteries from the heating unit.

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