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FAA speeds up drone flight approvals for firms that don't need them


Re: When a drone's a model....

WOW! Unlimited altitude under 7 kg?

Suppose I am flying at 160 knots and a 6 kg drone hits my windshield - I'm dead.

There is no currently deployed technology capable of protecting manned aircraft from drones. You can't see them until it's too late.

Thanks, FAA, for being cautious about allowing drones in our airspace. Birds are hazard enough as it is.


Internode's Hackett to fly new jet around the world


Re: A Pussy Boy's Plane

Don't be ridiculous. Are you an instrument-rated pilot with a turbine type certificate? If not, you have no idea how much skill and training that requires. I'm a long time pilot and he has my respect for that.

You are either a pilot or a passenger. The former requires skill and guts. The latter only requires money.



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