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Flash to the future: Memristors, photonics, MLC-y tsunami


HP Memristor

HP has been too much all over the map with their prognostications. I think they're mostly trying to hang on to their jobs. As fantastic as the technology sounds, I think it probably has a long ways to go in the lab-fabs before it makes it to production -- if that ever even happens. Just the other day Samsung said it would cost $10B to build a fab that can produce memristor memory. I can't find that link anymore, but it sure sounds like there's a lot that's not being said.


HP's faster-than-flash memristor at least TWO years away


Re: Traditional big business failure

>>Another interpretation would be that they are not sitting on the technology because it is all hypothetical stuff which isn't commercially viable.<<

Exactly! Williams probably lied to save his job from the buy it now CEO purge (Meg Whitman) and is now stringing her along. The scientists can tell her anything because she doesn't know chips from tacos.

If Hynix can make an SSD that lasts 10X as long, goes 10X as fast, for 1/10 the cost, meanwhile driving all competitors from the market, they're going to do it.

Even if this means that 3 years later no one will need Flash devices because the ones they now have last 30 years, it will have been worth it. Do the math.


Re: Correct me if I am wrong

>>wasn't IBM the original organization that did the early work on this technology (they coined the term "memristor" and did the initial research<<

No. Leon Chua, a physicist at Berkeley theorized it in 1971 and HP "discovered" and characterized the real world phenomenon in 2008. Search on youtube for "memristor williams". I particularly recommend the first segment of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9u9o_ToQwM which contains a demonstration of a memristor/cognitive device and explains the enormous advantage compared to AI using traditional computer circuitry.

>>doesn't Samsung own most of the patents related to memristors?<<

I have heard this also. I was aware of Samsung's RRAM efforts long before I was aware of HP's, but I have no first hand knowledge of the patent situation. Williams confirms, however, that Samsung has a larger team working on it than HP/Hynix.



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