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Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges


This is what happens when there is no accountability on the part of the police

Yes some evil characters called in a fake threat.

That is not what killed the innocent unarmed man who did nothing wrong.

Trigger happy police who are all jacked up on power and control & just want to kill somebody did it.

The police "officer" that shot him was in no way in danger, they were nice and safely far away watching him and pointing a rifle at him.

The real crime here is that NOTHING is going to happen to the actual murderer (the police shooter) or his stupid boss or the whole stupid clown circus of them.

So it will happen again and again because if you can just gun people down and never be called into account for it, no matter how much killing you do, then why would you ever care.

If some nutjob can make a crank call from half a continent away and you and your supposed "police" show up and murder (yes I said MURDER) an innocent unarmed man in the middle of the night for NO good reason, then that police force should all be looking for new jobs the next day.

Then if your society refuses to act against those killer police and simply lets them go about their business with no accountability for those that did the killing, they can't claim any moral outrage next time someone decides if they are going to be killed anyways, they might as well take a few of the "police" with them.

The whole issue of "Gun laws" and also the amount of guilt the hoax callers share is besides the main point.

There is an epidemic in the USA of Police feeling above the law and just shooting anyone they want.


All through the house, not a creature was stirring... especially Samsung smartwatches: Batteries empty at 3AM


My experience was this happens even on the charger

In my experience, this happened with the S2 watch actually on the charger all night long, it was actually off and showing 0 battery in the morning (despite the full charge indicator being shown when last checked at night)

My morning routine is a bit busy at it is, I should just be able to pull the watch off the charger and call it a day without having to turn it off before bed and turn it on again in the morning.


So that's why my phone was dead in the morning

I was wondering why a couple mornings in the row my watch was suddenly showing 0 battery and was off.

The interesting thing is that if I put it on the charger for a few minutes, it would only show like 10% but would then last all day.


Screwed SAP salesman scores $660,000 jury award


Worst of the Worst... Oracle or SAP... Depends on the day

I guess SAP is working hard to mimic any new way Oracle figures out for screwing over customers or employees.


Sync your teeth into power browser Vivaldi's largest update so far


Perhaps tell them we want to pay them?

I don't know why either they don't know or never get told but we actually would like to pay them.

I'd be happy to fork over probably something in the $10 to $20 per year as a donation if they could make sure I got a version of the browser where I was the actual customer not the product.

If they claim to be happy with making $1 per year from me as the product... how about they take my offer to make 10x that with me as the customer instead?

I think there is a HUGE market right now from the tech savy folks for a browser, email client and e-mail provider as well as a search provider that doesn't use you as the product to sell all your data.

I think if they advertised it right & set the price decently, they would get plenty of income.


Make Facebook, Twitter, Google et al liable for daft garbage netizens post online – US Senator


Without the ability to be Anonymous, you cannot have free speech

In order to have the ability for free speech and the ability to freely discuss topics, you have to have anonymity or you will find that nobody can safely discuss anything but the most mundane of topics.

The social media companies want to push "Verified" in a big way because like facebook, they use that to then directly invade your privacy and sell you individually to the highest bidder.

In addition with the rise of endless data storage, people are being attacked and pilloried for discussions decades earlier and applying modern hysteria over words or assumed insults to vastly different times.

We are fast becoming a much better version of 1984 than ever imagined.

Today people are attacked and the mobs of group think try to destroy the lives of people simply for having possibly at one time said a word when discussing it as part of a list of words that should not be said as they could be hurtful.

Now imagine if you had to say only what would not get you in trouble for the next 80 years across a wide variety of places and cultures, and worry about fanatics who vilify even talking about the things that should not be talked about.

Without anonymity, you won't be able to survive and have intelligent meaningful discussions about important social or cultural or historical matters.

What also if your government takes a dim view of being criticized and would like to skim through social media to determine anyone not speaking in favour of the government?

The "Social Media" empires are happy to let people say how much they hate the current president of the USA... but did you happen to notice they seem to be also perfectly happy to fall in line with Chinese censors without so much as a protest? When the stick gets big enough, they will turn on their users and side with the Government to eliminate dissent.


