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Reg man goes time travelling at iconic observatory


Don't judge a book by it's cover

"There are two ways to approach Jodrell Bank. From the north you fly through the WAGish end of Cheshire, with towns like Wilmslow and Alderley Edge housing Manchester and Liverpool’s finest and their harems.".

And what bastion of this blessed isle does this reporter hail from?

I live in Wilmslow and have yet to see a single harem - yes there are a few "WAGS" about but that doesn't make it an unsightly place (spend some time in the place and you'll realise they're in the minority and instead is full of rather sensible people).

Also by coming from that direction you are treated with an arugable better view of the Telescope from the A535 as it pops in to view and remains on your right as the road bends around the whole site.

CERN catches a glimpse of Higgs-like boson


What they were really doing at CERN

Here's what they were really doing at CERN


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