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Last time CO2 was this high, the world was underwater? No actually


Old News?

This sounds a lot like "post glacial rebound". Basically during an ice age, the sheer weight of the ice / glaciers which form on the land push down on the tectonic plates beneath them. Since the Earth's crust is acutally floating on the molten core, it gets pushed down - a bit like what happens when you put a weight into a boat, causing sea levels to rise relative to the land because the land is pushed downwards. When the ice melts and the weight is removed, the crust starts to rise back up. This process takes tens of thousands, if not millions of years. Parts of Great Britain are still rising back up due to this effect at a rate of several centimeters per century, rebounding from the last ice age. There are 'raised beaches' several meters above modern-day sea levels in the UK, and in Scandanavia, which can be attributed to this effect. It seems suprising to me that modern - day climate scientists were not aware of this effect, since I was told about it in the late 80s by a member of the Environmental Science department of Bradforfd University.


Microsoft 'didn't notice' it had removed Browser Choice for 17 months


Re: Err...

Brussels probably didn't notice because they're all still running Windows XP (which still showed the screen correctly, I understand) and IE6 :P


Raspberry Pi to skipper microship across Atlantic


Re: Proof-of-concept stage?

Surely you should call it the Pi-Lot :P


Natwest, RBS: When will bank glitch be fixed? Probably not today


There is another way, you know...

"No customers will be permanently out of pocket as a result" - Natwest.

Personally, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could kick them. I highly doubt that they will compensate people for the time they wasted as a consequence of this mess, for starters. This is the same bank that promised that it wouldn't close the last bank in town, then closed Farsley Branch (which was the last bank in town - see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-17041251).

Right now, I only have one thing to say: "There is another way, you know".



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