Another German state plans switch back from Linux to Windows


Short sighted idiots

If you look at how much you are going to be forking over to Microsoft over the next 20 years (at their nice ever increasing rate), you could budget 1/4th of that to pay for competent programmers to write the software that you want the way you want it to run under Linux & once it's OpenSource, then it gets a lot easier to have the community help with bugfixes and security patches etc.


President Trump broke US Constitution with Twitter bans – judge


A ruling full of holes that will go nowhere

This ruling is full of so many holes it won't stand up for long.

In any "Public" real life forum, trouble makers are promptly ejected or not allowed in without any issues being raised.

So if the same judge or anybody else in the government have a website or twitter account or anything that allows commenting, do they have to leave it open to be overrun by every troll in the entire planet?

Stupid decision that is entirely politically motivated and won't stand up for long.


Android devs prepare to hit pause on ads amid Google GDPR chaos


"Personalized ads" another rip off

The whole idea of "Personalized ads" is yet another rip off that the people selling the "advertising" space foist on the companies trying to pay to get people to take notice of them.

Pretty much without fail I get "Personalized" ads for things that I have just bought and will most likely not buy again for many years.

Totally random things would be far more likely to actually provoke a bit of interest.


If you're a Fedora fanboi, this latest release might break your heart a little


The problem with the Nvidia cards is the 10xx series

The current generation Nvidia GeForce cards such as the 10xx series (such as 1080Ti etc) will give some installations (Like Linux Mint 18.3) fits & black screens.

Since, I didn't get around to reading how to fix the issue properly, I put in an older Nvidia card, do the install, then load the Nvidia drivers, then swap the card back in, sometimes it fails & I have to remove & do it over, but then it usually works fine.


Furious gunwoman opens fire at YouTube HQ, three people shot


Re: Of all places

You had to put in the current liberal hate object of the AR-15 which is completely wrong.

She did not use this "bad evil AR-15" you speak of.

California already has more gun control rules (most of them stupid) than most of the Democrats wildest dreams.

If you go to a gun store in another state to buy a gun with California identification, they will most likely deny your purchase.


What the @#$%&!? Microsoft bans nudity, swearing in Skype, emails, Office 365 docs


About that utopian dream of all your data in the "cloud"

So Microsoft goes on about how you don't need your own data on your own servers & computer, just trust it all to our magic "cloud" that will always be there for you.

Until apparently you post something that some corporate shill doesn't like and they lock you out of all your data, contacts & anything else they can.

The things they claim will get your account and all your data deleted include some perfectly legal things (at least in countries that still respect freedom of speech and expression).

They claim they will "only act if it's reported" but by who?... Somebody doesn't like your point of view and you are suddenly "reported"..

Did you say something Microsoft didn't like? Is someone in Microsoft using their position to go after political or ideological opponents?

Did they get paid by some political party to find ways to "vanish" their rivals? They take great care to specifically NOT give any information.

Seems the more time goes forward the more it starts looking possible that the future may resemble the very many dystopian science fiction movies with a few big corporations ruling the world & making the rules with the governments not as important.

The apologists will go on about "they are not the government so they don't have to respect your civil / speech rights"... yet the corporations are the first in like to demand they get "corporate free speech" rights and all the other rights for individuals, applied to them.


UK data watchdog's inaugural tech strategy was written with... *drumroll* Word 2010


Office 2010 is sometimes preferred over the later versions

Office 2010 is sometimes a bit better behaving than the later versions.

I'm not sure I'd really suggest upgrading from 2010 office unless you had a reason to do so.

Personally I prefer to run Office 2010 myself over the later versions which seem to run endlessly slower on ever faster hardware.


Microsoft's Windows 10 Workstation adds killer feature: No Candy Crush


Going to hit AMD and Xeon desktop users hard

So if you got a nice new AMD or Xeon workstation with more than 4 cores and are running Windows 10.... Is it suddenly going to stop working or stop letting you use most of your cores after the next update?

All those trumpeting how great Windows 10 is have no idea how much Microsoft plans to squeeze every last drop of money and monetary value out of you from their new ever changing ever more expensive ever more intrusive spy OS.


We already give up our privacy to use phones, why not with cars too?


Because what you really want are extra driver distractions

I'm not getting any car with this "advertising" garbage on it, I'll just drive older and older cars if I have to.

