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Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride

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I stopped reading here...

This article isn't that co-herent, and I stopped reading after this paragraph:

"Today, a working-class retiree on the state pension who exchanges a few JPEGs with her family pays the same for internet access every month as a banker in a Docklands apartment who downloads 24x7. Quite what is fair about that escapes me - although obviously the banker can be expected to be happier with the arrangement.""

Uhm, so there is no difference between say, BT/TalkTalk/PlusNet/Virgins lowest end packages and their highest end? My mother pays a smaller amount for her BB than I do, due to lower usage. So this does not stack up surely?

Or has the author misdescribed something else as internet access?

Orange customer clobbered with SIX-FIGURE phone bill


I had similar problems, they chased me for several months on a phone I'd returned during the cooling off period due to the failure of their store to process it properly. Their call Center was downright rude, and made up a bunch of lies!

In the end had to threaten to sue them before they resolved it. Six months later I'd discovered they'd put it back on my credit file! Had to complain again to get it off again!

Fans' loyalty questioned as iPhone popularity plummets


Where is the source listed for these numbers? What was the sample size. Unfortunately as it stands this article doesn't allow us to evaluate if the supposed survey is statistically signifcant / well run etc. Until that point you can't really draw any firm conclusions.

Why I love Microsoft’s vapourware tablet


I don't think you should buy a Macbook, simply because you've dedicated a whole other article to complaining that Apple's removing everything.

Go buy yourself a nice brick instead ;)


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