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How can the BBC be saved from itself without destroying it?


Dear Mr Orlowski

Please stop your fanboi reporting of the climate skeptics conclusions. Fanboi used here as you seem to base your rants on blind faith rather than established and agreed upon research, (and they do come across as ranting).

It's not just the content of the environmental pieces themselves that causes me to comment but also how amazed I am that I clicked on this story thinking it might be a piece about the BBC, but it twisted itself into taking a Fox-ite view of the climate change issues.

If you care to check the (vast) majority of scientific journals you would see that the consensus states we're changing our environment. Substantially. It's such a complicated issue that the details are certainly being examined and explored, but the reports on this site would suggest the issue of climate change itself is what's being discussed, not the minutia.

There's no little irony in your calls for unbiased reporting when on this matter you're pretty close to the oil companies not-at-all-biased-views-honest as far as denial and blinkered reporting goes.

The annoying thing is I love El Reg's reporting generally, for which you can take credit, but I also like to think that you'd practice what you preach when bemoaning the _BBC's_ apparent bias.

Screen idols: higher resolution means better laptops


Re: never understood current displays

I too had a old laptop (bought in 2001) that had a ~15" display and a wonderfully high number of pixels. I to didn't want to move on even when it was getting too slow for modern programs as I couldn't find a screen with anywhere near the resolution. In fact, the main thing I looked for when I replaced this a few years ago was just as a high a resolution I could find for the size (I wanted to drop from 15" to 13/14").

This downward ppi drop is horrible. I now have three displays on my main machine - a 24" Dell (1900x1200) in the middle and two 1280 by 1024 LGs flanking that. My main monitor is failing (lines down it when I start) and the lack of choice of high res screens is annoying.

(I also want, ideally, a card reader with CF which has proved useful, but most readers exclude this bulkier card, which I presume is for the same reason)


Re: Size matters!

I don't agree. This is crazy-talk.

Or talk from someone who should have gone to... an optician of your choice.

For some tasks (photo editing) you simply don't want to see the pixels. If your eyesight is good you can see them at a comfortable viewing distance at the size and resolutions you mention.

And for those folk whose eyesight isn't too good the OS should be able to scale the UI so worst case there's a very smooth picture in front of you.

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