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Slurp away, NSA: Mass phone data collection IS legal, rules federal judge


Another idiot judge

Was this clown appointed or elected? If he was elected, vote this moron out in the next election.

IBM, Accenture play blame game over $1bn project blowout


From $6,000,000 to $1,250,000,000? I'm dumbfounded. If they actually pay that bill, I'd be even more dumbfounded.

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit


The ironic thing is that these lawsuits actually gave Samsung credibility. The average consumer sees what's going on and thinks, Apple is scared of Samsung, their products must be pretty good. It backfired.

Galaxy S4 phondleslab selling like lukewarm cakes, analysts reckon


They're selling 20,000,000 phones every 3 months and some analyst is disappointed? Wha't wrong with this picture?

Weev gets 41 months in prison for exposing iPad strokers' privates



The people that find these vulnerabilities always seem to be prosecuted overzealously. To them, I say incorporate. Google went around sniffing everyone's wireless networks. The way things are going, if Google were an individual, it would have gotten 25 years in prison. Instead, as a corporation, it gets a measly (for a multibillion dollar corporation) $7,000,000 fine. So pay the $100 or so fee, turn yourself into a corporation, and do it under the corporation's name. You may still get fined, but it would probably be harder to throw you in jail.

Waiter! There's a phone in my soup



If you can't put down your phone long enough to eat a bowl of soup, you're addicted and need help. Are there 12 step programs for mobile devices yet?

Apple seeks whopping $2.525bn Samsung patent payout



Who has the patent on using multiple fingers on a fork? Ridiculous!

Intel CEO Otellini promises $699 ultrabooks by fall



What the hell is an ultrabook? Does anyone really know? The name has been out there for what, over a year now? Ask the average person on the street, and the best answer you might get would be 'some kind of skinny notebook computer.' The rest of the people will give you a blank look. Call these things something else now, because the name 'ultrabook' has failed.

Lookout mulls flagging privacy-invading phone apps as adware


If only...

I just don't download those apps that require permissions they don't need or I don't approve of. I don't care what they are, or who they're made by. If only we could get rid of the apps that come preinstalled; the ones that have all those permissions, like Facebook. Buy any smartphone today, and there are at least 10 apps preinstalled that have way too many permissions for my taste. The only way to get rid of them is to root your phone, and lose your warranty. Carriers are exacerbating the situation with this behavior.


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