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Videogaming not addictive... for now, doctors say

Jonathan Nichols

Re: More addictive than crack cocaine

Considering your past history of addiction, do you not think that perhaps there is another underlying cause to being addicted to video games? Perhaps I misread your intentions... if so, I do apologize.

My own belief is that the gaming "addiction" is just a symptom of deeper problems. Anyone ever heard of Aspergers? Unfortunately, thanks to Jackass Thompson and his ilk we'll probably see this pushed as far as it can go until my taxes are supporting game addiction clinics.

To "Hmmm obviously not enough money in it yet":

So, based on 1 guy supporting the supposed "addiction", you've determined that this is substantial evidence to proclaim playing to many games as addictive? With that reasoning should we seek help for anyone in love based on Lisa Nowak's escapades?



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