I get exceptionally angry when stupid advertisements start popping up on things suddenly & it makes me not want to use them.

Suddenly my cell phone wants to put ads in my voice mail or pay a fee to remove them??? I already pay a ton for the service, take a hike.

Waze used to just have little add icons, now it tries to pop up full screen overlay adds all the time if just on the phone.. because that's what I want to look at while driving.

I don't want my car to bother me with "things that might interest me", that's a good way to go straight to the junk yard.


Pope wants journalism like the Catholic church wants child sex abuse probes: Slow, aimless...


Pot should really keep quiet regarding the kettle

It's a bit too much to listen to him go on about the evils that "fake news" causes.

Perhaps he is forgetting the Millions over the past near 1500 years that the organization he heads caused to be killed, tortured, abused based on their interpretation of concepts that cannot be proven or disproven.

It's not like the Russian trolls are literally burning people at the stake or literally torturing them.

Pretty sure Russian internet trolls have not yet been proven to be part of a vast cover up for child abuse.

One could also add that various things his organization pushes still cause ongoing harm and distress to many, in excess of what "fake news" could ever be.

When you have actual skeletons in the closet..... Huge amounts of them.....


Ubuntu 17.10 pulled: Linux OS knackers laptop BIOSes, Intel kernel driver fingered


The Intel Driver bug is possibly a bit more present than Intel lets on.

I have had several Dell branded laptops unexpectedly become totally unresponsive (apart from the power button lighting up) while installing the Windows 10 Creators or Windows 10 Creators Fall updates, right after the new drivers were downloaded from Microsoft.

A couple were able to be salvaged by leaving the system battery unplugged and the CMOS battery unplugged for an extended period of time (a bit hard when the batteries are deep inside the units), others never recovered at all.

So it's not just a Linux thing, I'm pretty sure the same buggy drivers were present in Windows 10, but got removed quickly and without any public mention.


Spy-on-your-home Y-Cam cameras removes free cloud storage bit


Re: It has movement detection

It does have movement / motion detection and you can configure the movement zones and sensitivity for each camera.

It's a great feature as setting the recordings to on movement only lets you quickly jump to where something happened when remotely browsing over the recordings list, so even if you don't know the exact time, you just pick whatever movement time might be close and jump to see that.


Re: What Linux software do you use for recording events of the camera feed ?

For the Ubiquity cameras I got, ubiquity offers a pretty nice little free Linux software package that both manages the cameras, provides live feed and provides the recording / storage features, as well as providing remote viewing capability via web browser or using the cell phone app.

You can view both the live feed and the recordings remotely, which is nice to see if a package actually got attempted delivery or not while you are out.

I run it on Linux Mint 18.2 (since it's based of the Ubuntu version they recommend).


Stuff like this is why I went with a host it yourself camera system

I was recently doing some cameras for my house, and wanted simple live streaming and event recording.

I was actually looking at the Y-Cam along with several others and then decided instead to go with Ubiquity as while it was not quite as all singing and dancing as the others, you can simply boot up a Linux* box in your home, install the free software, configure the network and done, all under your control and nobody to jack up prices or force subscriptions or sell on your information / footage to others.

I think eventually after being burned a few times, the more do it yourself inclined people may start to realize that if you buy something that requires other "cloud" services to run, you'll be paying eventually or replacing it or both, so there will be more of a market for stuff you control locally.

*It will run on Windows, but if you want something with 24/7 uptime for a couple years that's not going to reboot itself or hassle you for various stuff, Linux is a great option.


Microsoft president says the world needs a digital Geneva Convention


Typical pass the blame for bad design

Yet another self serving line of PR garbage. Take the last sentence:

"90 per cent of attacks begin with someone clicking on an email... We need to protect people from their bad habits," he noted. ®"

How about you don't make products that can be totally hijacked by opening up an e-mail or viewing a web page.

Calling garbage insecure design from the get go people's bad habits is a bit self serving.

Asking people nicely to please not hack into your insecure products is about the same as asking the burglars to please not open your door and walk out with all your stuff because a good lock is too hard to make or replace.


