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'iPhone 5' released by Chinese Apple copycat


Re: Look and 'Feel' alike?

There already is a "look and feel" alike. It's called Espier Launcher and it's available from the Google Play store although I'm unsure why Apple hasn't shut them down yet.

Ho ho ho! Apple's Samsung ban bid pushed back to Christmas


Re: It Seemed A Little Too Quick

I remember how my Palm Tungsten T5 looked before the iPhone came out and I thought the iPhone looked just a little too similar. Sure, the iPhone was optimized to be used with your finger instead of stylus and had multitouch but the form factor was close and the interface was a grid of icons. I chalked up as a natural evolution of technology and didn't cry foul.

AT&T defends FaceTime price gouge


Re: The joys of capitalism

"Facetime as an app over a wireless network takes up a lot of bandwidth"

Bandwidth the customer is already paying for. AT&T is double dipping.

Apple pounces on Samsung doc as proof of 'slavish copy' claims

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Re: Confused about what they are buying.

There can't be any buyer confusion since, as Apple already admitted earlier in the trial, iPhones are always on a separate display from other phones at cell phone stores.

Galaxy S III dumps universal search, tries to dodge Apple's sueballs

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Re: Prior art?

Google Desktop circa 2004


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