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UK.gov proposes massive copyright land snatch


UK Copyright Law sucks

Yes, the only problem here is that when the big corporations Can Exploit, they will. Nothing New here. The problem is that the U.K. Copyright Laws allow such a thing to occur. For example, here in France (where I live) (and I think also in Germany) Such a rights grab would not be possible. Why? Because the Copyright law as it stands doesn't allow it. Although, much misunderstood by people outside of France, The "Droits d'Auteur" law is the best protection there is. I begin to wonder if this is a reason why the British didn't want to join the E.U ? Your law only protects the big corporations not the Artist. The problem here is that you have left the 1% to dictate their terms in forming your Copyright Law.. The QUestion now is.. When are you going to change it?

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