Samsung shows off Linux desktops on Galaxy smartmobes


I hope they actually release it soon, it was one of the reasons I just ordered the DEX


Oh, Google. You really are spoiling us: Docs block cockup chalks up yet another apology


New "Feature" activated too early

The block message given to the users of the documents, didn't sound anything like what their lame explanation was later on.

More likely they are putting in place some new "Feature" to block anything they don't like and documents with opinions they don't agree with (Perhaps like criticisms of Google, or unflattering information on their favoured political candidates).

It probably accidentally activated when they were setting it up & started blocking documents based on their new censorship policy which is not yet ready for roll out.

Backup anything you have on Google that you care about to something they can't touch or be prepared to have it taken away at a moment's notice.

Same as all the rest of these "cloud" and "Social" companies, they want to get you hooked talking about great freedoms and lack of cost, but are happy to arbitrarily lock you out of everything with almost no recourse or explanation anytime they feel like it because "terms of service" or "private corporation" type BS. Accountability is apparently only for smaller groups like national governments.


AWS to Windows devs: Come out of the dark, into the Lightsail


Re: Behind their 'paywall'

Now the cycle has come back around and the "Cloud" is the new "mainframe"

Basically all your stuff on somebody else's computers that you pay for remote access to.

There is however a significant possibility of issues if eventually 3 mega corporations have the bulk of everyone's data and the bulk of the servers & just about the only people still employed who know how to run larger IT setups are working for them...

Turning the screws hard because well you don't have your data, you don't have your servers, you can't easily buy servers anymore, and you can't find anyone left with experience to run them (because you fired them all so nobody else bothered)... your friendly global mega corporations would never abuse their near monopoly over computing power in a concerted way to make more money now would they?


Oracle VP: 'We want the next decade to be Java first, Java always'


So about that suing Google over "Java" kind of sort of thing?

So they are saying they are being attacked with a sudden spasm of being good and such?

Perhaps maybe they should end that whole suing Google thing if they expect anyone to believe them.

There was also that Java installer installing features that you owed them money for if you ever used... any news on that?


Ah, good ol' Windows update cycles... Wait, before anything else, check your hardware


Sponsored = don't bother reading

Pretty much just straight marketing drivel.


Behold iOS 11, an entirely new computer platform from Apple


Re: Innovation? We've heard of it

I'd bet if you wrote an OS for the phone in machine language customized to the exact CPU set & hardware in the unit & took out most of the GUI stuff and had your applications written in assembly with no extra linked libraries of stuff they don't need, you would see your phone work faster than you could imagine.

However, you'd have almost no apps as it's a bit hard to copy/paste your way to working programs in assembly or machine language.

There was an article a few years back about a company building some car sensors / displays based on a very stripped down & hardware customized version of Linux, getting sub second power on till fully working & accepting input / displaying results times.

Then for extra points you could always try for the compressed self relocating machine code type programming.


Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is hot, but not much more than the S8+


Apple vs. Android, you really get similar update lengths

I've had Androids for a long time and Had the Note 3 (still in use by a friend), the Note 4 (also in use by a friend) as well as the S7 Edge and the Note 8. All of the Samsung ones (sprint/ATT/Tmobile) seem to get a bit over 2 years of software updates & patches, usually till about the 3 year mark.

Many of my friends / family have the Apple iPhones, and while they say you can upgrade their software anytime, in reality if your phone is 3 to 4 years old and you try to put the latest iOS on it, you pretty much brick the phone into an unusable blob of waiting.... waiting...

So in the end if you want to keep with the latest software from either Google or Apple, you pretty much ned a new phone every 3 to 4 years, or just leave the software where it is and the phone can go on.

The Note 8 camera is way better than the Note 4 camera.

The always on function of the screen is really nice to have once you set it up as you like it.


Homeland Security drops the hammer on Kaspersky Lab with preemptive ban


Payback for exposing state sponsored malware

It's a pretty plain and simple case of political payback for having unmasked state sponsored malware a few too many times.


Pennsylvania cops deploy electronics sniffer dog to catch child abusers


Good luck at any self respecting BOFH's home

That may work for some people, but the dog may get a bit worn out when they get to a house that has 15 years of discarded storage devices under every couch, cabinet, desk drawer and in every other odd place conceivable.

