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Sony SmartWatch Android remote

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First Full Week of Use

This watch is literally a life saver for me. My wife has long standing major health problems and frequently uses her mobile phone to ring me out of work when she has fallen and injured herself. I'm not allowed to keep my phones ringer on in work and I don't always feel it vibrating in my pocket. I've never missed a call this week thanks to this watch. I don't find charging it every day a problem. I charge my phone every day too and I just plug them both in at the same time when I go to bed. I've got the other end of the USB lead plugged in to a mains adapter that come with some Bluetooth headphones I bought a while ago. BTW, I'm a high school teacher in the UK. All my pupils LOVE this watch and I've gained massive credibility with them over this. Probably just that kids love toys; or is this the younger generation being more receptive to new ideas and having the vision to see where this is going? Who cares if it stops them throwing chairs at me.

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