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Buffett no longer Intel Inside



...few months back I heard someone say that because Buffett has invested in Intel, Intel no longer seems to be a technology company! Looks like Intel has once again become a technology company ;)

Jokes apart, I think he invested in tech not because all of a sudden he was in love with these tech companies, but because he was left with no choice. With all the other sectors going downhill he had to park his money somewhere, and few months back tech did look comparatively positive. Now things are not that volatile and there seems to be some uptick in other sectors, hence the dumping of tech stocks by the Oracle Of O. Now, you ask, why did he not dump IBM stock then!?! Well, because he is a business man, he is not going to dump his stock when it is slightly down. According to the Reg article, he is in red with regards to the IBM stock. Once he gets slight profit on that he will start dumping that stock too. He always parrots his invest mantra that `he does not invest in the sector which he does not understand`, and the rational he gave on investing in IBM and Intel was that they both are forcefully pushing towards "software services" arena which, according to him, is far better that whatever IBM and Intel are doing nowadays. IBM has already made headwinds in that regards and Intel is pushing hard before the ARM ecosystem makes hardware a low margin commodity business. Now having said that, holding any investment in Intel at this juncture for a long-term investor like Mr. Buffett did not make sense in the first place, because these are final few years of Otellini at Intel. Any concrete strategic direction that Intel will take will happen only when the new CEO steps in. Until then any serious long-term investor will use companies like Intel as a stop-gap measure, to exit only when market starts settling. So calm down people, Intel is going nowhere as long as they have huge stash that they can use for wading off another FTC or EU Commission enquiry! I don't see any "insider information" type prognosis here.

Now, where is my Raspberry Pi??



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