Not to mention if you wanted to actually mess them up, just grind up old CDs & storage devices and bolster your attic & wall insulation and your couch stuffing & your garden.


FBI probing Uber over use of 'Hell' spyware to track rival biz Lyft


Uber - All of your evil are belong to us

It seems Uber is determined to be the most evil corporation possible & every day they invent new evil to do because the previous evil wasn't evil enough.

The next time some Capitalist Utopian is blathering on about how the government shouldn't be interfering with corporations, and all that BS... you could just reply:... Uber....

History seems to be repeating itself and we are going back to the late 1800s with the robber barons, trusts and mega industrialists of those days and the eventual laws that got put in place to keep them in check.

The current batch of Technocrats are all pushing the limits of evil (Oracle is already into the pay us to work for us range of evil), and eventually it will once again cause public revolt & the politicians that looked the other way will come out in favour of big legislation to be seen to be fixing the problem (that they allowed in the first place). Politicians want that cash first but eventually get scared of being voted out of office (which would make them not able to get those sweet "contributions").


Sonos will deny updates to those who snub rewritten privacy terms


Nobody want to just sell you something without spying on you forever

Unfortunately it seems these days all the hardware & software vendors seem to have gone to the same idiot school of business and now refuse to just sell you products anymore and be happy with getting your money.

They now all seem to think that in addition to getting your money they also should be able to spy on you forever and ever more intrusively and sell off any data they can get about you to somebody else.

On top of that they all don't want to give you any option but that it seems.

This is why Open Source software and hardware that is compatible with it, as well as hardware that is NOT software defined is important. Not to mention all the "software driven" stuff is way slower.

I have a nice older Flat screen TV from right before they went software everything, it turns on near instantly, the menus are near instant, input changes are immediate, no ability to spy on me, or disable any features, or shove ads in my face.

A far cry from the "please wait" that the new TVs seem to want to do when booting up, or the slow as anything menus. But you get bonus spyware with the new TVs, that you pay for!


HMS Queen Lizzie impugned by cheeky Scot's drone landing


Common sense to not take it very seriously

When you have your huge armoured ship sitting in the shipyards still being built, it's probably best to just ignore hobbyists flying little drones around.

Just about 0 chance of them causing any damage and it's not like the pictures they will take are of any real use (after all anybody that matters probably already hacked into the design servers & downloaded the blueprints a long time ago).

That's not to say you couldn't use them as free test targets to improve EM jamming and hijacking techniques. Just oops your drone went into the sea... shame...

In actual hostile environments your battleships and aircraft carriers are going to be way out of the reach of small drones, so anything big enough to get to them is probably big enough to be a threat and those would warrant getting dispatched quickly which is not hard to do if you are Tier 1 or 2 and your enemies are Tier 8 and 9

What I could see being a lot more fun is the military using mini "fighter drones" doing drone combat duty for practice and a little sport. Nets, blocks, sticky stuff, ramming speed all fun and good. But probably just Hijack them or EM disrupt them. And of course.... Lasers....

Now that the Armed forces in the USA have the green light to take out any drones they like... fun and games for everyone.


Can the last person watching desktop video please turn out the light?


As usual, everybody loves to predict the death of the desktop

As usual people seem to love predicting the death of the desktop for headlines.

What is more correct is that more devices are able to stream videos as the hardware to do so has become cheaper and smaller, so now people watch on whatever they like, their Desktop PC, their laptop, an Amazon FireTV stick on their TV, their phone etc, or for many households, all of the above at the same time.


When 'Saving The Internet' means 'Saving Crony Capitalism'


The problem is to the greatest extent with lying greedy cable & telephone companies

The cable and telephone companies like to try to spread this lie that somehow the content providers are not "paying their share" it is pretty much a fat lie.

The reason the internet is popular is because there are places to go to, things to do and the like.

One of the great problems with the Telco stock crash of 2000/2001 in the USA was that there was not enough content available to bring in enough users of that content to be willing to pay enough to build out the infrastructure.

Now there is plenty of content, plenty of demand and lots of users. However the cable and telephone companies are stuck in the past, refusing to innovate and desperately trying to cling to the old monopoly model of doing the least for the most possible billing to both sides when you can get away with it. Matched with the standard "customer service" that is it's own hell where you can't cancel, change or get any help with anything other than "give us even more money forever".

