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Visual Studio 2012: 50 Shades of Grey by Microsoft

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Re: "Microsoft’s all-encompassing IDE loser"

Show you a better IDE? How about Eclipse for a start. While it is dependent on Java it is non the less a class A tool that can be adapted for most modern development needs. From single lone developers right up the scale to sprawling shops that need all the trimmings. It supports in it's variance a multitude of languages on a multitude of platforms.

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I just all feels so flat and I cannot really find any other word to sum it up. Just does not feel like a UI I can be productive within. No visual hints that draw the eye and so forth. Seemingly MS does indeed believe the world is flat! Maybe someone spiked the cool aid in the UI/Design section at the MS with any hope the trip they are on will wear off soon................

Pint cos it eases the pain.


Clarke tags new RuggedCom vuln



Honestly an undocumented account in this day and age? They must be keen on committees to decide features over @rugged as it certainly sounds like a committee decision. As for the hard-coded RSA key........

Fact is you should not be losing the info that allows you to manage such expensive high-reliance devices, store it securely ffs. Best working practise anyone? .....Guess not especially when you produce smart grid management devices.

Imagine that meeting when the idea got forced on the programmers

Manager1: Hey 5% of our customers have needed help regaining control of our devices over the last financial year. It's costing us to much to provide support to them.

Manager2: How about a super uber secret backdoor to allow them to regain control without having to contact us for support? Thus lowering our support costs even though our parent company *cough* prides it's self on being a service orientated provider of many technologies.

Manager3: Is that unsafe? An attackvectorthingymajig?

Manager1: No

manager2: Ok.....(bleet bleet)

Manager3: Ok.....(bleet bleet)

Manager1: Done for the day gents. I'm off for some steak and strippers on the company coin!


Boffins zapped '2,000 bugs' from Curiosity's 2 MILLION lines of code

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Re: Well, well, well.

Suck it?

Err thanks but no thanks my American cousin. I prefer my daily semen intake to be free of Cafinee, Fat & Prozac.

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Assange granted asylum by Ecuador after US refused to rule out charges

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Re: Way out

What stops them is the fact that he cannot leave that ground floor apartment without being arrested. The rest of the block is not part of the embassy. Any air traffic around that area will be watched closely. But he would never make it to a helicopter before being arrested. Oh and where out in the middle of International waters would you propose that Learjet lands? Last time I checked LJ do not make seaplanes.

Look the fact is the Swedish police wish to question him. He had more than a fair hearing in many differing courts of the UK Justice system and they have ruled that he must be sent to Sweden to face up to the legal process there. He's trying to dodge that by breaking his UK bail conditions...he's made himself a criminal here. His work with wiki-leaks does not auto magically make him exempt from legal process of Sovereign states.

It's funny hearing that Tinpot central American leader start banging the colonial drums in regards to the UK. Maybe he's forgotten that the US, Spain and the Porta-Gease where the main players in his shit strip of the world! Funny that as he also does not mind selling them cheap oil for trade favours & a blind eye to his crimes ;-) Mean while all Julians fans are crying about us threatening their Sovereignty to recover someone who has broken UK law. Protip: Asylum is not their to provide a get out of jail free card

The nature of Swedish due process requires him to be within Swedish borders so they cannot and will not interview him in the UK. The Swedes also cannot promise he won't be extradited as they cannot be sure the US won't present clear evidence that would lead to him being put on trial at some point in the future & such a promise would fly of face of good Diplomacy.

Face it. His numbers up either way. He has to go to Sweden to get that matter resolved come good or bad result for him. The US are still investigating Wiki leaks at this point in regards to who played what role with manning etc. If Julian thinks being granted protection by a small nation state will stop the US if they do find evidence to charge him with then he is dreaming that he did not in fact paint the target on his own back.

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Re: It's interesting ..

That you think he is above the law.

He's not special or above British/Swedish/US Law simply because he leaked some very secret docs belonging to a very large super power. Sorry but he brought this situation on himself. The sooner the Swedes get done with him the better. You never know he might walk from those charges and the US may well give him a pass on it all. But alas even if that is so our American cousins tend not to forget with any great ease and will make his life difficult if they cannot find a way to give him a day in court.

Assange is not a Saint nor a pillar of Journalistic integrity.

Mines the one with Diplomatic bag down the side...........



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