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Holy moley! The amp, kelvin and kilogram will never be the same again


My calculator is out of date

The number wedged in my head for Avogadro's constant is 6.022045E23 - because it was a constant in my calculator at school, and you see that number quite a lot during physics lessons.

Now I find it's changed over time! Proves the old adage that variables won't and constants aren't, I suppose.

The Dragon 32 is 30


Re: Superb


For fun DAC use, search for CoCoSID (rem) or Dragon 64 Nyan Cat (me) or of course one guy went and typed in the whole of Toccata and Fugue like a crazy person.


Grew up with the Dragon

And, er, never quite left it behind. Might not have been the best equipped machine of the era, but the price reflected that, and there are still some tricks to be exploited...

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