What we need is more of a clean sweep of the laws that the cable and telephone companies have put in place to restrict competition and force them to properly open up, tell the truth to their customers & stop blocking better service.

If you want good internet then the first thing we need is true competition.

That means NO laws restricting cities / counties / governments / companies / organizations from setting up internet service for anyone anywhere.

Require service providers to actually list to the customer how much bandwidth they have total at each point in their network and at max load of all their subscribers online, how much bandwidth would be available to each subscriber from each point.

Require sign up and cancellation of services to be equally as quick and be able to be done without pressure and in a straight forward manner online as well as over the telephone.

Require exact price listings for exactly how much data you will be allowed to use at a base bundled price & how much additional data costs & legislate that the additional data costs must closely match the price that it actually costs the carrier.

Require data service to be offered without the need to bundle any other services & each added service must be listed as a separate option on the bill & removing or adding one cannot change the price of the others. Each service must be easily cancelled without pressure or delay or other

Legislate that the customer can use their data however they want at full speed and it is unlawful to artificially slow down, restrict or hinder lawful data traffic.

Now it would be perfectly fine for the cable and telephone companies to make deals with content providers to provide faster access by co-locating cache servers inside their own network etc., as well as providing the option to bundle extra content provider subscriptions with your bill if you wish to do so (much as Amazon and Hulu let you add other pay channels as well), they could even make providers that they co-locate servers for not count towards data usage as long as it is done in an open transparent manner and does not restrict choice and cancelling or adding services is quick and easy both online & over the phone without hindrance.


Former GCHQ boss backs end-to-end encryption


Nice to hear someone in the know actually say the truth

It's a nice for a change to have somebody who was indisputably in the know say the actual sane truth about the whole encryption thing.

I would not be surprised if the actual intelligence agencies know from top to bottom the politicians are idiots and their plans are stupid, but they don't mind the politicians beating the drums about it, just so long as there is seen to be a struggle back and forth and then the tech utopians win the day and everybody feels safe and private & secure. Meanwhile the state funded intelligence agencies have endless ways to get what they want & enjoy people feeling so secure with their encryption apps that they let their guards down.


Tick-tick... boom: Germany gives social media giants 24 hours to tear down hate speech


Politicians care more about speech they don't like than stopping terrorists.

After quite a number of countries have proven their utter inability to keep tabs on known radicals who are potential terrorists, claiming something about lack of resources or such, those same countries seem to have unlimited resources to hunt online for anyone who says anything that makes certain "protected classes" of people feel uncomfortable.

In Germany for example where in many cities women don't feel safe to be out alone at night, there are enough spare resources to go kicking in the doors of anyone posting about their dislike of a more recent religion to come out of the middle east. (but it's fine to rail against some other religions more common in Germany).

It seems what politicians really care about is making sure nobody says anything that the politicians deem is not the correct ideas. (Usually based on whatever small group whines the loudest).


Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES


Most likely the Civilian version can be built to order being slightly better for a specific purpose than the Military version, or built to the same specifications if desired.

In addition, you could probably load more specialized / more precise ammunition yourself also.

You'll find in the Extreme long range shooting world, at least in the USA & Canada, the military is usually following what has been tried and proved by the civilian target shooters, then adapted to fit the specific mission requirements for the purchase contract. (Much the same as a target shooter may exactly specify what they want on the build of their rifle, down to barrel/stock/action & trigger type etc.)


Hitting a man sized target at 1000 yards is consistently repeatable with a the standard NATO 7.62 / .308 round using a variety of ammunition if you have a good rifle/scope and have a good shooting position.

If you move up to the .338 it becomes a near you can't miss unless you do something wrong.

If you have solid prone shooting station and have the rifle/scope setup right & have the correct elevation/windage dialed in, then just about anyone who can shoot without jerking and hold it steady could hit a man sized target at 1000 yards with minimal training.


Equipment is the easy part, the skill to do it in a combat situation is the amazing part.

There are several various calibers dedicated to precision shooting out to the 2 mile + range.

