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Irate sysadmin locks San Francisco officials out of network



Hes not been busy at work eh? Looks like hes been pretty busy to me ;o)

<- Burn baby burn

Internet s&x auction ends in pregnancy, legal feud


perhaps I missed somthing....

How was the website allowed to pimp out this woman in the first place? Arent there laws against prostitution in Germany?

Colombian armed robber targets karate school


Youtube Video

look for pimp slap on youtube, its one of those police camera action programs...

Two year old's IQ on a par with Hawking



My congratulations to the child, unlike most of the people who have posted I would be very grateful if my children (when I have some) turn out to have an IQ over 150.

Why are you all just posting negative comments and posting your own IQs?

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