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Spammer gets 30 years in the slammer



Justice and a classic headline!

I'm sending you my dry cleaning bill btw.

Symantec sales up, but profits drop


If only...

...the darn thing actually worked!

I've just de-infected a NewMediaCodecInstaller trojan from a friends PC using ONLY security forums, blogs and free software. (thank you HijackThis!)

Norton wouldquite happily scan everytime and have you think your pc was fine despite your desktop being flooded with browser windows and and invitations to other installers being sent out.

Most of their sales must come from the fact that they get bundled with new pc's so the unitiated think they are actually getting some protection from the offset. How many of those sales are from resubscriptions I wonder after everyone moves to AVG or somesuch during their first year of ownership?

They should try putting some effort back in to what used to be a respectable name.

Neteller reaches supergrass agreement with DOJ


How is this good...

...for Neteller.

No-one likes a snitch.

Who would do business with them knowing that they had to open everything up to the DOJ.

And once they've got their claws in, will they let go?

I think Neteller will now die a long and slow death.

UK Gov boots intelligent design back into 'religious' margins


I enjoy these kind of 'debates'

Its just like a Microsoft v Apple. Windows v Linux. IE v Firefox.

You're all the same kind of people with a different way of seeing the world but you each fanatically believe that the other is wrong that you kind of forget the point that life is for living.

Its not what you use its how you use it.

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