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Will you strap on a Google KitKat 4.4 smartwatch this month?

Alex Future

Re: personal medical monitor....

I was about to say the same. It's pretty obvious this is gonna be Apples "innovative" approach to their watch, a ton of sensors for the runners, cyclists, health freaks and other already Apple branded hipsters.

It's frustrating watching the rest of the corporations running around developing simple wrist extensions of there existing tech and wondering why no ones interested.

We hardly ordered any stock! Yet here we are again with ANOTHER PC MOUNTAIN

Alex Future


What a mess.

Seagate drops new summer spinners, bares 'quiet', 'fast' models

Alex Future

Disk fly boss walk spin nitty-gritty...

....but are we listening to the boy from the big bad city?

Sony KD-84X9005 84in ultra-HD TV review

Alex Future


My gaming rig would go nicely with this.

Ice core shows Antarctic Peninsula warming is nothing unusual

Alex Future

Bang Pa-In

Disappointng attitudes and irresponsible comments here from my peers whom should understand an uncertain future and dangers of not having a backup solution in place.

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