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'We don't want a camera in everyone's living room' says bloke selling cameras in living rooms. Zuckerberg, you moron

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Re: Pay YOU?

Easy - I was born on the 29 Feb 1963, my annual salary is $1 and my marital status is subject to change. When people ask me for my mobile number I give them 0406 650 430.

Unearthed emails could be smoking gun in epic GDPR battle: Google, adtech giants 'know they break Euro privacy law'

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Re: Death to advertisers!

Death to them, No, that is too fast and painless. Whatever punishment they get should be painful and drawn out without the promise of death to end their suffering. Make them suffer forever.

Bloke thrown in the cooler for eight years after 3D-printing gun to dodge weapon ban

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Re: @ Bush Rat ...But Background Checks Don't Work!

I had a rifle that used 7.62 NATO rounds years ago. It was accurate to 900 yards. Using open sights (no telescopic sights allowed) with a target that had an 18 inch bulls eye on a 6 foot square target and I would regularly score 95 out of a possible 100 points from 20 rounds (and I wasn't nearly as good as some others using the same type of rifle). With the correct rifle 7.62 NATO ammunition has good long distance accuracy. The only thing was, it was a single shot bolt action so the rate of fire was fairly low.

Why does that website take forever to load? Clues: Three syllables, starts with a J, rhymes with crock of sh...

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JS Bloat

There was one page I accessed recently where I was having issues with the page. I downloaded the page and looked at the source. The payload (data I was interested in on the page and what the page purported to contain) was about 1 Kb. The source for the overall page with all of the scripts (not counting referenced but not in-line "third party" items) was 220 Kb. With bloat like this it is no wonder the pages load slowly.

Granddaddy of the DIY repair generation John Haynes has loosened his last nut

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I seem to remember the nightmare of the Dolomite head. The alloy would weld itself to the head studs making it impossible to remove. On one we resorted to smashing the alloy head into small pieces so we could remove the head studs and used a replacement head we had when reassembling.

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Re: Not always helpful

I had the Triumph Herald and Vitesse. They had the same basic design and the Herald had the same engine. We regularly changed motor and gearbox while we did maintenance on the originals. We also sometimes slipped the 2 litre 6 cylinder into the Herald instead of the 1200cc 4. We had about 6 engines and gearboxes available and 4 cars. In those days there was hardly a weekend that we weren't doing something on one of the cars. Finding a wreck with a 1300cc and 8 port head was a bonus. In the garage I still have the twin carbs from a 948 Coupe and another set from a spitfire (they are in a box beside the TR3a that is undergoing restoration using a Haynes manual as well as the original hardcover factory manual).

Prez Trump orders Uncle Sam to step up AI efforts – we all know the White House knows a lot about artificial intelligence

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Re: We could replace him with a Raspberry Pi...

and would be way over powered.

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I suppose if they can get AI there will be some form of intelligence in the US. It has to be more intelligent than what they have at the moment.

Mini computer flingers go after a slice of the high street retail Pi

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Retail stores selling the Pi

In Oz we have a couple of electronics speciality stores that sell the Raspberry Pi in their retail outlets. Altronics and Jaycar both stock Raspberry Pi (neither stock the Pi Zero unfortunately). If you can't wait for the delivery from RS or Core Electronics and are prepared to pay the extra then the retail outlets are an option. (I ordered a Raspberry Pi from RS at 6:00pm one day and it was on my desk at 11:00am the next day so to me the delivery times are not an issue.)

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Re: Can I buy more than one Pi Zero?

Easy to get more than 1. Core Electronics in Oz have the Pi Zero W with soldered headers. I use them all of the time. The shipping and exchange rates might make them a little less attractive to UK purchasers...

Hold horror stories: Chief, we've got a f*cking idiot on line 1. Oh, you heard all that

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Help desk

Recently I was required to log a call with our helpdesk to try to get an issue escalated. The Helpdesk numptie insisted on trying to help when I knew that he would be way out of his depth but for the fun I decided to humour him. After 1 hour and 30 minutes (and the helpdesk weenie making things worse by deleting things without asking for permission) I eventually asked to be put through to a supervisor or someone with a clue. The helpdesk idiot came back (in writing as this was a text chat session) that "there is no one here with a clue". My response was "damn right".

I did manage to get the call escalated and now 3 weeks later I have a response from the level 4 team.

Wells Fargo? Well fscked at the moment: Data center up in smoke, bank website, app down

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Re: Hardcore admins

Just yesterday I had a laptop charger cable (C5) short and take out the circuit breaker and black out the whole section of the office. There was a flash, bang and a puff of smoke. I wasn't even doing maintenance. The laptop was charging on a desk beside me. The cable had been inspected and passed a few months ago. If it had been in the server room it could have triggered the smoke detection system. There is still a mark on the desk where the cable was sitting.

