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E-Cat pitching cold fusion to Australians


Re: I wouldn't use that kind of logic for this...

Re: I wouldn't use that kind of logic for this...

"copper IS produced, but in older cooler stars like Red Giants, they produce magnesium plus a neutron, and the neutrons are used in nickel-neutron reactions to make copper, hydrogen is not used."

So, even without a lattice structure to load hydrogen as a potential neutron donor (can't see a crystal lattice existing in a red giant) there are nickel neutron reactions.

Still, pure hydrogen loading a metallic latice does not exist in the universe except here, so any reasoning that involves probabilities any where else in the universe is flawed.

It is flawed physics not take mans ability to alter probabilities into account when explaining a process. Think about it, how many fissile explosions would occur on the surface of the earth if man were not present? The probability of a such explosions without man's influence is much lower than with. The same applies to fusion as well.


I wouldn't use that kind of logic for this...

OK, where in the universe does elemental nickle come into contact with pressurized pure hydrogen gas? The only place I'm aware of that happening is here on earth when humans do it. The only place this might happen is in a star, and even then the percentage of heat produced by the Ni process would probably be abysmally small. So can you really use the logic that it doesn't happen anywhere else in the universe? Using that logic iPhones shouldn't exist because they do not exist anyplace else in the universe.

Cheers, Frank


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