The .50 BMG is probably actually the hardest to get on target, with the .408 and .375 rounds being a bit easier.

The recoil isn't going to be too bad, it all depends on the setup of your rifle

(A .50 with a suppressor will feel like a nice stiff mule kick, vs. with a tank style muzzle break, it's downright pleasant. )

Getting the hits on a target of the type that might shoot back or move, when you are in a combat zone & don't have all day to walk your shots in, is where the true skill comes in.

It seems the Canadian snipers do tend to excel at some of the really long range stuff.

Shooting at 1000m ranges with steel targets, is a very Zen like experience, where once you send it, you have time to reload and then relax and such before the sound of the hit makes it's way back to you.

It's a great science doing all the computations for arc angles, maximum rise height, speed at the different locations during flight, stability through the transonic range and all that, plus bullet design stabilization vs not being able to correct etc. Nice little tricks like being able to hit someone behind a hill or barrier etc depending on the arc and all that fun. Or shooting over something to hit something directly but much further behind it.

On a 2 way range, it's way harder & those Canadians have some amazing skills & probably tons of practice. ( $10k scopes with $20k rangefinders & even more expensive doppler wind measurement devices, do help cut down the amount of rounds it takes to get on target by a huge amount).

As equipment gets better shots get longer, these days 1000m is pretty much the entry for saying you are a long range target shooter, with most of the boasting being done just inside the 1500m to 2000m range and the experimenters hitting the side of a barn at 3000m and 4000m


Two leading ladies of Europe warn that internet regulation is coming


Such backwards logic it could only come from polticians

So blame the terror attacks on "free internet"


Terrorists were supposedly all already known to the authorities

Terrorists had previously been reported to police for being potential terrorists

Terrorists had been under surveillance but the authorities couldn't be bothered to keep it up?

Some Terrorists were even confronted by the police waving ISIS flags in public

Some Terrorists recently traveled to known failed states that are hotbeds of radicals & then were allowed back in freely.

Some Terrorists were even featured on documentaries about radicals

So... apparently government control of the internet will fix the problem when the government won't do anything about somebody practically going around with a "I am going to do bad things" caption over their head?

Supposedly this whole global spying and invading everyone's privacy was to "protect" us?

It seems the logical thing is to leave things alone, continue with the spying & you know actually go nab the people enjoying all the Jihad stuff (no need to worry about encryption, all you need is who they are talking to and that's easy, just ask the NSA).

If you know there are these Jihadi propaganda videos up online... see who is watching them, commenting on them, sharing them and watching a whole bunch of them... then go pay them a visit.

But apparently the authorities have time to follow up on online comments the local Muslim community finds distressing.

Sounds much more like the governments have hated the free internet for a long time and "global war on terror" or "terrorism" or "Public safety" or "The children" is pretty much any cover story to get what they really want. Then they will go on ignoring real threats as usual and stamping out political or social ideas they feel uncomfortable with.


You know this net neutrality thing? Well, people really love it


Don't expect any change

I would not expect there will be much change in policy anytime soon.

The big companies in favour of Net Neutrality pretty much all did their utmost to help the party that ended up loosing the election with their campaigns.

The winner has a historical penchant for getting back at those who try to hurt him & help his opponent.

I'm pretty sure the cable companies & telcos are fairly confident things will go their way for some time to come.

Interesting things however could happen because of this, you might see Google actually building their own ISP again or some other group start breaking into the internet delivery scene.


Init freedom declared as systemd-free Devuan hits stable 1.0.0 status


Just in time for the holiday weekend, so I'll have plenty of time to configure a fresh install.


Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped


You can still amaze the younger set with good MP3 files on low cost equipment

You can get quite good quality sound with MP3 files if you use high data rates & have at least something resembling a proper speaker. There is a huge difference between that and what most people think of as "music" in MP3s or other compressed streams these days.

I have a really cheap sound system on my main PC, an older SoundBlaster card, 2 M-Audio M3-8 speakers & basic cables hooked up.

I encoded my CD collection to MP3 files with 320k constant bitrate.

I have my audio settings tuned exactly the opposite of most of the young of today, in that the bass is turned down a bit and the high range is turned up more, which I prefer since I have very good hearing at high frequency ranges.