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Re: The BOFH Strikes Again

Halon may not have been manufactured for years but there was no requirement to remove or replace the installed systems. Also there are other systems using other "not nice" gasses that replace Halon. While they are supposed to be "safe" I am not sticking around if they go off; also the force that they come out with can send loose objects flying around the room.

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Job opening

I see the position of Business Continuity Manager coming available soon.

People wonder why I always have cash on me. With events like this happening more and more often or even when recently I was in a shopping centre that had a power failure earlier but their EFTPOS systems were off-line I was still able to purchase my weekly food (or more importantly booze)... The queues at the checkout were non-existent because they couldn't process card payments.

Oracle accuses US of underhand tactics because discrimination case 'doomed to fail'

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Actually, explain me why do you think that two IC5 Senior Database Developers from same team, irrespective of their sex, should be paid exactly the same.

It's not about comparing two individuals. It is about getting the average all of the IC5 Senior DB Devs, then comparing the average of all Male against the average of all Females (or whatever attribute you decide to use to do the slicing - gender, race, age, geographic location...) and seeing if there is a significant variation. Now, the issue is, who decides if the difference is significant? I have just had to prepare the data for a similar exercise downunder.

Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign

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Only reason I found to stop using Office 97 was when I switched to Linux because the latest PC I purchased with the latest version of Windows pre-installed would no longer run it and I couldn't be arsed installing the older version of Windows.

German competition watchdog tells Facebook to stop combining user data without consent

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Contribute to a better world by closing your Faecebook account.


Oh wait, what's a Faecebook account. I don't think I have one of those.

Chrome devs attempt to slip muzzle on resource-guzzling browser beast with 'Never-Slow Mode'

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Re: Better solution

If done properly it can be great, but let's face it, not all NONE of it will be done properly.


This obsession of making all websites look alike and all using the same (or a limited set of) frameworks, along with the tracking that those frameworks incorporate, will forever slow down web browsing.

Furious Apple revokes Facebook's enty app cert after Zuck's crew abused it to slurp private data

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Re: Scum

Easy the "F" isn't Face. That was a typo. It is Feces (American spelling because it is an American company).

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Re: I'll help Facebook do better!

How can we get Facebook added to the ROKSO database so we can get discounts on the OADS mission?

You think election meddling is bad now? Buckle up for 2020, US intel chief tells Congress

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Re: Oz Elections coming

Yes, complete with the "Make Australia Great" slogan. The big difference between Clive and Trump is Clive will never be PM as he is not associated with one of the two majors. As soon as I saw the ad I wondered if he had hired Trump's campaign director... He even resurrected the name of a political party that was dissolved in 1945.

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Oz Elections coming

In Oz we have a federal election coming up in May this year. It will be interesting to monitor the fake news etc. during the lead up to it. We are already being bombarded with political ads and the election date hasn't even been announced yet.

Trying to log into Office 365 right now? It's a coin flip, says Microsoft: Service goes TITSUP as Azure portal wobbles

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10:40 am

Finally I got a login screen. It has only been 2 1/2 hours waiting and while I may have a logon screen it was still taking ages to connect and of course once I get in no one else will be on-line...

Beer because it is now after 10:00 so the pubs are open...

We did Nazi see this coming... Internet will welcome Earth's newest nation with, sigh, a brand new .SS TLD

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Three letter code

With SSD as the South Sudanese three letter country code maybe they should lobby ICANN to have their tld changed and offer it to drive manufacturers.

Under Armour and Virgin Galactic team up so tourists can stay on-trend throughout white-knuckle ride into space

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Under Armour is the special underwear being developed for the space tourists to stop leakage when they Crap themselves during take-off or weightlessness. The main purpose is to ensure that the cleaning bill for their outer spacesuit is reduced.

Tech sector meekly waves arms in another bid to get Oz to amend its crypto-busting laws

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Re: You have to wonder

Perhaps it's about time Australia's citizens to begin looking at who they are voting in to government--and placing a high value on someone who understands technology beyond typing on Twitter.

When you look at the options we get you have a choice between the idiots from one of the two parties that have a chance to form government, who will toe the party line regardless of their individual understanding, and a sprinkling of idiots who have no chance of influencing the outcome but will support whoever will give them the most concessions for their preferred minority view (Yes, I am looking at you Greens). Both of the majors are so under the control of the TLAs that they will give the TLAs whatever they want under the banner of National security, crime fighting or "think of the children".

The only power we have is to keep changing the idiot in control and that is best done by getting their own party to replace them due to "Poor polling (social media rating)". Mind you, changing the idiot in control doesn't stop the stupid legislation getting enacted.

