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Apple wants to buy Formula 1 car firm McLaren – report


Stalled fruit?

Gee, the world's greatest inventors (of cases) can't hack it with all their engineering "talent" ? DIDDUMS

Microsoft wins landmark Irish data slurp warrant case against the US


Re: this ain't over yet

Ignoramus - you must be a yank.

Fact: Huawei now outspends Apple on R&D


Sure, true R&D is more expensive than simply re-packaging other deasigners technology.

Watch it again: SpaceX's boomerang rocket lands on robo-sea-barge


What's the betting it is about as re-usable as the Boeing 777 from MH17?

Ding-dong, reality calling: iPhone slump is not Apple's doom


Re: Revenues

Something IS rotten in the fruity company - fact is that they have no ideas that will set the US fanbois queuing at the store - absolutely nothing.

Colander-wearing Irishman denied driver's licence in Pastafarian slapdown


Re: Obviously a parody

Not forgetting chatty Salamanders. Many religions have prospered by a little suave rewriting of the rules. Constantine, King Jim and Joe Smith spring to mind, the gospel according to pasta is in the offing. Furthermore, many accepted religions allow the cloth of conviction to be displayed When and Where the devoted followers so choose. To be true to the cause of passage along the enlightened path of "al dente" the humble but blessed colander is fitting garb.

Apple's largest UK reseller Jigsaw24 is for sale


The prudent sale period is well past.

Apple have run out of "big ideas" and with the Chinese manufacturers direct assault on the smartphone (and what is left of the tablet) market already underway, it is more than a bit late for Apple retailers to bail out.

Burn all the coal, oil – No danger of sea level rise this century from Antarctic ice melt


Re: All modeling is rubbish

Because "baa, baa baa"


Re: Someone tell the government then

CO2 is a benign, odourless, tasteless and colourless gas that IS essential to life on earth. but by all means accept the delusion that a fraction or a percentile will wreak havoc - why not? All the other sheeple have.

Deluded Aussie geeks hail Turnbull's elevation to prime minister


Re: I was going write someting meaningful, but

What is the point? The liars have the floor, the roof and everything in between. And the great unwashed have proven their status. The prefer to be lied to along with the sheeple of the USA and UK... glad I live elsewhere these days...


Turnbull IS dedicated but...

NOT to the welfare of anyone, let alone geeks UNLESS it aligns with his sole purpose and that is wealth and power for MT.

Honor 7 – heir apparent to the mid-range Android crown


Win 10 Version?

This spec phone in Win 10 would get my vote - Rock On...

New South Wales to create Ministry of Truth


When i see the myth of CAGW at the top of the list, I will take notice.

Are you a Tory-voting IT contractor? Congrats! Osborne is hiking your taxes


Smart 100% legal solution to high income tax domicile

Simple solution, get you next contract them move offshore - LEGALLY - for at least 6 months per year..

We are currently hiring in the Enterprise Solutions space, after 6 months orientation/probation in Europe, the successful candidate can move to the country of their choice.

Ballmer's billion-dollar blunders: When he gambled Microsoft's money and lost


Getting rid of Ballmer was a necessary move, pity for their investors it didn't happen a lot earlier..

Apple BIGGER than the U.S. ECONOMY? Or Australia? Or ... Luxembourg?




Now Obama seeks China's help to halt alleged Nork HACK ATTACKS


The "little "o" " slimes up to his "new best fwend"

Microsoft now licensing Windows by the user, across multiple devices


Still showing their greed and "we once were kings" feet of clay.

Big hint you do NOT have the hearts and minds of a growing market share anymore.. And as long as you treat the customer like YOUR software serfs you will continue to slide towards oblivion

big tip it is customers you want, NOT devices so have just one price platform irrespective of what the client is using it on without any SmartArse restrictions like "screen size under.nxn" - or continue with proving your dinosaur status...

Zuckerberg bombshell: Man married to Chinese woman speaks Chinese in China


It makes it simple for ignoramuses to understand, Chinese food is basically 3-4 dishes and comes in funny paper boxes, Asian people all look the same and Chinese language is all one dialect but pronounced differently depending on whether you come from north south east or west like 'merica , SunTzu is all you need to know about Chinese stratagems,

there all done


ha ha he he Inscrutable

his extended family must be laughing their titsoff.



Nokia's Trojan Horse

I think the Finnish PM needs look no further than the dire warning, "Beware Greeks bearing gifts"...



Maybe all the bendy iphones were first placed in a microwave to " charge them up"?

Whatever, fun to see the fruity firm squirm for a change instead of basking in the glow of thier adoring fanbois..

iPhone 6: Most exquisite MOBILE? No. It is the Most Exquisite THING. EVER


I think the majority of your "thick skin" lies between your ears.. good grief!

JINGS! Microsoft Bing called Scots indyref RIGHT!


bing? Forget the beast from Redmond, bookmakers are already paying out on "NO"

'Windows 9' LEAK: Microsoft's playing catchup with Linux




Let me know when Linux runs all my apps on every Form Factor

NO TIME to read Facebook? Delegate the task to your FUTURE SELF


I have never found ANYTHING useful to read on FB but one time a mother of one of my students sent me a picture of herself sunbathing topless on a Thai beach - that was interesting (and consequential)..

Google forges a Silver bullet for Android, aims it at Samsung's heart

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Since Android (like iOS) is built on Unix it is perfectly feasible for Samsung to make or commission their own "Samdroid" and sideline Google altogether.

Barmy Army to get Wi-Fi to the seat for cricket's Ashes


Remember to keep your laughing gear in place for the first test

Also remember when the Olympic shine dims - you poms will be back to being the worlds easybeats....

Microsoft burgled, only the APPLE iPADS stolen - cops confirm


Receivers of stolen goods prefer Apple....

This story only goes to prove that thieves and criminal fences prefer to steal for the Orchard...

El Reg man: Too bad, China - I was RIGHT about hoarding rare earths

Thumb Up


I have often said to anyone who will listen OR NOT, that China is NOT a very smart "country" and I hold that opinion because, unlike many other PC commentators, I have actually been there in person on many occasions purchasing Apple Juice Concentrate amongst other stuff like negotiating to install ultra secure wireless LAN's.

Personally, I find their businessmen to be collectively quite stupid.

Simply cheap and aggressive but disorganised and dumb overall.. Hence my "Great Wall of China" the dumbest ever civil engineering project and "Sun Tzu vs. Machiavelli" = No Contest syndromes ... anyhow, I enjoyed this article on Rare Earths, it made me chuckle nah - a big , hearty belly laugh actually..

Tim the 100% NON PC guy..

Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech


The question is not "did Samsung copy Apple"

The real question that Velvin made a conscious decision to overlook is this;

"Does the iPhone constitute innovation under the Patent Rules?

The answer to that is an equivocal - NO!

In short, how can you "copy" something that was already copied or is a feature that anyone with a modicum of intelligence would have come up with?


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