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Use Tor or 'extremist' Tails Linux? Congrats, you're on an NSA list

Alex in Tokyo

Re: Enemy of the State

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.

US, Japan prep new rainfall sat for launch

Alex in Tokyo


JAXA is an acronym (for Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency); could you give it all caps?

I know, I know, no one likes a nitpicker.

The latest stupid yoof craze: Taking selfies - while DRIVING

Alex in Tokyo

Cited on Photographic Evidence. Couldn't agree more.

OK, maths wonks: PRIME TIME has arrived

Alex in Tokyo

I hate to break it to you...

but 9 is not prime.

>"The alignment is not as propitious as that which took place on September 7th back in 2011, which sequenced the first six prime numbers at 02:03:05:07:09:11."

Boffins demo new holo storage using graphene oxide

Alex in Tokyo

Yes, but...

I can't think of too many practical technologies that weren't theoretical technologies first.

So, 'Good show,' say I, and have a pint.

Kamikaze Moon mission on track as NASA grips its tumbling LADEE

Alex in Tokyo

Re: Before it self-destructs...

I'd have thought you'd want such a relay (which sounds like a good idea, for sure) to be at the L1 Earth-Moon Lagrange Point.

I suspect that the fuel requirements for getting LADEE there after doing its lunar orbits might be a bit much.

Chrome, Firefox blab your passwords in a just few clicks: Shrug, wary or kill?

Alex in Tokyo

Can I choose 'All of the above'?

Don't let people have physical access to your private machine, or at the very least make sure that they're using a separate or a guest account. Don't save your passwords on a shared machine. *Shrug*

That said, people should be aware that the capability to display saved passwords exists, and factor that into the assessment of whether to save a given password or not. *Wary*

That said, how hard would it be for Google to add the option to require a master password in order to display the saved details? It's a no-brainer and they should fix it. *Kill*

Murdoch machinations mean Microsoft must rename SkyDrive

Alex in Tokyo

Azure Storage Services?

They could even brand it as Azure Redundant Storage Extensions in the UK and Oz.

Bungled Hitachi SAN upgrade halts Oregon benefit payments

Alex in Tokyo

I guess

this is filed under BOFH because he actually ... diverted ... the funds to his account in the Caymans?

Embezzler stings IBM, Microsoft in Japan

Alex in Tokyo

So according to this (http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20130617-00000049-jij-soci) article by Jiji Tsushin, the guy had made a loss of "some hundreds of millions of yen" (it reads like this was the loss from investing the money he embezzled from IBM), and joined MS in order to steal money for living expenses and to pay off his loans.

So he was originally arrested for, and has been charged with, the embezzlement (JPY 130,000,000) while at IBM, and has just been re-arrested for the fraud at MS.

Ofcom: Parents, here's how to keep grubby tots from buying Smurfberries

Alex in Tokyo

Phone Call Problem - Carrier-side solution

I'm fairly sure (although I've never actually used it) that my carrier offers configurable call filters for outgoing calls. Configurable either from the phone (with a service PIN) or from their customer service portal (with PIN and PW). So I can, with some degree of granularity, allow or disallow outbound international/premium-rate/etc. calls.

When my kids are old enough to get devices which are not my SIMM-less replaced ones, said devices will be locked down until said kids are paying for them out of their own pockets.

I've always assumed this was pretty standard practice world wide; do UK carriers not offer this kind of service? If not, is there a market opportunity?

BOFH: My HELPDESK HELL - lies, phones lines and statistics

Alex in Tokyo

Re: He, he, he...

Did you design my local telco's IVR "customer support" system, by any chance?

Study: Gay marriage support linked to pr0n consumption

Alex in Tokyo


Shouldn't that be 'cum hoc ergo propter hoc'?

Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app

Alex in Tokyo

Re: I hope they have a way for users to submit issues and corrections

They do have a reporting button for POIs (not for errors in the actual maps themselves). It is also pants.

My local supermarket was available as a POI, and in the right place. Unfortunately it had the name truncated and was listed as a vetinary hospital. I tried to correct this, and discovered that there is no category (in either English or Japanese) for supermarket. 'Magician', yes; 'Brothel', yes; 'Supermarket', no. And no way to create new categories.

Total. Utter. Fail.

NASA gets funding for Mars InSight mission in 2016

Alex in Tokyo

Anyone else...

think that that acronym is a bit of a stretch even for NASA?

High tech toilets receive big prizes from Bill Gates

Alex in Tokyo

"I don't see how they will entice poor people to use a pay toilet when it's free on the far side of yonder shrubbery."

They won't. If the toilets are able to reclaim 'useful stuff' (biofuel, compost, salts, water, etc.) from the waste then I'd guess the owner would provide the toilets free to the community and make their money by selling the 'useful stuff' to businesses.

Not sure if that's really a viable business model, but that's just a question of doing the maths.

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