Have a beer, it's the Australia Day long weekend coming up so all of the politicians will be out trying to drum up as much patriotic fervour as they can and hope it will carry them through until the election later this year.

Looks like Uncle Sam has pulled its finger out and appointed a Privacy Shield ombudsperson

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1) I'm amazed that Keith Krach isn't an oil industry lobyist.

If he is an advocate for Privacy Shield that would make him a Snake Oil (industry) lobbyist.

Struggling with GDPR compliance? Don't waste money on legal advice: Buy a shredder

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Makes life easier

"look suspiciously like normal box files, only with "recycling" logos on one and "confidential" on the other."

This must make life easier for the "data" thieves.

Google to yoink apps with an unauthorized Call Log or SMS habit from Android Play Store

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Not nearly far enough.

This review doesn't go anywhere near far enough. What about contacts? What justification do 90% of apps have for requesting access to contacts? To me contacts are much more sensitive data. Why on earth does a Flashlight App need access to my contacts. Is it somehow going to send Morse code messages via the flashlight? Most of my Android devices can have access to phone logs or SMS as the devices aren't phones so don't support these features but they do support contacts for e-mail and other messaging.

World's first robot hotel massacres half of its robot staff

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If the BOFH had been there it would have been the PHB that ended up under the mail robot.

German competition watchdog toys with ban on some Facebook data-slurps

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Re: I think I've found the perfect solution

Right idea wrong implementation.

Whenever you log into Faecesbook the first page must display all of the private data held by Feacesbook on the individual and text describing the extent that each piece of data is used for. All data added since the last login must be highlighted. The only way to move on is to scroll to the "next" button at the very bottom of the page. If they do this people MIGHT realise how much data Suckerberg is slurping about them. Doing it as a small window that can be ignored will never raise awareness.

Come mobile users, gather round and learn how to add up

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Re: Testing gone wrong

Displaying a wrong message bad.

This sort of thing happening very bad.

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Re: Test/Error messages.

Years ago I put some "debug" code in a project I was working on. When I went on 2 weeks leave I told my project manager not to demonstrate the project to the end users as it was unstable and might not work.

When I got back from leave the PM called me into her office and chewed me out. It turns out she had, against my instructions, demonstrated the incomplete project to the users and it had hit my debug code. It was testing a nested if statement and I was unsure of some of the conditions (the specs were a little vague). When it hit the debug code it displayed on the screen "OK Turkey, how the hell did you get here?". Different branches of the If statements gave different messages so I could determine what was happening.

Mind you, the PM never again demonstrated any of my projects unless I was there or I had said it was ready for testing.

CES flicks the off switch on massager award… and causes a buzz

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That is what roof racks are for. I have put very large items on roof racks of a very small car before. In my younger days I carried a 2 metre high, 1.2 metre wide bookshelf on a Triumph Herald. The same car also carried a full size wardrobe, double bed and other furniture when I moved house and was too poor to pay a removalist.

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Recent example I saw

I was at a local car parts place recently. A guy turned up in a near new BMW M4 (coupe) to collect the Christmas present his wife had bought him. She had thought long and hard and had found a Rolling tool cabinet with multiple drawers. I was in a smallish hatchback. I watched the shop attendant and the guy try to wrestle the toolbox into the back of the M4. They even tried removing all of the ancillaries to make the cabinet smaller to no avail. There was no way that the tool cabinet was going to fit... Laughingly I looked at my car which is much smaller, but could easily fit the tool cabinet, and offered to swap... After 30 minutes of trying different things including investigating if they could fit the cabinet through the front seats they decided it was never going to fit and the guy left to see if he could organise a ute (pickup) or station wagon (estate car).

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

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Damn shame

politicians and bureaucrats are insisting on continuing to rush headlong off a cliff.

Damn shame this is a metaphorical remark rather than a news headline...

LA Times knocked out, HackerOne slips up and – amazingly – router security still sucks

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Re: Something's fishy

She is one and the same... We keep it in the family in Tasmania...

Oz cops investigating screams of 'why don't you die?' find bloke in battle with spider

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Re: "in Australia, where the majority of fauna seem set on cleansing humans from the continent"

The list of plants missed one that has been known to cause a number of casualties including death.

The Bunya Pine has a cone that weighs up to 40 Kgs. They have been known to fall on people... They would also be suitable for squashing spiders...

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Re: Spiders: there is no "overkill"

I would have had a similar response with the bug bomb and retiring to the local watering hole but then I would have sent he girlfriend/missus back saying "I killed them you clean them up..."

Pork pulled: Plug jerked out of beacon of bacon delight

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Re: An even better location

I had to look it up... Absolutely best location. Have a pint on me.

UK spies: You know how we said bulk device hacking would be used sparingly? Well, things have 'evolved'...