So I'll invite friends from the younger set over and play them some of the music they are familiar with, and their reaction is wonderment and surprise & saying something about "I never knew all those sounds were in that song", or something about they could actually hear more than one vocal.

Sadly however it never makes them actually want to give up listening to their music almost exclusively on their cell phone on little tinny earbuds with the bass cranked up to the max.


MP3 'died' and nobody noticed: Key patents expire on golden oldie tech


Such Blatantly wrong headlines, MP3 is NOT dead, it's just now FREE

All these headlines about "MP3 is dead" are so blatantly stupid.

the MP3 format is NOT "dead", it is now Free, as in free of patents & greedy licence corporations trying to extract ever more money. If anything this will make sure it lives on for a very long time.

There are better formats, some free, many that require payment, but MP3 is one of the most widely inter operable audio formats that produces decent enough sound quality for most people.

Yes the institute shut down their licencing program for MP3 as they legally can't charge you any money for it any more.

This is the whole point of the balance between allowing patents & making sure they have an expiration date. All human knowledge is built on the back of previous knowledge, so while you make sure that people can get profit and incentive from their inventions, eventually it becomes free to use and other people can use it & build on it from there, much like the original inventor did. It also gives the inventors an incentive to go out and make more new stuff & not just stop there.


systemd-free Devuan Linux hits RC2


Couldn't they just use an older version of the Cinnamon Desktop interface?

The Cinnamon Desktop interface worked fine before SystemD in the older versions of Linux Mint.

I would think that simply using an older version of it would work fine in the packages?


Intel's Optane in PCs is as good as it will get for years, says analyst


Kind of pointless given the CPU requirements

If you are going to be spending the money on a latest (7th gen) model CPU then you probably have money in the budget for a good NVMe M.2 SSD (or at least a good SATA SSD).

The Hybrid unit idea is a re-hash from a couple years ago, and offers all the same pitfalls as previously.

Sluggish performance once you start doing anything requiring large amounts of read / write

Buggy when using "alternative" OSes, but probably works okay with Windows 10

Spinning HDD pulling more power

Spinning HDD likely to die if it gets dropped

Cost savings of maybe $100?

Not worth it.


TVs are now tablet computers without a touchscreen


Enjoy your Slow Buggy Spy TV, I'll stick with a good old fashioned Dumb TV

Quite a number of years ago, I purchased a very nice Sharp standard Flatscreen TV.

It still works very well and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Here are just a few advantages the standard TV has over the new "Smart TVs"

Press power on from a cold start & it's ready almost instantly... no waiting for the OS to boot

Doesn't spy on me so somebody else can sell my personal information for extra dirty cash

Can't be hacked by whatever spy agency to watch me since well it wouldn't work

Can't get infected by ransomware or malicious applications

Can't get hacked over WiFi or the internet

The menu is simple & very fast for the limited things it needs to do

Is not always trying to "upgrade" itself when I want it to do what I want

No stinking software "licence agreements" BS

Seems to actually have a better picture display than most of the sub $1k SmartTVs I see on display.

Eventually a 4K TV would be nice, but considering actual 4K content is a DRM infested nightmare even if you actually have the bandwidth from your crappy US monopoly based supplier (which I don't). replacing it is not high on my agenda.

I have it hooked up to various computing devices which feed it the signals I want the way I want from the sources I want and all works very well.


systemd-free Devuan Linux hits version 1.0.0


Re: Sleeping with dogs will not give you fleas

Yes, thanks to the wonders of modern veterinary medicine the dogs have been sleeping on the same bed as me for years & there has been no insect problems whatsoever.

Tip: If you like having the dogs sleep on the bed with you, get a large square bed, so whatever angle you get pushed into, your head and feet are still on the bed.


While Facebook reinvents Sadville, we still dream of flying cars


Re: Video calls?

I actually know lots of people (myself included) with friends / family in other cities / states / countries that do video calling on mobile phones using Skype.

Basically just as easy to use as doing a voice call and more fun then texting when you have time for a quick chat.

Virtual spaces are great for when you want to anonymously let your freak flag fly with other like minded adults who would also prefer to stay anonymous & safe while engaging in ones preferred fantasy.

So NOT a facebook run virtual space then...




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