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Big data fitness plan: What's the deal with DX?


DX stands for long distance

In ham radio parlance, DX stands for distant country. Actually any country that is not the one you are currently in. But it is a form of sport to collect as many rare DX contacts on the radio that you can. The current one is Bouvet Island

She's arrived! HMS Queen Lizzie enters Portsmouth Naval Base



Beautiful ship! May she sail with the wind at her back.

I had to do a double take. New England and Britain share many things in common especially names of places. We have a Portsmouth Naval Shipyard which is Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire whilst the base itself resides in Kittery, Maine. It's a submarine overhaul base now.

Forget Iran and North Korea. Now there's another uranium source


Re: maybe regular stars as well

Lead is the stable final decayed state of Uranium.

Ford slams brakes on sales spreadsheets after fire menaces data center


Great to hear DR works

Rarely do you hear of a DR event that works to save the enterprise from catastrophe. The CIO should be praised for ensuring a fire didn't cripple Ford

Rivals feel power of EMC's storage software bite


How much market share does HP have?

Always thought that HP was a major storage contender? Is that not a the case?

DEATH WATCH counts down seconds to wearer's demise


Market opportunity. Attach it to enterprise tech offerings.

Thorium and inefficient solar power? That's good enough for me


Thorium is the answer

If it weren't for the radioactive decay of the unstable elements at the core of the Earth, life as we know it would not be possible. Thorium is one of the two radioactive elements found in abundance at the Earth's surface that can be refined into fuel to power a reactor for electric generation. Thorium is four times more abundant on Earth than Uranium.

Thorium reactors can also recycle nuclear 'waste' from conventional Uranium reactors leaving almost no waste to deal with. The reactor designs can not only recycle waste, they can breed additional fuels that can be 'burned' in the reactors themselves. These reactor designs are not reliant on high pressure steam or hot water to spin turbines that generate electricity. The level of radioactivity is much lower and the reactor designs developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have an automatic shutdown mechanism built-in if the reactor becomes too hot.

But the fact that its 'nuclear' scares people. Plutonium and U-238 are not produced as a by-product by a Thorium reactor so there is no potential for weapons grade Pu or U being produced. This is why the U.S. Government abandoned this design in the 1960's. They needed a reliable source for the production of Pu and U-238 in weapons grade refinement to power the nuclear weapons programs.

Data Direct Networks prepares to board Amazon S3. It's cutlasses now, lads


When was the last time you read of a customer breaking ground on a new data center?

Customers are moving their applications and data to a cloud environment. Unless a customer is considering building out a private or hybrid cloud, there is limited potential for this storage solution. If Nirvanix failed to take marketshare away from S3, what is the key differentiator of DDN's WOS 3.0 that will convince customers to move their data from S3 to WOS and host it in their own cloud?

Senate hears Microsoft and HP avoided billions in US taxes


Fool Me Once Shame on You...

The audacity of HP to ask for another tax holiday when the last time they repatriated foreign funds due to a tax holiday it wasn't spent on adding jobs or capital investments in America. The people in Congress who promised it would add 1 million jobs to the economy should be put on TV and explain to the public why this didn't happen. Maybe the next time Congress decides to vote for a Tax Holiday, they'll have some strings attached. As something like this. 'The $$ goes into a separate fund that will be used to hire workers, build factories on American shores' If those factories stay open for 5 years, there is no tax owed. If the money is not used for those purposes, or if the factories and/or jobs disappear within 5 years, the money will be taxed on a sliding scale based on how long the investment was put to good use. Paying shareholders and executives with the $$ that was brought here under false pretenses is criminal.

HP writes down a whopping $8bn from EDS gobble


Mark Hurd is like herpes

He's the gift that keeps on giving long after he's gone... Over paid for EDS, gutted the company prop up the balance sheet, bought Palm which was shutdown 18 months later. .. Got HP embroiled in a nasty fight with Oracle.. Why is this guy still in an executive position?

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