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GSMA pledges end to data roaming bill shock


July 1st is arriving next week, data roaming prices (for europeans) will be reduced to 0,70€ + 20% VAT = 0,84 per MB

This is still way too expensive, but some solutions emerge with a new form: mobile hotspot rental.

You rent from a provider a small device that connects to the internet using 3G, but you do not have to worry about this part. All you have to do is connect to the wifi signal and surf. Prices can be radically different.

For France, compare the 11 to 16€ per MB an american pays, to the 0,06 to 0,14€ per MB the French provider: FrenchConnection.fr offers

When choosing a provider check:

- Price per day

- How many many MB included each day

- Can I report unused MB to the next day

- How much am I charged if I go over my allotment

- Where is the provider's support team based. In case of a problem, only the local ones can react quickly!



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