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Re: Now we know why the Guvmint doesn't like Chinese kit

Official View: We're concerned about the Chinese spying on us so don't buy it

We're concerned that the Chinese kit will stop us from spying on our people so don't buy it FTFY

Amazon robot fingered for bear spray leak that hospitalised 24 staffers

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Where is the BOFH?

Who do you think changed the robot's programming? Did anyone check if the PHB or any of the finance weenies that keep making IT budget cuts were among the casualties?

Peak tech! Bacon vending machine signals apex of human invention

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Re: Neither

Not if you make your Bacon out of Sheep ???!!!

Wrong side of the pond... That's Kiwis.

Oz opposition folds, agrees to give Australians coal in their stockings this Christmas

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Re: Gets popcorn

- Jan 2019: First TCNs issued?

Come on, They want to use this law to fight the terror threat at Christmas (or at least that was the BS reason for pushing it through in this sitting of Parliament)... The security agencies will be scrambling over each other to see who can be the first to issue a TCN and will race to have it out so they can justify the speed of passing of the legislation.

I reckon the first TCN will be out he door less than 1 hour after the law receives Royal Ascent.

- Apr 2019: First prosecutions for failure to change the laws of physics?

Now as to the prosecutions... I think that the chances of getting the prosecutions into court in 2019 at all is extremely optimistic. The legal process doesn't work that fast. Only the pseudo-legal processes, like the mass privacy invasion that these laws enable, work that fast.

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Black Helicopters

The BS is strong with this one

Dreyfus' statement continued: “This compromise will deliver security and enforcement agencies the powers they say they need over the Christmas period, and ensure adequate oversight and safeguards to prevent unintended consequences while ongoing work continues”.

The government had warned that the law had to pass before Christmas, because of the elevated risk of terrorism at this time of year, but MacGibbon agreed with AM presenter Sabra Lane that someone receiving a request had 28 days to respond. Make of that what you will.

How the F@*k will rushing this law through help with the "elevated risk of terrorism at this time of year"? The law won't receive Royal Ascent today. It will be lucky if it gets it this week. The "security" agencies will have to identify the individuals to be targeted, determine what encrypted messaging they are using, request the AG and communications minister (who will both be on Christmas break) for approval Oh!, wait, where is that rubber stamp, determine who to send the TCN to and then wait for the response.

The individual companies have 28 days to respond to the TCN by which time it will be January (or later depending on the speed of the previous steps). Even if the companies are feeling generous, they will have to find staff (who will probably be on Christmas break), make changes (assuming it is possible), test the changes (assuming companies bother to do this and not use the public as guinea pigs), roll out the changes to the apps, have the people update their apps. Anyone concerned about the agencies reading their messages will be turning off automatic updates so they don't get the compromised apps.

Only then will the Security agencies be able to look at the messages.

Time to find a new country.

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Rubber stamp

The “double-lock authorisation” the ALP agreed to simply means the coercive Technical Capability Notices will need the sign-off of both the attorney-general and the communications minister.

The rubber stamp carrying both signatures is in the final stage of preparation. The delay was both of them deciding on which version of their signatures looked best. Mass production of the stamp will be completed by the end of the week with distribution to the different agencies expedited over the weekend.

Tech sector unites in attempt to avoid Oz's anti-crypto push, again

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You just know this isn't going to be good for the "people"

Government now says it wants bill passed 'in its current form'

Whenever the government wants something rushed through and uses the "National Security" card you just know that it is not going to be beneficial to the general population.

I can't wait for the next two instalments... somewhere in the wings there will be a high profile paedophile and an organised crime case where the investigations will be hampered by the accused using encrypted communications. A recent story cites 15000 intercepted calls and 10000 text messages to be used as evidence. If the "terrorists" were using encrypted messaging why would they have had so many "insecure" communications.

Big data at sea: How the Royal Navy charts the world's oceans

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My first thoughts

When I read the sub heading "Warships don't only sink the nation's enemies, you know"

I remembered experiences our navy had. HMAS Melbourne (the last Australian Aircraft carrier) was notorious. Allies were as much at risk as enemies (or more so). From memory HMAS Melbourne did more damage to allied warcraft than it did to enemy.

Wombats literally sh!t bricks – and now boffins reckon they know how

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Re: Kinda macabre, but alright

If a car hit a wombat in Australia so fast that the wombat's body ended up in the USA, how fast was the car travelling?

Another question would be where did the car end up. Hitting a wombat at speed does serious damage to a car. If It could launch the wombat all the way to the US, the car would probably end up in orbit.

Sorry, Mr Zuckerberg isn't in London that day. Or that one. Nope. I'd give up if I were you

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The question is

There's an "extensive" team working on "false news," the letter stated

Are they hunting for or creating "false news"?


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