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Voda boss claims 'turning point' as infra investment kicks in

The Wookie

I'm in central Bath on Vodafone and I get HSDPA, not even HSDPA+, pathetic.

HTC profits lobbed off a cliff by rivals Samsung and Apple

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Re: I wanted a HTC One-X but went for an S3...

I fully agree, I'm just about to upgrade and was looking into replacement phones, I really wanted a One X over the S3 but the battery life and no micro SD were a bit of a downer. Then I hear of the One X+, better battery and more storage, wahoo however I'm on TMobile so can get 4G with EE in the next few months, that's OK I'll get the LTE version, oh there isn't one, there is an S3 LTE though... Ah but HTC do do an LTE phone (HTC One XL) but but it's got a low res screen so is really even worse than original One X! What is that about?!!

HTC please just at least match the specs of your immediate competition. Also how about in your next advert you actually show off the product that your engineers have created and show what it can do, Showing pretentious actors jumping out of a plane won't convince me to drop £500 on one of your phones.

WinPho to eke out 4% of US smartphone biz

The Wookie

Re: No sh¡t sherlock..

Yep Im going to get the next Nexus device when I renew, shafting all your early adopters is not a good move, I feel so guilty for recommending friends to buy Nokias and now they learn that two months later they won't be able to run any of the new apps. That is poor.

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